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Get a Grip! Just enter your contact info on the contest page for a chance to win one pair of Bryan's brand-new B.Herman 2, the grippiest skate shoe around! We'll also throw in a complete Baker Bryan Herman skateboard for them kicks to grab onto! Don't delay, enter today! The contest ends on February 4, 2008.

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(55) responses to: Win the B.Herman 2!

  1. word maybe if i win, my mommy will love me again!

  2. Cop them B. herman 2's

    Matt Tizzle's Emeritar Matt Tizzle Posted:
  3. if there was ever a contest i wanted to win most, it would be this one

    bobbyganoosh's Emeritar bobbyganoosh Posted:
  4. yo yo yo i will win dem shoezies!

    jimbo-ness's Emeritar jimbo-ness Posted:
  5. :DDDD

    Renee Hickman's Emeritar Renee Hickman Posted:
  6. I need Them Shows im wearing so old beat up reynolds come on hook me up

    Liam Annis's Emeritar Liam Annis Posted:
  7. ive had the board b4 , i want the shoes!

    clowntown08's Emeritar clowntown08 Posted:
  8. If we win, would it be possible to actually get one of Bryan's real boards? Because I know he rides bigger ones (I'm an 8.25 man myself) and the board that they sell to the public with that graphic is like 7.6 and I can't mess with that small shit. I don't know how hard that would be but it would be awesome.

    Just getting a pair of Herm 2s alone would be nice though.

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  9. I like the simple design

    hubba4life's Emeritar hubba4life Posted:
  10. damn i could really use those shoes,
    oh and the board would be nice to

    jimi's Emeritar jimi Posted:
  11. Hi, I'm a good skateboarder. And I'm from Switzerland. I am 15 years old. And I would very much like to be sponsored by them. What's your adress? I will send you a video of me.

    thanks Roman

    Roman Wächter's Emeritar Roman Wächter Posted:
  12. nice

    t0m4s's Emeritar t0m4s Posted:
  13. wy am i amouse

    antwown's Emeritar antwown Posted:
  14. shit man i hope i get those sick ass shoes

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  15. Itd be nice to finally get somthin i cant out here

    mtizzle's Emeritar mtizzle Posted:
  16. already have the shoes

    bak3r333's Emeritar bak3r333 Posted:
  17. i hope i win

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  18. sweet, I deff hope I win this..

    popwar4life's Emeritar popwar4life Posted:
  19. oo i wanna win lol

    volcom528's Emeritar volcom528 Posted:
  20. heck ya i wanna win

    mikey puebla's Emeritar mikey puebla Posted:
  21. i wanna win so bad because i live in a shit hole town with only 1 local boardshop with nothin cool i have to go to san diego to by all my shit so please i wanna win

    matt pacheco's Emeritar matt pacheco Posted:

    geoemerican's Emeritar geoemerican Posted:
  23. I NEED TO WIN !!!

    drizew's Emeritar drizew Posted:
  24. i need this shoes and the board
    i hope i win

    simon's Emeritar simon Posted:
  25. Crap I have to win those which B Herman Board is it?

    Krapnabuket's Emeritar Krapnabuket Posted:
  26. hopefully i win cause those shoes r the sickest shoes in the world by far=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

    altamontkid's Emeritar altamontkid Posted:
  27. your all a bunch of pussys whoever wins, wins

    bmat's Emeritar bmat Posted:
  28. damn i need some new kicks. i got some beat up reynolds 3s. the new herman shoes are so sick

    540sk8's Emeritar 540sk8 Posted:
  29. i had herman 1s and loved em. i hope i win theez

    rhinoroper92's Emeritar rhinoroper92 Posted:

  31. yeah , im just gonna buy em online. good luck to all who are trying to win. and fuck da skateboard, i already got 3 fresh unda ma bed

    peace and love

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  32. those sound like they're bomb as fuck. oh fsho buh

    Turdstan's Emeritar Turdstan Posted:

    Turdstan's Emeritar Turdstan Posted:
  34. sweeeet i need some grip shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sk8mafia21's Emeritar sk8mafia21 Posted:
  35. i hope i win i need new freekin shoes and board

    cannonball793's Emeritar cannonball793 Posted:
  36. i hope i'l win these shoes maybe if i don't, i will just buy it

    oussama L.'s Emeritar oussama L. Posted:
  37. dont get your hopes up. theres thousands and thousands of people that sign up for all of these, me included, and the most random person wins... i respect that but i go on with my life. just chill and let em choose.

    nino's Emeritar nino Posted:
  38. bryan herman is #1 i love his shoes and i neeeed them now if idont win o well i will just get them later

    OSEY3's Emeritar OSEY3 Posted:
  39. the b herman 2s r so fricken sweet i neeeeed to win because my kicks r so fucked up isprained my foot 5 fricken times

    emerica\baker kicks big assss

    OSEY3's Emeritar OSEY3 Posted:
  40. those shoes will give me buttery hardflips

    matt's Emeritar matt Posted:
  41. simple & clean design. Steezy.

    skate or try's Emeritar skate or try Posted:
  42. i need this shoes dawg those shows are down like fuck

    enrique rios's Emeritar enrique rios Posted:
  43. hey yo i know i just boosted that comment but that not a real e-mail so if i do win sent it to 2707 1/4 and i am from L.A dwag

    enrique rios's Emeritar enrique rios Posted:
  44. those r sick i have bosses which need shoe goo but those r sick i hope i win a pair.
    the board is just a bonus.

    Dillan's Emeritar Dillan Posted:
  45. I love these shoes, maybe if I win them I can sell them to get money to feed my daughter...and my heroin addiction.

    iamnotjaketaylor's Emeritar iamnotjaketaylor Posted:
  46. dude i already have that deck its so sick!! plus i got ripped with herman and braydon in oregon!!! fuck ya!!

    Anthony's Emeritar Anthony Posted:
  47. i love you emerica

    j bell's Emeritar j bell Posted:
  48. shit i missed it and it ended on my birthday ha

    sean's Emeritar sean Posted:
  49. who won yo?

    skate or try's Emeritar skate or try Posted:
  50. dudes if i do not win this tht is the end of my skating carrer

    stunnajake's Emeritar stunnajake Posted:
  51. ha it looks like a lot a fools want these kicks, i mean these some shoes fo real

    Hollywood [RHB]'s Emeritar Hollywood [RHB] Posted:
  52. i tried to trade a kid some nikes for those but he said no deal

    weston sparks's Emeritar weston sparks Posted:
  53. shit is you and your gay freind is gay

      are you gay because im not's Emeritar are you gay because im not Posted:
  54. WOW! those some bangin' shoes

    beanerman's Emeritar beanerman Posted:
  55. Dude those are sick it would be sick to win them i need a pair of skate shoes.

    Michael's Emeritar Michael Posted:

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