Team Report 10-31-07

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Happy Halloween! Here’s what’s been going down with the Emerica team. Andrew Reynolds has been making trips down to the infamous Carlsbad gap to rack-up yet another trick that will blow minds. It’s a doozy.

Heath Kirchart has been searching high and low throughout Southern California for spots to destroy in his part in the upcoming Alien Workshop video, Mind Field. Check the teaser.

Ed Templeton is hanging around Huntington Beach, skating the park and working on his art. Ever wondered what Ed would look like with a moustache? Wonder no more.


Leo Romero has been doing a bit of house hunting around the Long Beach area. I think he snagged himself a keeper. He is growing up these days, becoming a homeowner and all. What’s next for Leo, you might ask? Wife? 2.5 kids? Yeah, right--it’s party time all the time for Leo.


Kevin “Spanky” Long and Braydon Szafranski are out in New York for Halloween. We're not sure what they are dressing up as, but those guys always come up with some amazing costumes. They are in New York for Neck Face’s Closed Casket art show.


Bryan Herman has been out skating the Los Angeles area with Baker filmer Beagle. All 32,000 of you kids so far who have signed up to receive the Emerica Disinformation Newsletter already got to see Herman completely destroy the Skatepark of Tampa during our Emerica demo there a little while back. For those of you who have not signed up, what’s the deal? Ah, well. You’ll get to see the clip on the site soon enough anyway.


Jerry Hsu is rehabbing his ankle after having surgery a little while back. He will be back on board by January. In the meantime, Jerry’s been doing a lot of thrift store shopping, coffee drinking, cigarette smoking and catching insects with his bioluminescent, proboscis-like tongue.

Aaron Suski is at home in Tucson with his girlfriend, waiting for his baby girl to be born any day now. Suski has some sweet photos in the new KOTR issue of Thrasher--including one of the sickest nosepicks ever!

Chris Senn has been spotted around the Southern California area a little more frequently lately. Maybe he was getting cabin fever after living in Hawaii so long.


Modern day hobo Brandon Westgate is riding the rails out to the Make-A-Wish Skate Jam in Houston this weekend with the Zoo York team. After that, he will pack up his sack and head to Los Angeles to film with Emerica filmer Jon Miner for the week. Brandon will be at the Emerica demo at Pharmacy Lancaster on November 10. He also has a bunch of sick photos in the KOTR issue of Thrasher.


Marquis Preston just returned home from a filming trip out to Denver. He is lurking up in Palmdale, playing video games and hanging out at Pharmacy Boardshop.

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(7) responses to: Team Report 10-31-07

  1. Boss- switch back heel Carlsbad

    Temps looks perfect with a 'stache

    Herm absolutely destroyed Tampa

    cant wait for Spanky and Hsu to fully rehab

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  2. sick

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  3. yeah.. these new herman shoes are sooo nice.. a friend has the sample..

    fabi's Emeritar fabi Posted:
  4. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  5. do you know where i could find a picture of those herman 2's

    StreetRatt's Emeritar StreetRatt Posted:
  6. So when is dat new baker video cummin out

    StreetRatt's Emeritar StreetRatt Posted:
  7. Herm is a killa

    StreetRatt's Emeritar StreetRatt Posted:

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