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Kevin Adams

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Age: 21
Villa Park, Illinois

I just finished watching Kevin Adams' sick clip, and these are a few of my favorite things: He skates nice 'n' fast, he won't hesitate to bust out some tick-tacks or a caveman hop down a flight of stairs, and he's not afraid of the dark, either. Oh, yeah, and that sweet frontside flip down nine was tight, too. The rest of the footage rocks, as well--even without a soundtrack. Good work, Kevin. You just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes.--Post King

The Bishop Meets The Game

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Check out this clip that was posted on the very popular stalkarazzi web site, TMZ, yesterday. It features The Bishop rolling up on The Game in Hollywood and giving him a pair of Emerica Bishop shoes. The Game signed them for TMZ, who then chucked 'em up on eBay. Go look at 'em. The price keeps climbing higher and higher! All of the proceeds will benefit A Place Called Home, a South Central Los Angeles non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk kids achieve their dreams through educational enrichment.

McNally Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to Paul J. of Portland, Oregon for winning a pair of McNally shoes in our appropriately titled Win the McNally contest. In 15 words or less, Paul explained what he likes about them: "They make me want to smoke pot under the bleachers." Ha-ha-ha! Look for more contest winner announcements coming soon.