Blueprint Vaughan Baker Contest Winners!

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Congratulations to Wesley C. and Kevin D. for winning our Emerica + Blueprint Vaughan Baker Contest! They each won two free pairs of Emerica Trans-Em Blueprint shoes and one Emerica + Blueprint Vaughan Baker collaboration deck. Sweet!

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(6) responses to: Blueprint Vaughan Baker Contest Winners!

  1. 1ST AGAIN YH!!

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  2. cool stuff

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  3. Those shoes look pretty straight.

    nirvana's Emeritar nirvana Posted:
  4. I'm Kevin D but I didn't get an email from Emerica :( They usually send emails first, right?

    ZeroEmerican's Emeritar ZeroEmerican Posted:
  5. thats tight as hell man

    birdhazing's Emeritar birdhazing Posted:
  6. How do you know if you won a contest?

    hubba4life's Emeritar hubba4life Posted:

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