Design-a-Tee 8!

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Welcome to the eighth edition of Emerica's ongoing Design-A-Tee contests, in which we empower you to create the best Emerica T-shirt graphic ever. You must enter Design-A-Tee 8 as soon as possible, though, as it officially closes on December 14, 2007. So, you better get crackin' and get creative!

Special note: Do not submit any entries containing the words "God Bless Emerica" or depict an American flag with Emerica Triangle logos in place of the stars. We get way too many of those, and they will be automatically disqualified. Don't waste your time!

After the contest ends, three winners will be chosen, each of whom will receive five shirts bearing their winning design, and three pairs of Emerica shoes. Note: Upon entering the contest, your artwork becomes the property of Emerica. The three winners' designs will be produced in a future Emerica apparel line, and the winners' only payment is the prizes listed above.

*If you're going to snail mail your entry, make sure you mail it early enough to reach us by December 14, 2007. If your entry is late, it will be automatically entered in the next Design-a-Tee contest. We're so nice.

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(49) responses to: Design-a-Tee 8!

  1. thats tight, im so entering

    kylexgee's Emeritar kylexgee Posted:
  2. I los every time, but It's still fun.

    fallopiantubes's Emeritar fallopiantubes Posted:
  3. lose*

    fallopiantubes's Emeritar fallopiantubes Posted:
  4. hope i win but it's all good if i don't.good luck who ever enters.

    1max1's Emeritar 1max1 Posted:
  5. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  6. I bet I will lose and all the winners will be really lame, just like the last 6 design-a-tee's

    Moohaumed's Emeritar Moohaumed Posted:
  7. i have 2 designs and i cant deside which one i want to do but i hope i win!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:

    emexicano1's Emeritar emexicano1 Posted:
  9. yeah all the other winners are gay designs and they suck

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  10. aw, fucking a, i see this now and its the 17th. gay gay gay.

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  11. What Programs did you use to do the graphics? And how many tee we can do?

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  12. i used photoshop cs2 and illustrator cs2 to make mine

    matt123roll's Emeritar matt123roll Posted:
  13. by the way everyone, its one entry per person :(

    matt123roll's Emeritar matt123roll Posted:
  14. aww :(I have 2 or 3 nice design so I will post one and do the other for the next contest!Thansk Matt123roll

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  15. I'm also entering so Good Luck Guys

    hubba4life's Emeritar hubba4life Posted:
  16. I sent mine in. I like the Idea. Hopefully they do. Good luck to everyone else.

    NewOrleansSkate's Emeritar NewOrleansSkate Posted:
  17. yeah i'm enter and WINNING so y'all suck n i'm da shyt

    hubbah's Emeritar hubbah Posted:
  18. haha jk good goodluck

    hubbah's Emeritar hubbah Posted:
  19. SICK

    epskater72's Emeritar epskater72 Posted:
  20. i made a sick desighn, cant wait to see it on a shirt

    Drecob's Emeritar Drecob Posted:
  21. i just got a new computer and theres like nothing installed can the design be hand drawn?

    krooked89's Emeritar krooked89 Posted:
  22. Yeah it could be hand drawn i think

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  23. If I upload a tee online where I put the parent signature??

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  24. Emerica-PLC686: Put it somewhere in the corner of your design image.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  25. ok thank Foxxyz

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  26. Did I can write it at the computer with Words style?

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  27. Emerica-PLC686: Just scan the signature and put it on your design... thats what I did

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  28. by the way where do we leave our shoes choice??

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  29. ok Thansk Skatemerican

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  30. i entered i hand drew mine and then scaned it to them so hope yall loooooosssssssseeeee lol jk good luck homz

  31. what i have to do, if i forgot to add my parent signature and posted the design without it ?
    is this signature so important ?

    Renks's Emeritar Renks Posted:
  32. Good Luck Guys

    skmint8's Emeritar skmint8 Posted:
  33. Renks: if you take a look to the official rules, it says that you must have the signature to win and if you dont have it and youre under 18 you cant win... BUT WHERE THE HELL DO WE PUT THE SHOES CHOICE!!??

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  34. Hey guys umm i need to know if you need to use the t shirt template and if i can make a new t shirt or if you delete my old one because i didnt put my parents consent.


    Colombiansk8er77's Emeritar Colombiansk8er77 Posted:
  35. kool

    brandxn's Emeritar brandxn Posted:
  36. This contest is nice it will be nice if Emerica do a design my shoes contest!!!!

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:
  37. Even if i don't win, GO FUCKIN SKATEBOARDING!!! Go home and shred those gnarbars and heshsticks until your ankles break.

    TheBoss92's Emeritar TheBoss92 Posted:
  38. I just sent my design... now i'll be waiting in front of my computer with 458893 red bull till i know if i'm the winner!!!! yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! good luck to all!

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  39. i sent mine in yesterday i hope its gets there in time! its pretty sick if you ask me!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  41. i had the coolest idea
    it says "god bless emrica"

    billee's Emeritar billee Posted:
  42. oh yeah like thats creative billee! it says dont put that youre stupid

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  43. ha i know thats why i put it

    billee's Emeritar billee Posted:
  44. i hope i win!

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  45. where do we put our shoes choice and i didnt know hot to get mine to 4mb so hopefully it does it by itself or u guys just dont care that much will u be touching up our drawings at all if we did draw them

    J_rod's Emeritar J_rod Posted:
  46. i think i put the wrong partment number in my register info. but right one is on my entry

    J_rod's Emeritar J_rod Posted:
  47. if u win they will contact you and u can tell them any info you missed

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  48. When they will post the winning tee?

    Emerica-PLC686's Emeritar Emerica-PLC686 Posted:

    AHMED's Emeritar AHMED Posted:

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