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Kirchart SDK + Gear Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to Josh W. of Minneapolis, Minnesota for winning our Win the Kirchart SDK and Gear! contest. He got a free pair of Emerica Kirchart SDK shoes and a complete head-to-toe outfit! More contest winners will be announced soon.

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(7) responses to: Kirchart SDK + Gear Contest Winner!

  1. would be nice to win...

    Zul's Emeritar Zul Posted:
  2. nice.

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:

    STAY GOLD!!!!!!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  4. puro ingles aqui jjaja

    dannycave's Emeritar dannycave Posted:

    dannycave's Emeritar dannycave Posted:
  6. thats sum sic k ass stuff

    joshersk8's Emeritar joshersk8 Posted:
  7. man it sure would make my day especially since i go throught boards in about a week or two and shoes lets just say i need another pair with me at all times.

    sk8-4-szafranski's Emeritar sk8-4-szafranski Posted:

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