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Trans-Em Caption Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to Blake G. of Summerville, Georgia for winning our Write a Caption, Win the Trans-Em! contest. For his efforts, Blake won a free pair of Emerica shoes. His caption was: "Emerica tells me to Stay Gold, but this basket tells me to Stay Constipated!"

Honorable Mention
"This is the haunting image you'll see just before you die."--Thomas S, Alton, Missouri

"Who knew that Leo Romero moonlights as a talented gift basket entrepreneur and appears regularly on Martha Stewart? Everyone loves Leo's cute little knick-knacks!"--Joey B, Birmingham, Michigan
"It looks like something my dad would eat, which is anything."--Dylan W, Lake Forest, California
"Nothing says 'I care' like the Emerica cookie basket. Perfect for your shredding grandson or a friend in the hospital recovering from ACL surgery."--Louis P, Toronto, Canada
"This is what you get for spending too much time with Emerica team timeshare owner, Martha Stewart."--Stephen A, Richardson, Texas
"Damn, I really hope a midget stripper jumps out of that basket and pulls a 900!"--John P, Lincoln, Nebraska
"Looks like the Easter Bunny got really fucked up and made a cake with Ed Templeton."--Antonio A, Rancho Cucamonga, California
"Emerica: winning mommy's heart since spring 1996."--Stephen U, Yellowknife, Alberta, Canada
"Man, that basket makes me want to crack my head open so all the angels can fly out and heal everyone. Knowutimsayin'?"--Matt L, Woodland Hills, California
"I hate the Brady Bunch. I hate them all with a seething, passionate flame that burns deep inside me. If I ever find out that they've treaded on my territory, I will destroy them."--Zachary M, Plant City, Florida