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V7 Teenage Tour 2007 Edition!

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Contest Series

April 15 Skatepark de Rouen in Rouen, France
April 22 Skatepark de Grammont in Montpellier, France
April 29 Skatepark de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France
May 5 Skatepark de Melun in Paris / Melun, France
May 9 Skatepark de Lyon in Lyon, France
May 12 Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France
May 13 Finals at Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France

All you French-Emericans better get ready to bust out your best bug-eyed stare when Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Brandon Westgate and Marquis Preston completely French your fries and shatter your minds during a demo after the V7 Teenage Tour Finals contest on May 13, 2007 at Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France. Be there or be a freedom fry!


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No more guessing. You nailed it. Please help us welcome super shredder Jerry Hsu to Emerica Footwear and Gear. Have you seen Enjoi’s Bag Of Suck video? What about Man Down from the Tilt Mode Army? If you just said no twice, it’s sincere-iously time to wake up from the coma you’ve been in and get your ass down to your local skate shop for a screening! Everyone else, ’nuff said--you already know that Jerry’s skating is truly of epic proportions!
A longtime friend of Emerica, NorCal ruler Jerry fits in with the team like a brand-new pair of our shoes: absolutely perfect! In addition to joining the distinguished pros of Emerica Footwear, Jerry will also accompany Heath Kirchart and am Marquis Preston on Emerica Gear, and start breaking shit off for the next Emerica video, Stay Gold, coming in 2008. Daaaaayum! Jerry's interview is already up, so go dive on in for more details. Welcome to Emerica, Jerry!

Go Skateboarding Day: June 21!

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June 21, 2007: No school. No work. Nothing but skateboarding. Today is our day. Join in the grind heard around the world!

There are plenty of Go Skateboarding Day events happening all over the place. Go to your local skate shop and see what’s going on, or visit Go Skateboarding Day. If nothing is happening in your area, get everyone together and start your own event!

Suggestions: Choose a place for everyone to meet. Skate across town, hitting all the spots along the way. Hold a best trick contest or play a game of SKATE. End up at your local skate shop or skatepark and have a barbeque! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!