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Lance Mountain

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Lance Mountain is a skateboarding legend and lifer who grew up skating in the original late-'70s / early-'80s skatepark scene. He started out as a pro for Variflex (from which the term Varial originated), became the "comic foil" member of the infamous Bones Brigade (one of the top teams of the '80s), starred in all the classic old Powell videos, owned and ran The Firm Skateboards from the early-'90s until 2006 and is still tearing up the trannies to this day as a traveling pro for Flip.

Lance recently launched his very own personal Web site, which is a massive treasure trove of hilarious stories and photos from throughout his illustrious non-stop 30-year career. Lance's sprawling online labyrinth includes a bio, magazine interviews, videos, endless scrapbook archives, huge collections of skate-related swag, galleries of his own art and music, and a pro shop where you can buy art directly from the Mountain man.

This site is obviously one labor of love that no skater should miss. Noting that some sections aren't live yet, I have the feeling Lance is just getting started, so be sure to check back occasionally for more laughs and good times.

Collin Provost Wins Phoenix Am!

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Collin Provost. Photo by Rivera, courtesy of Phoenix Am.

Congratulations to Emerica flow rider Collin Provost for winning the Phoenix Am contest over the weekend! Way to go, Collin!
Final Results
1. Collin Provost
2. Dustin Blauvelt
3. Magnus Hanson
4. Taylor Bingaman
5. Nick Fiorini
6. Sean Malto
7. Kurtis Colamonico
8. David Gravette
9. Scott Decenzo
10. Alex Olson
11. Jordan Hoffart
12. Tanner Zelinsky

Alex Gourdouros

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Saco, Maine

Feel the wrath of this young Nor'Easter, who has only just begun to rage his way outward from the Eastern seaboard. Alex Gourdouros is an Emerica sales rep flow rider from way up in Maine whose sponsor me clip is somehow fun yet serious at the same time.

Business up front / party out back? Yuuuuup, with stuff like a frontside 360 down a big ol' five, two angles of a frontside 50-50 on a tall rail down a big set (after which Alex almost gets hit by a car), a body varial wall ride to fakie, a funny kickflip wall ride to fakie to body jerk and a great big bunch of other pleasantries coated with some serious gnarlitude.

Alex Gourdouros: he skates fast, he goes big, he delivers the goods. Boy turnin' up the heat! This part is pretty solid. Should we give this Emerica flow rider yet another pair of shoes? I think so! Ha-ha. Look for your package soon, Alex!--Post King

Read a funny interview with Alex over at Vital Skate.

Leo Romero Pharmacy Interview!

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Leo lights up. Photo by Jesse Way.

The Leo Romero madness continues this week with another interview...this time over at Pharmacy. It was done in an interesting and seldom-seen interview / photo essay style. Very nice. Includes cameos by RVCA's Jimmy Arrighi, Altamont's Justin Regan, filmer Jon Miner and Leo's girlfriend, Katie.