Braydon Szafranski Friday Interview!

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All of you Euro Emericans better crack open the brand-new Dutch skateboarding magazine Friday, featuring a nine-page interview with Emerica pro Braydon Szafranski, in which he talks about fame, the Dutch spot The Yard (RIP) and loyalty to sponsors.

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(6) responses to: Braydon Szafranski Friday Interview!

  1. haha, a dutch magazine with braydon. well i bet braydon knows his way around amsterdam pretty well, it would be heaven for any of us.

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:

    emerico's Emeritar emerico Posted:
  3. I remember when Braydon was little noticed for his shifty flips, now he's goin' places

    Turdstan's Emeritar Turdstan Posted:
  4. hes just gay=[

    sk8r4life's Emeritar sk8r4life Posted:
  5. Sk8r4life what the hell is wrong with you, dont be starting shit on here talking about Braydon come on man

    est's Emeritar est Posted:
  6. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:

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