Dylan Jones

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Age: 16
Leander, Texas

Dylan Jones has a rad, loose style. He skates an old, beat-up board with small wheels, which sometimes slows him down. Other times, he somehow simply forces them to go fast. Although he often enjoys flicking his board this way and that down huge gaps and stairs, Dylan won't hesitate to slash around and do a Boneless One in a reservoir, effectively combining old school with new--and borrowed school with blue. And for that, he has earned himself one free pair of Emerica shoes.

Check out a more recent Dylan Jones clip on YouTube.

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(91) responses to: Dylan Jones

  1. seriously?

    andyboo's Emeritar andyboo Posted:
  2. pretty lazy style

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  3. you rock Dylan!

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  4. siccccc bruhh

    ANONYMOUSE's Emeritar ANONYMOUSE Posted:
  5. Not trying to be a hater, but he sucks!!!

     BigC's Emeritar BigC Posted:
  6. i was expecting it to be a little better than that

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  7. what the fuck????

    sageywagey's Emeritar sageywagey Posted:
  8. dude this is the worst sponsor me tape ive seen out of all of em emerica has reviewed and actually given a pair of shoes to someone for. sure some parts were good, but still. the boneless's got repetitive

    streetskater5150's Emeritar streetskater5150 Posted:
  9. WOOT
    thanks guys!
    i wish my emerica log in worked..

    Dylan Jones's Emeritar Dylan Jones Posted:
  10. WOOOOOT!!!!! Go dylan!!! Congratz man.

    xXSkater14Xx's Emeritar xXSkater14Xx Posted:
  11. Hes so rad

    360 flippin's Emeritar 360 flippin Posted:
  12. his style is a little too lazy for me
    it couldve been better

    Skate Baby Skate!'s Emeritar Skate Baby Skate! Posted:
  13. dude, that guy is so sick. I can't believe that some of those tricks are even possible. I mean, was that a back foot flip in there? his style is just so laid back and smooth. Awesome. I wish I had those skillz. haha

    Berishman's Emeritar Berishman Posted:
  14. That's really old footy, he's got much newer and better now footage here

    Anonymouse's Emeritar Anonymouse Posted:
  15. i could get on this this kid isnt even that good

    Stun-Pike's Emeritar Stun-Pike Posted:
  16. Dylan! FLB, Brandon, Bran, however you know me is here to say CONGRATZ! That is the sickest thing I've ever heard.

    Skate on man!

    Brandon Landry's Emeritar Brandon Landry Posted:
  17. man this guy! wow
    i think my little 6 year old brother is better!
    but he got some shit down!

    e-dogg 's Emeritar e-dogg Posted:
  18. ^^^
    this footage is so old
    my new stuff is much better

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  19. this guys got a real lazy style and he can't even catch his kickflips he needs to suck up his knees a lot more

    welder's Emeritar welder Posted:
  20. dude your switch tres are insane and your nollie 360 flip off the bank. insane

    emericaaa's Emeritar emericaaa Posted:
  21. Dylan is a great skater that works super hard. Im into that relaxed style, that not lazyness, its zen, better than a coke head jock attitude many have for sure (so dont listen to them haters). Original combination of tricks and a positive attitude. Bless.

    Chris Dyer's Emeritar Chris Dyer Posted:
  22. yeah the new footy, dylan, is waee better alright. good.

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  23. ^^^
    yeah the new footy is better and ive been skating alot of new spots so its helped alot!

    thanks for adding the new video up!

    hope the haters hush up
    and rememebr skateboarding is about having fun

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  24. Ahh, they were both good, but the newer video makes me want a pro model shoe from that kid. Seriously, Dylan Jones looks like he is already a pro.

    Sponsor that kid, I'd buy his pro-products.

    Berishman's Emeritar Berishman Posted:
  25. holy shit. my grandmother skates better than that but she has a wooden leg.

    Anonymous's Emeritar Anonymous Posted:
  26. my grandma skated like that but for god's skate she had 2 glass eyes

    Anonymous's Emeritar Anonymous Posted:
  27. my grandma did higher and more stylish bonelesses with 2 wooden arms...

    Anonymous's Emeritar Anonymous Posted:
  28. Hey Dylan

    SICK....emerica knows whats up, its all about fun... I want to see a switch tre on the long board next video though HA HA HA HA.

    Remy's Emeritar Remy Posted:
  29. Wow, the haters. They're probably all just jealous because they can't really do any of this shit, so they have to talk shit about other people to make themselves feel better. Dylan Jones can kick ALL of your asses at skating. Lets see you do a handstand fingerflip to railstand, proceeding to nollie lazerflip a 3 foot drop. If you guys even knew how good this dude is, you wouldn't be acting like such posers.

    Shorty's_Kid's Emeritar Shorty's_Kid Posted:
  30. gay as fuck

    noice's Emeritar noice Posted:
  31. Fucking Dylan - I love you dude. Congrats. And for all of you haters... Where are YOUR free shoes?

    JulieOH!'s Emeritar JulieOH! Posted:
  32. haters always have to run their mouth, some people should just quit because they take skating so serious. career chasers.
    Dylan Jones simply isn't one of those fools leaving crap comments. he's skating...everything...
    there's plenty of footy of him out there, throw a search and see...
    Nice Job, Dude.

    a-minus's Emeritar a-minus Posted:
  33. Whoever is hating on this is stupid as hell! This guy is freaking INSANE at skating switch!!! He does sw 3flips better than regular 3flips! And I actually LIKE his style, It isnt a "Lazy" Style, its more of a loose, relaxed style, so... Dont hate because, I think hes pretty damn good!

    Segerocker's Emeritar Segerocker Posted:
  34. mang stop hating on the kid fuck it at least he tries gotta haha hes alrite

    stan77's Emeritar stan77 Posted:
  35. kid's got pizazz. FLOW HIM !

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:
  36. i have and will be flowing out to this guy whenever our company can afford it. he's good at skating EVERYTHING.

    a-minus skateboards's Emeritar a-minus skateboards Posted:
  37. ..still not 'sponsor me' worthy

    March's Emeritar March Posted:
  38. are you serious?

    scisssorhands's Emeritar scisssorhands Posted:
  39. New stuff is much better Dylan.
    You got Switch Tres......
    I envy you.

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:
  40. the switch 3 manual was nice

    chirchirp's Emeritar chirchirp Posted:
  41. ^^^ ah yes i agree. Alot can happen in the span of 6months. Which is the difference between the old and new footage. style,motivation,creativity. eitherway its just skating. have fun with it. Forget the haters. And thanks to everybody who said kind words

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  42. i take it there wasnt many tapes this time

    Ian's Emeritar Ian Posted:
  43. that was fucking sick u r mad good i watch ur videos all the time b4 i go skate keep up the good work

    scottskates's Emeritar scottskates Posted:
  44. oh my god.

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  45. ha i know dis kid. he rips it up way more now. hes awesome.

    scott's Emeritar scott Posted:
  46. okay holy shit the new footage was good! too bad that wasn't posted instead of this. good job anyway dude.

    streetskater5150's Emeritar streetskater5150 Posted:
  47. ^^^^
    haha well thanks
    i guess linking the new footage makes up for hating on the old footage

    considering its new aka how i skate now =]

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  48. my sister skated like that but she rode the short bus...

    John's Emeritar John Posted:
  49. that guy skates like shitt!!!!

    daoinel's Emeritar daoinel Posted:
  50. congratz yo

    Big_Guy's Emeritar Big_Guy Posted:
  51. soooooooo bad thats horrible style not "laid back" it seemed like a joke. Filming was bad. Quality was bad, and skating was even worse. All around just a very poor video emerica must have been very low on sponsor me tapes to put this on.

    hollabackgurl's Emeritar hollabackgurl Posted:
  52. Your new video is 10 times better i like your style man. Don`t listen this guys you are awesome just different style.And sponsors looking for that . Good luck \m/

    BulgarianZero's Emeritar BulgarianZero Posted:
  53. im a chinese skater,you guys are kidding me? his style isnt my style. hes sick.

    j-ski's Emeritar j-ski Posted:
  54. im a chinese skater,you guys are kidding me? his style isnt my style. hes sick.

    j-ski's Emeritar j-ski Posted:
  55. Dylan Jones is better on his new stuff. but his nutts at freestyle and switch tres.

    kcmoskater's Emeritar kcmoskater Posted:
  56. hes alright. i dont like his style that much. and im not hating, but either way i dont really give a fuck.
    that pink grip tape is fuckin weak.

    johngullickson's Emeritar johngullickson Posted:
  57. I just watched another vid of this guy on youtube, and hes definately a sick skater, and I like the laid back style two thumbs up

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  58. haha Dylaaannn. Fuck the haters you are awesome. Seriously all of the guys here couldnt skate as well us this rad kid so just shut up

    SkateKamul's Emeritar SkateKamul Posted:
  59. first off lose the lame ass pink grip. second, get a better filmer. and last but not least. get a new hobby cause you suck

    M!T[H's Emeritar M!T[H Posted:
  60. wow no offense but i think i couldve cleared that gap in the beggining

    Skate Baby Skate!'s Emeritar Skate Baby Skate! Posted:
  61. 1:16-1:22 was so awesome!

    J-nav's Emeritar J-nav Posted:
  62. pre sketch .. alot of tech tricks but stiff as hell

    switch tre' manny was clean

    Josh Faupel's Emeritar Josh Faupel Posted:
  63. your little line on 1:17 was so dope!

    thebossbutler's Emeritar thebossbutler Posted:
  64. Dudes come on, did you guys at emerica even watch the video? I guess "laid back" is the new sketchy. This kid has an utterly horrible style, I'm sorry but its true

    Christian's Emeritar Christian Posted:
  65. this is a joke, oui? I couldnt bare to watch till the end.

    ?'s Emeritar ? Posted:
  66. ^^^ word
    i like that line too
    heres a lil bit of park if anyone wants to clicky ;)

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  67. ok first off pink grip tape is gay...second who the hell does power ollies.....third I'm not seeing this quote on quote "laid back style" all I see is stationary and sketchy landings.....and fourth he needs to watch this

    Rise's Emeritar Rise Posted:
  68. lazy?he looks scared most of the time.jimmy cao, hes lazy.

    cheezybreezy's Emeritar cheezybreezy Posted:
  69. not my fav kind of style
    but he is pretty sick
    the other stuff of his is way better

    ryan-b-steezy's Emeritar ryan-b-steezy Posted:
  70. honestly, i think that he could have put more effort into his tricks, and filming is also key to a good part, and this filming isn't the best. a song might have helped him a little.

    alexpattillo's Emeritar alexpattillo Posted:
  71. Dylan Jones might not be my favorite skateboarder in the world. But he deserved to win for a reason. He throws down tricks that you couldnt even dream of. Creativity and a sort of trans-old-new-school style makes him worthy of this. Some of you will be hyped. Some of you will talk trash and sit there wondering why he won. In the mean time, Dylan Jones is out skating, filming, and editing. End of story.

    b-brandon 's Emeritar b-brandon Posted:
  72. sick yo!

    circa69's Emeritar circa69 Posted:
  73. thanks b brandon

    also for all you haters
    watch this video part

    im sure youll take a few words back

    but then again there will always be haters

    if a "mod" wants to post this i wouldnt object

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  74. Yo I piss with better style. How many Kick flips you gonna do in the same ditch man?

    4surious?'s Emeritar 4surious? Posted:
  75. dude ok me better

    ivan 's Emeritar ivan Posted:
  76. im disappointed.....the sponsor me tapes are always so good..what happened

    david's Emeritar david Posted:
  77. you can roast beef in a sponser me tape?

    muskratfeva's Emeritar muskratfeva Posted:
  78. when you going to put a new one up

    weston 's Emeritar weston Posted:
  79. That was pretty good.
    I hope you enjoy the shoes they send you.

    Jaquan's Emeritar Jaquan Posted:
  80. that switch tre-switch manual was so sick

    gnodar's Emeritar gnodar Posted:
  81. it was rad dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dk's Emeritar dk Posted:
  82. Some nice things but sketchy. nj tho

    :O's Emeritar :O Posted:
  83. AT 1:52 That's pretty sick.
    Keep on doin that and u will land a big SPONSOR.

    ubercoolguy's Emeritar ubercoolguy Posted:
  84. you hates shut up hes havin fun doin what he does i dont see your videos on here
    (and if you dont have camra thats probabaly why)
    but still some stuff was sick right??

    GEORGIA's Emeritar GEORGIA Posted:
  85. that was absoluetly terrible

    your gay's Emeritar your gay Posted:
  86. he's one of those kids that will go to a park and play every one in skate and loose to every ne for doing gay tricks

    j dubbs's Emeritar j dubbs Posted:
  87. That was fucking sick stop hating and he only did 2 bonelesses in the whole video

    Rad's Emeritar Rad Posted:
  88. Switch 360 flip manual was tight man!!! Good luck

    johncleary's Emeritar johncleary Posted:
  89. I guess everybody needs a good laugh every now and again, and when kids like this one send you this, and expect you to sponsor them, I'm sure you get a good one.

    Ryan's Emeritar Ryan Posted:
  90. I guess when my video comes out, I will get 2 pairs of shoes, and im only 14 and have been skating for 2 years, and I am better than this. Still sick

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  91. *yawn*
    dude imma go to sleep right now

    raymond's Emeritar raymond Posted:

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