Team Report 09-15-07

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Andrew Reynolds has been getting a bunch of stuff done for his upcoming Emerica video part, in case you couldn’t tell by all of his coverage lately. He has been filming around Los Angeles with Jon Miner.


Heath Kirchart’s part for the upcoming Alien Workshop video is getting closer and closer to completion. He has been filming around Los Angeles and is getting ready to take off to Des Moines, Iowa next week to handle some biz at his shop, Subsect.

Ed Templeton is enjoying some time at home in Huntington Beach, California after a busy Summer travel schedule. In case you don’t already keep up with Ed’s blog on the Toy Machine site, give it a scroll.


Kevin Long has been kicking it out in New York the past week. He is still benched from his knee injury, but he is doing the physical therapy and hopes to be back on board soon.

Bryan Herman was out at the ASR trade show last weekend, flossin’ samples of his new Emerica shoe, the B.Herman 2. Although Bryan has unbelievable flatground talent, he was taken out early in the éS Game of SKATE by Javier Sarmiento. Herman has been out filming for his part for the upcoming Emerica video and chillin’ at the Baker apartment.

Leo Romero has hardly been home this Summer. Between RVCA tours and Emerica’s Wild Ride, he has been staying pretty busy. Leo returned home this week from a RVCA tour in Russia and is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed.


Jerry Hsu is recovering from an ankle surgery that he had a couple of weeks ago. He injured his ankle earlier in the year and was hoping it would just get better. Unfortunately, it didn’t, so Jerry went under the knife. Everything went good with surgery and Jerry should be back on the streets killing it in a few months.

Braydon Szafranski is going to be in the Northwest this weekend on an Ambiguous tour. Check out the flyer for all the details.


Aaron Suski and Brandon Westgate are probably sleeping off Thrasher's King of the Road Tour at the moment. They finished up the hell ride this past weekend, where they were racking up points for the Zoo York team. Unfortunately, they didn’t rack up enough, as they ended up in last place. Oh well, they had fun anyway. Oh yeah, check out this funny photo of Westgate and Suski clowning around for some wacky King of the Road stunt!

Chris Senn has been hangin’ loose at home in Hawaii. Senn Dog is heading to his old stomping grounds in San Francisco next week to bomb some hills and shred through the city.


Marquis Preston has been doing a lot of filming with Jon Miner lately. Between Palmdale and Los Angeles, he has been nailing a bunch of amazing footage. Marquis has also been cruising down to Emerica headquarters to hang out and give a little input on Emerica Gear. Look out for some Marquis-inspired threads in the near future.

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  3. cool

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  4. is austin off emerica???

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  5. ahhaaahha the pic with brandon & aaron was so funny
    but that sucks Jerry fucked his ankle

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  6. Austin left to join a new shoe brand.

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  7. thanks post king!!!

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  8. matt allen and austin are both off

  9. aww dude Spanky & Jerry are out! : /

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  10. banks was the best thanks for the experience

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