Kevin Adams

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Age: 21
Villa Park, Illinois

I just finished watching Kevin Adams' sick clip, and these are a few of my favorite things: He skates nice 'n' fast, he won't hesitate to bust out some tick-tacks or a caveman hop down a flight of stairs, and he's not afraid of the dark, either. Oh, yeah, and that sweet frontside flip down nine was tight, too. The rest of the footage rocks, as well--even without a soundtrack. Good work, Kevin. You just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes.--Post King

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(51) responses to: Kevin Adams

  1. I know, this was posted before, but it was submitted under the wrong name. Relax.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  2. i am the real post king

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  4. dang this dude skates fast.

  5. FUCK KEVIN ADAMS omg dude ive seen this dude skate and hes hella good also check this dude out from illinois he is fosho good and hes goofy so check out his switch and nollie stuff

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  6. ohh and nagasaki is is better than fka cuz its da shiznezz

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  7. everyone check it hes my neighbor he should be sponsored his name is chris d'agistino and hes 16

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  8. I don't get why emerica doesn't sponsor this guy, he's really good. i also don't get why emerica hasn't sponored anyone on the site WTF

    dgkskater818's Emeritar dgkskater818 Posted:
  9. tell me if u watched that vid and what u think

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  10. rep ILL!

    asmith's Emeritar asmith Posted:
  11. nice.

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  12. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  13. dang hes good.

    Aleasana123's Emeritar Aleasana123 Posted:
  14. dang! that foo chris is preety good i guess but kevin adam is wicked fast thought fast is kool.clean tricks it rad too like chris did.

    bibi300's Emeritar bibi300 Posted:
  15. it would be kooler if kevin adams skated switch faster but hes still godd and FKA is kool i gues....

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  16. ohh and Kevin Dams is in the video to.......

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  17. meet these brother i know. one switch fs flipped an 8, and the other smithed the hollywood 12 first try. and front lipped it too. And this other kid i know 50-50ed the hollywood 16 first try, and then did this huge 17. AND my good friend backheeled an 8, and kickflip frontboarded the 8 at woodward.

    TheBoss92's Emeritar TheBoss92 Posted:
  18. NICE!!! man that was hella good

  19. i think that kid is kinda FUCKING GOOD HOLY TITS!

    Trey15nsb's Emeritar Trey15nsb Posted:
  20. nvm, he kinda FREAKING GOOD

    Trey15nsb's Emeritar Trey15nsb Posted:
  21. Sorry emerica ,i l y!

    Trey15nsb's Emeritar Trey15nsb Posted:
  22. hes pretty good

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  23. dam dude
    pretty sick.
    i think he'll be a pretty good am for emerica.

    crimsonskate's Emeritar crimsonskate Posted:
  24. that sick

    jkesterskates's Emeritar jkesterskates Posted:
  25. emerica did sponsor someone from the contests. fort anyone?

    sparks123's Emeritar sparks123 Posted:
  26. if u havent already turn this guy am

    patrock1's Emeritar patrock1 Posted:
  27. his video was fucking sick he should be flow for emerica

    christopher24's Emeritar christopher24 Posted:
  28. short...sweet...and 2 the point. Dude is amazing...I wanna see him on a team someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xXMIKEXx's Emeritar xXMIKEXx Posted:
  29. Sweet...Stair tricks....

    xXMIKEXx's Emeritar xXMIKEXx Posted:
  30. this guy sucks pepe at skateing his style is busted and he wears gay tight pants he should froot boot anb he goes way to slow he needs to get the sand out of his vagina and skate at least 35mph and do ally oop tricks up stuff. dookie cup cakes pussy juice weeeeee i am haveing fun no this guy cant even ollie does he have hemroids? i just ate wendys it is great now i am going to skate in the rain and liten to ''sk8r boi'' by Avrail Lavyne a true skateboerder. california has the worst skate spots south dakota is the bomb i dont cuss i am emo

    sk8 slut's Emeritar sk8 slut Posted:
  31. thats probaly not even u i bet you cant even bunny hop a skateboard ,can drive a truck trough mud?can u now thats a real sport 4 men this skateboard crap is for chicks/dixie chicks, country music is so bacon

    red neck deer hunter's Emeritar red neck deer hunter Posted:
  32. this guy is so skethy he would never be on my skate board team its called cowboy sk8rs my grandmums is better than him ,he gos so slow and he wears those gay tight pants y would anyone wear them he isnt even emo, i wear theam but thats because i am in a emo band

    jock's Emeritar jock Posted:
  33. that was awesome, nie frontsideflip.

    Emeritar.'s Emeritar Emeritar. Posted:
  34. He was sick, should of been flowed.

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  35. That is a lush style! proper clean. Over in america seems like your Tarmak is uber smooth!

    jamiestingray's Emeritar jamiestingray Posted:
  36. Thats not even all his best stuff, Kevin Adams, and Chris Dagistino and steffen watts and Chucky Berls and Pat Franklin and kEVIN Erst should all be on this team, EMERICA RULES!!!

    Ilskater94's Emeritar Ilskater94 Posted:
  37. man im proud to live in illinois now

    Skate Baby Skate!'s Emeritar Skate Baby Skate! Posted:
  38. damn that was a fuckin tight fs flip. at least flow the dude

    DEREK JAMES's Emeritar DEREK JAMES Posted:
  39. where is the like 3 stair to tiny bank at?

    birdd's Emeritar birdd Posted:
  40. should of been flowed. He skates sick.

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  41. i defiantly enjoyed this guys style, PROPS

    alexpattillo's Emeritar alexpattillo Posted:
  42. dude your great, u should just put more footy on there.

    sk8sk8sk8's Emeritar sk8sk8sk8 Posted:
  43. AWESOME,great stlye of skating

    Marco's Emeritar Marco Posted:
  44. kevin adams shreds

    BRUTUS's Emeritar BRUTUS Posted:
  45. damnn this dudess rediculouss i lovee hiss tylee of skatinng madd fast like just running through shitt like its nothingg , thats how i try to skate cuz i hate when i see parts n there skatin lik ein slow motion damn keeep rippiin dude

    vic-ace69's Emeritar vic-ace69 Posted:
  46. how does ur camera guy keep up with u? hahha.i enjoy skating fast too

    Anthony's Emeritar Anthony Posted:
  47. you skate at a good speed but ur ticks a little sloppy. overall nice job.

    thatwaseasy's Emeritar thatwaseasy Posted:
  48. so much talent out there i dont think il ever be a pro but thats no way to act lol

    never hurt to try--killer blunts dude

    GEORGIA's Emeritar GEORGIA Posted:
  49. This is some of the sickest shit I've seen out there in sponsor me videos in a long time. Kevin Adams is the man for this. And whoever started all that tight pants talk on here was stupid because Emerica was like the creator and started the whole era of tight pants in skateboarding. What does it even matter what you wear? Hell with it! Skate nude!

    AStiz's Emeritar AStiz Posted:
  50. why you all don't put music in the vids?

    wesserpaul's Emeritar wesserpaul Posted:
  51. *fresh breath* ha ha. nah! but that was good..
    good job on the free pair of emerica's maanee!!

    SalsaChilena's Emeritar SalsaChilena Posted:

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