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In the blog below, just describe in 15 words or less what you like about Emerica pro Braydon Szafranski. When the contest ends on December 31, 2007, I'll choose a winner, who will receive one free pair of Emerica shoes of their choice and one complete Baker Braydon Szafranski skateboard. So, without further ado, show some Sza love!

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(361) responses to: Quick Braydon Contest!

  1. he shares a striking resemblance with hillary clinton,he did not have sex with that woman.....

    penisweinercock's Emeritar penisweinercock Posted:
  2. Ha-ha-ha.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  3. Dirtbag ripper pothead bringing some personality to the industry

    chad0's Emeritar chad0 Posted:
  4. Braydon's a beer pounding, weed tokin, poonany lovin, skateboard ripper. and thats just fuckin chill.

    WorkshopK94's Emeritar WorkshopK94 Posted:
  5. dank, crazy, outgoing, skate-tastic, dope, down with everything, pimp, funny, talented.

    alexhondo54's Emeritar alexhondo54 Posted:
  6. 2 words. nicole ritchie!

    luckykat67's Emeritar luckykat67 Posted:
  7. Style
    Amongst the best

    OrangeSpankys's Emeritar OrangeSpankys Posted:
  8. it's weird how everyone said somthen about him smoking or fuking.

    But he's the $hit

    skaterbob0018's Emeritar skaterbob0018 Posted:
  9. Braydon's black metal van and everything that goes down in there is my life inspiration.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  10. he doesn't give a fuck and charges, he has fun doing whatever he's doing.

    nagoooyen's Emeritar nagoooyen Posted:
  11. mega spiff smoking, tight pants wearing, larger than life bleach blonde skate icon.

    thatchristiankid's Emeritar thatchristiankid Posted:
  12. Rocks Golden Locks of Shear Savage Brutality.

    DeathSultan's Emeritar DeathSultan Posted:
  13. cause the dude fucks bitches, stays high,gets them hammers and bangers.

    x1modestmouse1x's Emeritar x1modestmouse1x Posted:
  14. braydon is emerica

    mongolskater101's Emeritar mongolskater101 Posted:
  15. hes an influence, 100% skater, and the skating world wouldn't be the same without him

    David-flip13's Emeritar David-flip13 Posted:
  16. banger? ripper? rockstar? chicks magnet? all in one package? damn...speechless...big ups bro!

    Zul's Emeritar Zul Posted:
  17. he gets down.

    B-rod735's Emeritar B-rod735 Posted:
  18. he gives me a reason to wake up in the morning, among other things.

    higgins's Emeritar higgins Posted:
  19. basically, Fabio with a Bud and a neck tat

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  20. Braydon MOTHER FUCKING Szafranski, what can I fucking say he's raw as fuck. He might not be the best skater on the team, but he skates more then any one else, putting his heart and sole in to that shit. Perfect example on what skateing is, your the shit Braydon Szafranski.

    skateandbake10's Emeritar skateandbake10 Posted:
  21. The whole god damn company.

    Emexico30's Emeritar Emexico30 Posted:
  22. He's the whole god damn company.

    Emexico30's Emeritar Emexico30 Posted:
  23. Braydon Szafranski has better hair folicles then I ever will!

    MCJunkie's Emeritar MCJunkie Posted:
  24. Braydon is the Man,He looks like jesus and actually could be, he is god......

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  25. If i win i will give it to an orphan home soo they will skate btter than an emo kid named ryan scheckler

    ilskater101's Emeritar ilskater101 Posted:
  26. stoner, sick skater, good sytle

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  27. he looks like Gary Busey but skates like no one else.

    scuba-stu's Emeritar scuba-stu Posted:
  28. front blunt flip out hubbas

    EmericaDrew's Emeritar EmericaDrew Posted:
  29. dude doesn't give a fuck about shit
    100% pure skateboarding. he blazes the weed up

    TheNotoriousBIG's Emeritar TheNotoriousBIG Posted:
  30. badass

    mongolskater101's Emeritar mongolskater101 Posted:
  31. Bud. Budweiser. Braydon.

    gerrronimo's Emeritar gerrronimo Posted:
  32. Illest sk8r, great style, BAKER, 1 of the best sk8rs, He's Braydon Szafranski

    joshersk8's Emeritar joshersk8 Posted:
  33. Ballin' as shit, period.

    HAREMAN's Emeritar HAREMAN Posted:
  34. Braydon's the golden prophet for underground society. The dude preaches the free world, 'nuff said.

    hiead's Emeritar hiead Posted:
  35. I like Braydon because he does what he wants. He doesn't care what people think.

    vx1kskate's Emeritar vx1kskate Posted:
  36. he's a perfect person who's highly interested in politics. Braydon for president 2008.

    j-stock's Emeritar j-stock Posted:

    thunderwood7's Emeritar thunderwood7 Posted:
  38. he's a perfect person who's highly interested in politics. Braydon for president 2008.

    j-stock's Emeritar j-stock Posted:
  39. he pushes wood, drinks the good, and full-cab flips like you wish you could.

    uwantfrieswifdat's Emeritar uwantfrieswifdat Posted:
  40. A real life model that proves things can be taken to the next level.

    t-dub's Emeritar t-dub Posted:
  41. his shifty kickflip down that 10 in this is skateboarding was fucking rediculous.his style is smooth.hes got a wide variety of tricks.and hes a pimp.

    PJ Martinez's Emeritar PJ Martinez Posted:
  42. braydon who?

    doublekickflip's Emeritar doublekickflip Posted:
  43. Lots of dudes say they "don't give a fuck."

    Few mean it.

    Braydon's the exception.

    Dave's Emeritar Dave Posted:
  44. Braydon's my role model because I strive for the day I no longer need shirts.

    ehmerica's Emeritar ehmerica Posted:
  45. he's the sly, sloshed, shirtless, smiling, shredder.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  46. Metal to the bone, ultimate ripper, lose as hell, has one of the most stand out style's on a skateboard. And he drives the damn coolest van.

    lookatthisguy24's Emeritar lookatthisguy24 Posted:
  47. Your fuck'd.

    why-are-you-botherin's Emeritar why-are-you-botherin Posted:
  48. His style is super ill and he throws himself down the gnarest shit

    GNARnia's Emeritar GNARnia Posted:
  49. "dudes' got game" ...... p.s. if for some crazy reason i win, i'll take the trucks, wheels, etc. but send the deck to who would be the runner up, i skate HBS decks all day.

    HBSskateboards's Emeritar HBSskateboards Posted:
  50. Beer, Baker, Emerica, Bitches, Steeze, Vegas Love, Mary Jane, The Sza, Dirty business, Budweiser, Bad ASS!

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  51. The ancient Mayans once had a saying about some skater, " Braydon Szafanski is the sh*t."

    hellotoyoubigboy's Emeritar hellotoyoubigboy Posted:
  52. He has rock-hard tricks with butter-smooth style and can get it done right!

    staygold247's Emeritar staygold247 Posted:
  53. i'll tell you once i finish this blunt

    childstalker's Emeritar childstalker Posted:
  54. he's almost as hott as my girlfriend

    Tyl3rFr3sh's Emeritar Tyl3rFr3sh Posted:
  55. hair and style are awesome, and so are his nollie flips Braydon rips the stick!

    scissorsnapper's Emeritar scissorsnapper Posted:
  56. the sza is so ill he makes guys talk about his hair ... weed saves lives!

    sza1's Emeritar sza1 Posted:
  57. Braydon is a real life super hero.
    Skater by day, MILF hunter at night.

    AustinColler's Emeritar AustinColler Posted:
  58. There they saw a rock, but it wasn't a rock. It was a ROCK LOBSTER!

    Angel's Emeritar Angel Posted:
  59. fool's a straight stunna, can't hate on that shit.

    biggystardust's Emeritar biggystardust Posted:
  60. weed.ladies.shag.happy.shreds.madonnas.represent.someone else's pro model shoe

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  61. Braydon Szafranski is one of my favorite skaters because the guy skates for skateboarding he doesn't care about anything that confronts him he goes to the spot and shreds everything Emerica Bro

    JSC's Emeritar JSC Posted:
  62. Hes always looking for wild times, on and off the board.

    ShadowHopper's Emeritar ShadowHopper Posted:
  63. I like his surname, it sounds Polish:)

    Karwan89's Emeritar Karwan89 Posted:
  64. I like him, because he has polish sounded surname.

    Christianin's Emeritar Christianin Posted:
  65. i like everything about braydon szafranksi.period.

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  66. He is a skateboarder.

    RoyTheReaper's Emeritar RoyTheReaper Posted:
  67. his hair!

    edyh's Emeritar edyh Posted:
  68. - FsBluntslide flip out.
    - Huge pot on Baker3.
    - The busty girls at his "turning pro" party.

    FranciscoLima's Emeritar FranciscoLima Posted:
  69. I like him cause he's Ozzy on a skateboard and shreds like no other.

    cbomber's Emeritar cbomber Posted:
  70. WEED SAVES LIFE ALRIGHT!!! so does budwiser and girls with hotpants

    KANGY's Emeritar KANGY Posted:
  71. Braydon with no pot is like a skateboard with no wheels!

    Tyzanol's Emeritar Tyzanol Posted:
  72. i really fanzy the alcoholic side of him, it brings out the ladys and the biggest hammers!! muah!

    drewajt's Emeritar drewajt Posted:
  73. his tats, his lifestyle, whats not to like?

  74. he is rather "ho
    od". yes that is the perfect description

    dshiznit's Emeritar dshiznit Posted:
  75. Braydon IS skateboarding, simple as that.

    daviddd's Emeritar daviddd Posted:
  76. crazy drunk, crunk, 6 inch J roller motha fucka, reppin las vegas. holla

    crazaalex's Emeritar crazaalex Posted:
  77. he's wild. has long blond hair. and he opts not to wear a shirt.

    ayo4tao's Emeritar ayo4tao Posted:
  78. Delightfully tacky, totally unrefined, and couldn't care less.

    DannyDarko's Emeritar DannyDarko Posted:
  79. The way his hair looks like he has never washed it

    Hally's Emeritar Hally Posted:
  80. All you need is four words:

    carlossantiago's Emeritar carlossantiago Posted:
  81. he empowers todays youth...along with andrew.

    Skatemodernordie's Emeritar Skatemodernordie Posted:
  82. It's Braydon. He's honestly a one of a kind. Loves to smoke, joke, skate, drank....

    emerico's Emeritar emerico Posted:
  83. braydons style is so great i love his van no one cares what he does

    bakerisbetter's Emeritar bakerisbetter Posted:
  84. Hes exactly like me. He just doesn't give a flying fuck.

    theshredder's Emeritar theshredder Posted:
  85. My Mom thinks he's cute thats all what should matter.

    braydenk's Emeritar braydenk Posted:
  86. hes a rockstar

    indytruckco7777's Emeritar indytruckco7777 Posted:
  87. He eats puppies. Its a good thing.

    saturdayskater12's Emeritar saturdayskater12 Posted:
  88. Braydon is a tank. and hes rad. and shreds da gnar.

    yeah0's Emeritar yeah0 Posted:
  89. He knows what it is like to be in struggle and live on the streets

    skatetoliveeddie's Emeritar skatetoliveeddie Posted:
  90. he is a crazy ass skateboarder who doesn't give a crap about anything

    farbodnabavi's Emeritar farbodnabavi Posted:
  91. um, the shit. (with the period)

    tonym's Emeritar tonym Posted:
  92. What I like about braydon szfranski is that in any situation he is never uncomfortable.

    morongosteve's Emeritar morongosteve Posted:
  93. baker ran an ad with his number so i called him. He called back later, not pissed at all, actually had words of motivation for me. real down to earth.

    imagineboobs's Emeritar imagineboobs Posted:
  94. Party+skate+cigarettes=Braydon

    akronskater's Emeritar akronskater Posted:
  95. 100% skater,potsmoker,chick banger,drinker,awsome dude,my idol

    JamesInEmerica's Emeritar JamesInEmerica Posted:
  96. who cares? give me the product.

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  97. He skates

    papisuave123's Emeritar papisuave123 Posted:
  98. he is rad and baker fucking rocks and as rocking style

    ice's Emeritar ice Posted:
  99. braydon is a blonde bombshell livin the life his way and throwin down hammers.

    deepern0ah's Emeritar deepern0ah Posted:
  100. BLUNTS

    bak3r333's Emeritar bak3r333 Posted:
  101. He's Braydon fucking Szafranski

    rxwxtxfxemericax's Emeritar rxwxtxfxemericax Posted:
  102. 6 words. Braydon Szafranski is a fucking pimp.

    someskateboarder's Emeritar someskateboarder Posted:
  103. Braydon's an effing beast - dude's rad!

    HbyH's Emeritar HbyH Posted:
  104. he skates great, and knows what hes doing. simple.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  105. inspire,that right,work hard to pay the bills,2006 he made it his bitch!

    flex's Emeritar flex Posted:
  106. huge fuckin joint,front tail 270 out,McSteezy,Szafranski saves lives,skateing is the shizit

    restricted4life's Emeritar restricted4life Posted:
  107. forget about bangin' the bitch, throw some hammers on her!

    emericaskate71's Emeritar emericaskate71 Posted:
  108. His face is like the sun sinking into the ocean. His face is like watching flowers growing in fast motion. All his kisses are swallowed, like the mornings that hollows. Baby you are my sunshine.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  109. He kills it.

    edwinr0404's Emeritar edwinr0404 Posted:
  110. Braydon Szafranski, every hair on your head is counted, you are worth hundreds of sparrows. The tree you planted has become fecund
    with kamikaze hummingbirds.
    I'm so sorry,
    my spirit's rarely in my body.
    It wanders through the dry country
    looking for a good place to rest
    your head upon my chest,
    and I can feel the pillow of your breast.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  111. he got dragged by a donkey
    through the dust and the myrtle,
    but he was once a little fat baby.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  112. pretty deep, poopkick

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  113. Braydon Szafranski, you are my daisy,
    you?re my lullaby.
    come sun up my dogs will fade to
    honeysuckle and clear moonshine.
    he is my black earth
    and the fire in my spine.
    his magnetic waves give birth.

    some sweet day you will be mine, you?ll be mine

    we can we can go home soon
    o?er the cold old sea
    his love is in the old moon.
    o to kiss his knobbly knees.

    we drink whiskey like our fathers,
    born to return back to the clay.
    My love for you boy will never decay.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  114. He is the future of skatebording, and he likes to toke and get the ladies.

    rammie15's Emeritar rammie15 Posted:
  115. And I never thought this life was possible
    Braydon, You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for

    Him, the end of paralysis, Me, a statuette.
    Now I'm drunk as hell on a piano bench
    And when I press the keys it all gets reversed
    The sound of loneliness makes me happier

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  116. WWBSD?

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  117. I love him because his initials are BS and I really like devouring bull feces.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  118. Actually, I really do like Braydon Szafranski becuase I think he's a really good influence for skateboarders and people in general. people really need to learn how to enjoy life. No one knows how to ENJOY life except for me and Braydon and my freind Johnny Harshman who moved to Colorado.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  119. Braydon is the reason why the girls in my school smoke weed and get drunk every weekend. And since the girls are always high, it means I get action with them. Which also means, thank you Braydon!

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  120. He is a blue blood
    He dances in blue shoes and wear a blue hat
    Lives in a blue house
    On a blue street
    In a blue town
    By a blue creek
    He writes his blue songs
    With my blue pen
    He sings the blue notes
    To his blue friends
    He had a blue dream
    About a blue star
    In it he drove there
    In his blue car and when he got there
    he met a blue dog
    With a blue tongue
    they had some real fun
    They bounced a blue ball
    It broke a blue glass
    They banged on blue drums and called it blue grass
    I guess the thing I'm trying to tell you
    Is that he's the best, kid
    Becuase he's true blue

    Once he had gangrene
    he got it real bad
    So the doc came with his black bag
    he said "You know, Doc, I dont feel swell,
    if you had a blue bag, I think I'd get well.."
    So he came right back
    With a blue sack
    Doc said 'Will this do?'
    He said 'Why not, Yea"
    Out on the blue sea
    he sailed a blue ship
    he had a first mate
    Always had blue lips
    His name was Bluebeard
    He had a weird twitch
    He flew a blue flag
    On a big stick
    And they ate blue gill and they ate blue chips
    Oh he felt real blue, eating that blue fish
    Because there ain't much that he won't do
    Unless it keeps him from being true blue
    Once in a blue moon
    There's a blue sky
    he'll wear his blue jeans and fly his blue kite
    Hangs like a bluebird, until the wind dies
    And then the tears pour
    Out of his blue eyes
    If it's your birthday
    he'll bake a blue cake
    And then he'll eat it off these blue plates

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  121. Braydon could right the new constitution when the Secular-Progressives take over America. Go weed!

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  122. "Make yourself free" Braydon said that to me. And now my heart is like an open door.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  123. Braydon can inspire large crowds of people to push forward and swallow the police on the side of the road where the barricades hold you back from the TRUTH. And you have to love those people becuase you want to carry them around with you and stare deep inside of them just hoping so bad that they hold some kind of truth, because if they dont, NO ONE does.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  124. He makes me want to beat up Ryan Sheckler.

    kylexgee's Emeritar kylexgee Posted:
  125. Oh yeah, and I hate Ryan Sheckler for being a waste of someone who obviously had alot of talent and understanding for the act of skateboarding. Such a good style. Oh yeah, Braydon! well hes a good guy.....

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  126. He's the shit. Niggaz can't fuck with it

    squall4262's Emeritar squall4262 Posted:
  127. He's the shit. Niggaz can't fuck with it

    squall4262's Emeritar squall4262 Posted:
  128. Braydon puts the "B" in BAKER and is just as gnarly as the great BOBMARLEY.

  129. He's a beast on a skateboard and a beast off one which is hard to come by.
    "live for die for skateboarding" -Braydon

    stay old's Emeritar stay old Posted:
  130. Braydon's Front tailslide 360 out kills flat rails and he's an aphrodisiac for the ladies.

    plus4life's Emeritar plus4life Posted:
  131. The Nicest Man I've Ever Met, And Sick With It, Back Blunt KickFlip Out.

    Antwan's Emeritar Antwan Posted:
  132. Braydon is a sweet fuckin skater who smokes pot and can get any girl.

    gage424's Emeritar gage424 Posted:
  133. Nice hair, Shreds, Hot (not gay) a beast!!, full cab flip beast, kickflip shifty beast, can hoook up with any girlllys, and skates like no other

    joethebomb's Emeritar joethebomb Posted:
  134. bud beer bitches braydon

    mongolskater101's Emeritar mongolskater101 Posted:
  135. its so sad that people come on this website without even being able to tell the difference between a front blunt and a backside bluntslide.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  136. axl rose + big tounge + huge joint + tailslide 270 out = Braydon Szajizzlejastajo with his face next to a girls ass

    T-rex's Emeritar T-rex Posted:
  137. blonde, scantily clad, curvasious, suple, apple bottomed, naughty, fair skinned, hip hop honey.

    lahcimm-oj's Emeritar lahcimm-oj Posted:
  138. one word. Gnar.

    gbabybaby's Emeritar gbabybaby Posted:
  139. tits

    chickengeorge's Emeritar chickengeorge Posted:
  140. Gnar, Booze, Weed, Ripper, No shirt-o, Style, talent, Baker, Emerica, Rock and Roll.

    Bucko5's Emeritar Bucko5 Posted:
  141. he can do da crazyest shit that no one can do down da big stuff

    iluv2sk8's Emeritar iluv2sk8 Posted:
  142. he is gnar to the bar

    Geddy's Emeritar Geddy Posted:
  143. Well all I Know is that he skates wit Baker so Rock on Brocuz Baker Rox!!!!!

    dlstbaker's Emeritar dlstbaker Posted:
  144. the way braydon shreds the gnar anywhere and everywhere, and does it with style

    colinsperry's Emeritar colinsperry Posted:
  145. sexy
    keeps it realz

    sk8ter1989us's Emeritar sk8ter1989us Posted:
  146. eminent

    skateeemericaa's Emeritar skateeemericaa Posted:
  147. Braydon

    chrispy070's Emeritar chrispy070 Posted:
  148. gnarley,herbs,crazy,fun,steezzyy,talented,reckless,cigs,outgoing,role model,hero,professional,killer,torn up and straight up sick guy

    negronajee's Emeritar negronajee Posted:
  149. WEED, Saves lives! Alright? braydon does whatever he wants, and rips, to top it off

    Murphy's Emeritar Murphy Posted:
  150. fuck, have braydon look at my avatar, and even he'll want me to win

    Murphy's Emeritar Murphy Posted:
  151. because he smokes and that is cool. also he skates like a damn beast.

    pickme's Emeritar pickme Posted:
  152. love "this is skateboarding" braydon's kickflip shifty on the ten stair in slow-mo, huge fan!

    PAskater010's Emeritar PAskater010 Posted:
  153. he gives me a hard-one.

    drewh's Emeritar drewh Posted:
  154. he's polish?? isnt that a hotdog??

    tonym's Emeritar tonym Posted:
  155. Braydon Szafranski's raw and agressive style is displayed in his skateboarding as well as his lifestyle, and as his reputation proceeds him he will become a force to be reckoned with.

    nbendle's Emeritar nbendle Posted:
  156. long hair he rips smokes weed and hes a scumbag that does whatever he wants

    FuckDD's Emeritar FuckDD Posted:
  157. Braydon, saves lifes

    staygoldkids's Emeritar staygoldkids Posted:
  158. Braydon busts beastly backside bigspins cause before blastin 'em bombs he gets brutally blowed............byetches!

    KoolKabron's Emeritar KoolKabron Posted:
  159. Whenever Braydon lands his McSteezers his golden hair makes him have extra steeze.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  160. Braydon makes a mean Manhattan.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  161. Szafranski rhymes with steezamanski.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  162. He doesn't ski, so he isn't a fag.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  163. He doesn't wear ballhuggers, 'nuff said.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  164. He makes me feel good about my disabilities.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  165. I drank with him once. Good guy.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  166. He's better than steriod-crack slushies.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  167. He has the meanest 'green'house around.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  168. Well, he's cool 'cause he's on Emerica.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  169. Front Tail 270's, and a Polish last name... Hell Yes.

    emricuh's Emeritar emricuh Posted:
  170. He opened a McDonalds franchise.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  171. he kills it, he knows it, and he doesnt care about dumb shit

    supkiiiid's Emeritar supkiiiid Posted:
  172. i like that braydon szafranski does not yet have a pro model shoe from emerica!

    emerican19's Emeritar emerican19 Posted:
  173. rude boy with the dirtiest style i have ever seen. keep ripping!

    ovar's Emeritar ovar Posted:
  174. Total skate rat that has the best philosophy on life.

    immortalskater's Emeritar immortalskater Posted:

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  176. He's Blonde, Beautiful, and Bossy!

    (ps- the dude with the fabio comments gonna win)

    heddayya's Emeritar heddayya Posted:
  177. Braydon is the personality of baker and emerica his ambiance is fantastic!

    bobbyganoosh's Emeritar bobbyganoosh Posted:
  178. I like no matter what he does he is always smiling

    weasle620's Emeritar weasle620 Posted:
  179. It's to hard to say in 15 words what is great about a great person

    weasle620's Emeritar weasle620 Posted:
  180. He looks like a total pile on a board, and I think thats super.

    Tripleskate's Emeritar Tripleskate Posted:
  181. I just love Braydon. Theres no better skater. How he lives his life is chill.

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  182. He deosnt give a shit about what we think. but he rips

    ksmith022791's Emeritar ksmith022791 Posted:
  183. bakes rips all year day or night long.

    drewlindsey's Emeritar drewlindsey Posted:
  184. He can turn any room into a green one. Doesn't that explain enough?

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  185. He inspired me to smoke weed on main street without being a pussy.

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  186. "Everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten," says the local church in my town. Braydon inspired me to kill many kittens daily.

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  187. i would just like to cite my sources. Bright Eyes and Sparklehorse.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  188. fun, style, talent, pop, amazing skateboarder

    ronskate's Emeritar ronskate Posted:
  189. gnarly locks van pimp.

    tyler.dain's Emeritar tyler.dain Posted:
  190. Braydon the blonde haired ripper, always smiling when he skates, a true inspiration!

    jalen's Emeritar jalen Posted:
  191. Braydon's probably the most gangster skater I know. Yep.

    that1dood0's Emeritar that1dood0 Posted:
  192. He's the bees knees. What can I say.
    Live for Die for skateboarding!

    stay old's Emeritar stay old Posted:
  193. the king of beers.

    gapic's Emeritar gapic Posted:
  194. will be done in a haiku:

    his hair is quite blonde
    he has got a long last name
    say it: Szafranski.

    emogencyroom's Emeritar emogencyroom Posted:
  195. Braydon is so fly I'm changin my name to "Braydon Szafranski is the Shit"

    bross's Emeritar bross Posted:
  196. Whats not to like?

    P.S. Trees !!!!!!!!!

    k-mobkid2's Emeritar k-mobkid2 Posted:
  197. He smokes pot, I smoke pot, its all good.

    skater46436's Emeritar skater46436 Posted:
  198. He's no Spanky, but that nigga rips!

    donpedro's Emeritar donpedro Posted:
  199. He skates 4 emerica and thats wats up


    Sk8R4CaLiFoRniA's Emeritar Sk8R4CaLiFoRniA Posted:
  200. 'cause he's fuckin rad and smokes herb
    and tailslide 270's out are fuckin shittin ridiculous
    i don't care if thats more than 15 words

    sambop's Emeritar sambop Posted:
  201. he's so RAW

    chocolateforlife's Emeritar chocolateforlife Posted:
  202. you may or may not know this but hes actually an OG memeber of Areosmith!!!

    meatball-situaish-yo's Emeritar meatball-situaish-yo Posted:
  203. crazy,outragous,living life, amazing skater, life of party, cool,

    areynolds09's Emeritar areynolds09 Posted:
  204. because he fucking kills it so hard on a skateboard

    blacksabbath's Emeritar blacksabbath Posted:
  205. I could have done it in one....EVERYTHING. Nothing about the guy I don't like.

    acolangeli's Emeritar acolangeli Posted:
  206. one of the sickest n coolest sk8a in the world

    luky9539's Emeritar luky9539 Posted:
  207. he rides for Emerica

    goofman's Emeritar goofman Posted:
  208. fuckin party king, fuckin gnarly as hell, one of the best fuckin skaters ever,

    shuvitboy's Emeritar shuvitboy Posted:
  209. also has full cab flips and fs tails 360 outs like a mug!!!!

    shuvitboy's Emeritar shuvitboy Posted:
  210. bestskater shiznit awesome parttboyruler so fuckin awesome myhero

    m508h's Emeritar m508h Posted:
  211. Hes so good he makes tony hawk look retarded

    beamsboy98's Emeritar beamsboy98 Posted:
  212. Braydon is the great combo of skating smokin dat green and havin fun by skating

    bakedahellup92's Emeritar bakedahellup92 Posted:
  213. Braydon's the kind of guy that can lay 4 girls and still dream of skating.

    dudemanguy739's Emeritar dudemanguy739 Posted:
  214. Braydon is one badass mother, he came he saw, he ripped Skate South. Subsect FTW!!

    emericatwinx's Emeritar emericatwinx Posted:
  215. He doesnt give a fly fuck about nothin

    Whogivesafuck's Emeritar Whogivesafuck Posted:
  216. well the thing that really left an impression on me was what he said (something along these lines) in epicly later'd (and I guess it's what i'm going to enter as my entry) "Nailing a trick leaves a feeling of fulfillment that nothing else can fill." and honestly, if you're someone who feels that way about any aspect of boarding, be it freestyling, cruising, vert, or just regular flip in and flip out, then you've won.

  217. he gets more girls than hef and yo ugly ass combined haha and this quote "i like to land tricks but i dont land as much as other guys" and he has a fucking house van awesome!

    crapfacemonkey's Emeritar crapfacemonkey Posted:
  218. you can drop all his sponsors and he'll still skate like he always does

    njskatero8's Emeritar njskatero8 Posted:
  219. Braydon is a sick skater and is living the, drugs, and rock n roll!

    silvianob's Emeritar silvianob Posted:
  220. He holds Baker Skateboards future,There depending on him. He's living the american skater dream without getting caught up with money and womanizing.

    hubba4life's Emeritar hubba4life Posted:
  221. obsessive

    aznshortdude's Emeritar aznshortdude Posted:
  222. With out a doubt hands down the most savagest skater in emerican history!

    ajgarica's Emeritar ajgarica Posted:
  223. because

    frankthetankdank's Emeritar frankthetankdank Posted:
  224. because

    frankthetankdank's Emeritar frankthetankdank Posted:
  225. Fucking Viking On A Skateboard Period.

    Emericarippa's Emeritar Emericarippa Posted:
  226. i had the luck to see braydon during the teenage tour in France and speak with him.that's a very cool man who doesn't stress . he's so smooth.

    quentin's Emeritar quentin Posted:
  227. U R A KICK ASS SKATER ...

    chetos's Emeritar chetos Posted:
  228. HES A BEAST!

    Shreditup900's Emeritar Shreditup900 Posted:
  229. the man that gets a crowd in matter of seconds, stright up unique and friendly

    skateFL's Emeritar skateFL Posted:
  230. lemme tel u why this motha fuckah is tightson..

    me and my friends were at gardner and fucking we didn't have enough weed for all of us to smoke. so braydon comes rolling in on his bike,, and hooks us up fat with about a blunts worth !!! yeah boii... tahts why hes sick.

    Sotero's Emeritar Sotero Posted:

    iLOVEbraydon's Emeritar iLOVEbraydon Posted:
  232. hes crazy and great skater he likes to party alot and just have fun with everyone he meets he is the coolst pro you will ever meet

    douskrew's Emeritar douskrew Posted:
  233. i like beer and skatin without shirts because i cant afford em tho i get em fo free

    Ian's Emeritar Ian Posted:
  234. Braydon is an amazing skater with a handful of sick tricks and incredible style!

    jkesterskates's Emeritar jkesterskates Posted:
  235. Braydon is a board stomping, weed token, ladies man, who shreds spots in his path

    1445's Emeritar 1445 Posted:
  236. his tricks make me poop my pants.

    milesmilesmiles's Emeritar milesmilesmiles Posted:
  237. I like that Braydon keeps it real and succeeds in being himself no matter what.

    SkatetheBronx's Emeritar SkatetheBronx Posted:
  238. i'd take a bullet for hommie

    tyler.dain's Emeritar tyler.dain Posted:
  239. He used to be my neibourgh

    Romeo6467's Emeritar Romeo6467 Posted:
  240. he has the best style in skating, has great hair,and skates the best spots

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  241. hes flawless. part in baker 3 was of the best out there.

    all4thafallen's Emeritar all4thafallen Posted:
  242. he made dirty cool again

    nocash69's Emeritar nocash69 Posted:
  243. indescribable!

    nangajumper's Emeritar nangajumper Posted:
  244. he is just possible in anything..too great to be pictured..

    nangajumper's Emeritar nangajumper Posted:
  245. he leaves no room for frustration in his fans' hope..

    nangajumper's Emeritar nangajumper Posted:
  246. great all-arounder..

    nangajumper's Emeritar nangajumper Posted:
  247. gud daddy!!

    nangajumper's Emeritar nangajumper Posted:
  248. well braydon likes bitches and I like bitches. Oh yeah, skateboarding too!

    JiveLikeVoodoo's Emeritar JiveLikeVoodoo Posted:
  249. kool down to earth in other words amazing

    skelper21's Emeritar skelper21 Posted:
  250. . long hair. no shirt. weird. unknown stance. skateboards. he rips. likes METALLICA (i think).lives in a small house. wears EMERICA shoes. probely hangs out with people on emerica or baker . he is the TWS rookie of the year.hates mongo pushers. ghetto. see him in emerica ads.see him in baker ads.eats food.a great skateboarder.

    talonkizk's Emeritar talonkizk Posted:
  251. he has sexy long blonde hair and is just sexy

    jeef's Emeritar jeef Posted:
  252. whats not to like, the fools pro and broke, or at least was

    Freddy-'s Emeritar Freddy- Posted:
  253. Shifty Flip to broken board, Backside flip fall, Front 360 fall, Nollie 5-0 Front blunt kickflip out, Tre flip gap, Switch flip 10, Overcrook handrail, Front Blunt, Front Smith, Back Smith, Noseslide, Kickflip blunt, Frontside flip, Shifty Flip, Kickflip Back lip, Switch Back 180,Back Tail, Back Nosegrind, Front feeble, 5-0, Back 50-50, Tre flip kickflip back lip, kickflip front board fall.

    EAskate's Emeritar EAskate Posted:
  254. Braydon Szafranski is one of the sickest new pros out in the history of skateboarding and of Emerica!!

    r396n's Emeritar r396n Posted:
  255. i like bray because he will pick me to skate his new deck for free!!

    anthonyinva's Emeritar anthonyinva Posted:
  256. Braydon's an effing beast - dude's rad. Plus, his name has a "z", "z"s are cool.

    HbyH's Emeritar HbyH Posted:
  257. braydon is the shit cuz hes from vegas
    boardeep 01 fuckers

    eastvegskate's Emeritar eastvegskate Posted:
  258. i love how balls to the walls he is at every spot and in every video

    francisskater's Emeritar francisskater Posted:
  259. Hair. Pants. Skills. Oh and he has a better name than anyone in the country!

    penguinman89's Emeritar penguinman89 Posted:
  260. Dude rips, plain and simp! He's so good, he makes me wanna walk down the stairs all retarded and break my legs.

    lisenced2ill's Emeritar lisenced2ill Posted:
  261. dude no body in the entire world is better than braydon especially at front tailslide 270 outs. him and his crazy attitude and style just shows his perfection in skateboarding no one and i repeat no one can own more than this man. peace braydon....

    sk8-4-szafranski's Emeritar sk8-4-szafranski Posted:
  262. Skateboarding, budwieser, pussy, weed is all this chill mother fucker needs.

    romanripp's Emeritar romanripp Posted:
  263. Braydon seems like a pretty chill dude who deserves to be pro more than anyone.

    Luke's Emeritar Luke Posted:
  264. Good Hair:] Shreds, Gnarly, RADICAL. FUCKING AMAZING, skates for BAKER:]]]]

    Bakergirl002's Emeritar Bakergirl002 Posted:

    yahooo's Emeritar yahooo Posted:
  266. cool
    has some personality
    he friggin RIPS ( 360 kickflip in Baker 3)
    Braydon rocks!

    appleyard87's Emeritar appleyard87 Posted:
  267. Braydon's personality kicks everyone else's right in the dick. Also, he rips it up, hard.

    Snizzle's Emeritar Snizzle Posted:
  268. because he smoke bud and that is mellow and relaxed just like dout

    krooked37's Emeritar krooked37 Posted:
  269. Braydon. Sucks. zomg. always. fulfill. radness. and. never. super. kool. incredible.
    [ah well, this was the best acronym I could do with his surname! :P]

    paulote's Emeritar paulote Posted:
  270. took some gnarly rips off my pipe at aumsville. ill never forget the madonna either

    Blueribbon's Emeritar Blueribbon Posted:
  271. nodyarB iksnarfzS is the coolest word ever.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  272. He's the king of the castle.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  273. Best thing since sliced bread.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  274. I love him.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  275. I loved him. Physically of course.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  276. born of a virgin, consumeth the herb like an inferno, shits errytime he skates, szafranski!

    piffhuxtible's Emeritar piffhuxtible Posted:
  277. Weed: 50 bucks.

    Budweiser: 12 bucks.

    crazy night in: priceless.

    For everything else there's Braydon.

    hellabobella's Emeritar hellabobella Posted:
  278. sabbath. that is all.

    colinhater's Emeritar colinhater Posted:
  279. the best skater i ever now
    ride for all my fav brand active,baker,and emerica
    i just broke my ancle and have been watching his fodi ever since can wait to be back on the board!

    tinacobb's Emeritar tinacobb Posted:
  280. Yo check it Emerica: Braydon is ill, he makes me wanna kill. Jews.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  281. Braydon is cool because he is a substance abuser. They are apparently all the rage.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  282. Braydon=Druggie face supreme
    Druggie face supreme=Accepted by society

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  283. i learned nollie nosegrinds and noseblunts a few days ago, so that is why i fumble with da keys

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  284. Sabbath. Sucks. that is not all. Sparklehorse, Bright Eyes, Of Montreal, Arcade Fire. Are the best bands ever. Eat feces.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  285. I love to ride Braydon through the feilds by his fiery mane.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  286. Braydon, Stars are dyin in my chest, till I see you again. He was born with the wings of a hawk.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  287. Braydon was made of shade and of honey.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  288. njskatero8
    says on: 12/23/07 at 09:18
    you can drop all his sponsors and he'll still skate like he always does

    Hey man, I like Braydon too, but how do you know this? You are such a foolish moron.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  289. I once saw him peering out of a parascope from a deep opium den.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  290. I once spotted him licking a baby corpse on the sun. That is what makes him holy.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  291. His brains are that of an ancient Pyre.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  292. His brains are that of an ancient Pyre.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  293. Arise oh brother mountain

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  294. "Whatever. You get grands for showing up fool, paid, bills, hundos"

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  295. "You know how many women watch the X-Games?"

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  296. sketchy blonde..
    rude dude...
    jean jacket..
    no facial hair..
    dank dude!!

    aaronptak's Emeritar aaronptak Posted:
  297. TWO WORDS....

    Jean Jacket

    aaronptak's Emeritar aaronptak Posted:
  298. he saves lives, all right!

    felipe214's Emeritar felipe214 Posted:
  299. reefa smoking skater staright outta high desert las vegas skateing at desert breeze all day

    highdesertskater's Emeritar highdesertskater Posted:
  300. Braydon Szafranski loves his van and love banging chicks in it. He is a amazing skater who always smiles and loves BAKER with a passion.

    Anomalist Doom's Emeritar Anomalist Doom Posted:
  301. And also knows what it like to struggle in the streets. HE also will never forget shane cross.

    Anomalist Doom's Emeritar Anomalist Doom Posted:
  302. Braydon is awesome because he is funny, laid back, and he can own any spot.

    appleyard87's Emeritar appleyard87 Posted:
  303. las vegan, hyper-active, shirtless, crazy, loudmouth, rail crusher, harley riding, bud drinkin', dank smokin', womanizing, son of a bitch !

    ModernKix's Emeritar ModernKix Posted:
  304. great skater, big mouth, pot head,and he seems to look kinda like gary busy

    tbone's Emeritar tbone Posted:
  305. Who the f*** is Braydon Szafranski?

    Myth1ne's Emeritar Myth1ne Posted:
  306. Just kidding, I know who he is.

    Myth1ne's Emeritar Myth1ne Posted:
  307. Bascially he's a nailer,a womanizer,stoned to the bone,livin fast and skating faster!!!!

    Romeo's Distress's Emeritar Romeo's Distress Posted:
  308. He totally looks like Martha Stewart after she figts Oprah.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  309. Why wouldn't you like him?

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  310. He got shot but didn' die.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  311. He get's so high he can talk to Biggie and Tupac.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  312. I like his long flowing hair!

    berwyn's Emeritar berwyn Posted:
  313. Smooth grinds, gigantic gaps, Braydon does it all. With a smile!

    EvilFred's Emeritar EvilFred Posted:
  314. His party like a rockstar attitude.

    maddgiggler's Emeritar maddgiggler Posted:
  315. Gotta be the hair ;)

    freakdujour's Emeritar freakdujour Posted:
  316. He's got great knees.

    skullaria's Emeritar skullaria Posted:
  317. hes just good!

    anny31's Emeritar anny31 Posted:
  318. BRAYDON ROCKS!!!!!!!

    tiffginn21's Emeritar tiffginn21 Posted:
  319. He's really good at what he does.

    jkershen's Emeritar jkershen Posted:
  320. Pathetic, worthless, dirty, raunchy, disgusting. An all round great skater defined in few choice words.

    foundskatekrew's Emeritar foundskatekrew Posted:
  321. All out ill He ROCKS!!!!

    doubtful1's Emeritar doubtful1 Posted:
  322. Braydon ROCKS! I love him because he's an 'awesome' skater and he empowers youth to defy convention!

    leandrew's Emeritar leandrew Posted:
  323. Braydon Szafranski is the Duff McKagan of skateboarding!

    drming5k's Emeritar drming5k Posted:
  324. legalize weed, listen to black sabbath, get wasted, skate, sleep, then do it all agian

    hahaskateboarding's Emeritar hahaskateboarding Posted:
  325. braydon just don't give a damn

    chromiumman's Emeritar chromiumman Posted:
  326. skateboarding is cool

    doramere's Emeritar doramere Posted:
  327. An unbelievable athelete.

    bhjustice's Emeritar bhjustice Posted:
  328. he is true to himself

    hansenpj5's Emeritar hansenpj5 Posted:
  329. he's awesome and sexy and doesn't care what people think

    soulcandybt's Emeritar soulcandybt Posted:
  330. Fearless Sin City dude. Blonds have more fun, on and off the skateboard.

    ajfuller's Emeritar ajfuller Posted:
  331. Just a natural, the best all around...

    toyota's Emeritar toyota Posted:
  332. He actually looks alot like an old boyfriend of mine who i found strangely sexy.. lol

    angelaandconnor's Emeritar angelaandconnor Posted:
  333. Great athlet....

    Schlauberger's Emeritar Schlauberger Posted:

    skatewise's Emeritar skatewise Posted:
  335. He's his own person.

    Atreau's Emeritar Atreau Posted:
  336. They fit well

    rosannepm's Emeritar rosannepm Posted:
  337. Braydon is one of the most amazing skaters that I have ever seen.

    johnezo's Emeritar johnezo Posted:
  338. I hope he comes to my party.

    afawcett2's Emeritar afawcett2 Posted:
  339. skate high the only way to fly.

    pfawcett1's Emeritar pfawcett1 Posted:
  340. he's like all my friends at home , but he gets paid to skate. what a job

    pfawcett3's Emeritar pfawcett3 Posted:
  341. he's a skater of course.

    ascencion02's Emeritar ascencion02 Posted:
  342. I like that my son likes him.

    ymmat83's Emeritar ymmat83 Posted:
  343. He rocks!!!

    carscheles's Emeritar carscheles Posted:
  344. I like his dedication to skating!

    christinaalmond's Emeritar christinaalmond Posted:
  345. sounds awesome

    blabla3269's Emeritar blabla3269 Posted:
  346. lets see where do i begin about braydon
    one cool guy who stands for what HE stands for.
    One guy who does not to pretend to be something other than what and who he is.
    love him or leave the hump alone.
    he is who he is.
    that is what i love about braydon.

    radcliffpaul's Emeritar radcliffpaul Posted:
  347. a very nice board.

    vboackle's Emeritar vboackle Posted:
  348. AWESOME!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    peg42's Emeritar peg42 Posted:
  349. What's not to like, especially since they are having this SLAMMING free contest??

    cre8tveminde's Emeritar cre8tveminde Posted:
  350. Wow, love Braydon and this contest. Way to go.

    redron's Emeritar redron Posted:
  351. nice style

    llinda29's Emeritar llinda29 Posted:
  352. he is a really smooth rider and is great at skateing

    amazon867's Emeritar amazon867 Posted:
  353. he is a really smooth rider and is great at skateing

    amazon867's Emeritar amazon867 Posted:
  354. Incredible Talent!

    mvap4's Emeritar mvap4 Posted:
  355. a concreat ripper who never gives up

    compton's Emeritar compton Posted:
  356. a guy with a "fuck it" attitude and gives it his all for the team

    kr3wside's Emeritar kr3wside Posted:
  357. Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.Big Tits.

    bigfootbigfoot's Emeritar bigfootbigfoot Posted:
  358. man,.

    i signed up to do this but now it's to late.

    anyways ill say what has to be said

    braydon is an awsome skater with a great style and an awsome personality and a sweet shred van!! but the only thing that matters the most is......


    thats that!

    andrew101's Emeritar andrew101 Posted:
  359. fucking crazy and skates like he came straight out of the gates of hell

    birdhazing's Emeritar birdhazing Posted:
  360. fucking crazy and skates like he came straight out of the gates of hell

    birdhazing's Emeritar birdhazing Posted:
  361. bush sux, and i love his skating style.. !!


    mutha's Emeritar mutha Posted:

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