Skatepark of Tampa

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The virtual version of the Skatepark of Tampa is quite obviously a labor--and a labrynth--of love. Penetrate its pixely periphery and you will instantly discover multiple layers of skateboarding-related infotainment. There's a Skate Shop, in which you can mailorder every product under the sun. When you're done buying stuff, check out the Events section for the low-down on all of the park's happenings. The ultimate destination is Chill Time, the official "fun bags" section of the site. It contains a multitude of sub-categories like funny SPoT Quotes, thousands of skate Photos and Video, Jail Birds (the Tampa Police Department's arrest and mug shot log), Pro-Am Contest Results, Transitions Art Gallery and much more. Bored? Visit the Skatepark of Tampa site right now--it'll keep you occupied for days.

P.S. Don't miss Mullet Mania.

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  1. First!!!!
    And what the fuck is this!
    I mean i've been to S.P.o.T. web site, but

    Speynolds's Emeritar Speynolds Posted:
  2. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  3. <3333333

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  4. im always on there. that place is cool

    sumo-skateboarding's Emeritar sumo-skateboarding Posted:
  5. Thats sick

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  6. this lady is so hot!!! but why the fuck is there a picture of her on this website?

    joe whitt's Emeritar joe whitt Posted:
  7. ^^ WTF?!?!

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:

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