You Interview Herman, Round 3

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You Interview Herman, Round 3.

It's time for number 20 in our never-ending series of Blab Interviews conducted by you kids. This month, we're going to hit up Emerica pro Bryan Herman for the third time. Just ask a nice, short question right here in this post and one week from now, I'll choose a few of the best and give the Hermanator a call. Read his Bio, Herman Blab 1 and Herman Blab 2 first, so you don't ask anything that has already been answered there.

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(238) responses to: You Interview Herman, Round 3

  1. what motivates you the most to keep skating?

    dylin's Emeritar dylin Posted:
  2. Who did you start to skate with in the LBC?

    shopatrbs's Emeritar shopatrbs Posted:
  3. what is your favorite shirt, pants, and shoes?

    eric's Emeritar eric Posted:
  4. Got any good stories from the road? Perhaps maybe something involving many women and too much alcohol?

    Luke M.'s Emeritar Luke M. Posted:
  5. damn dude how are you soo good?

    JEsus's Emeritar JEsus Posted:
  6. Im having a hard time getting balls like doing some big stuff, what moves you into doing big things, tricks?

    gnar112's Emeritar gnar112 Posted:
  7. other than that got any tips for people who just want to become more consistant

    JEsus's Emeritar JEsus Posted:
  8. What give's you the idea's when you design your Altamont clothing?

    kyle's Emeritar kyle Posted:
  9. Are there any small details of your new shoe that you think should be done?

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  10. what do you look for in a girl, or guy?

    23's Emeritar 23 Posted:
  11. Whats your secret to 360 flips?

    Your Boy's Emeritar Your Boy Posted:
  12. definitely diggin' your new shoe man, non-slip desert grip is LEGIT! How much time did you spend testin the shoe out before you decided on a final design?

    ianlinden's Emeritar ianlinden Posted:
  13. do foursomes make you wish you had more appendages, like an octopus?

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  14. What do you prefer bacon cheeseburgers or chili dogs?

    Augusto 's Emeritar Augusto Posted:
  15. Do you ever skate pro shoes,(A R Slims, The Boss, ect) that aren't your pro shoe? If so, whats your top that you like to skate in?

  16. Do you have any tips on how to practice and get better at switch like any techniques? Also, i would like to know at what age you started skating and how old you were when you first got sponcored by a pro team and how old you are.

    ryan's Emeritar ryan Posted:
  17. whats the gnarliest thing you ever did an almost didn't get away from, but got away from? ya digg?!

    tyler.dain's Emeritar tyler.dain Posted:
  18. I've read that article on you and REYNOLDS in that old skateboard mag about how Reynolds started your skating carreir and how you are like best freinds and I was wondering if you had any more like cool details on that story?

    ryan's Emeritar ryan Posted:
  19. do you prefer swishers or phillies for rollin a blunt?

    dirt's Emeritar dirt Posted:
  20. Is it at all possible for Emerica to have a demo at the Prescott skatepark in Az. cause its a small town and not a lot of teams come here and the town is like full of skaters and, like everyone, they all probably love Emerica.

    ryan's Emeritar ryan Posted:
  21. how do u get the balls to go out and try something that scares the hell out of you and you dont think you can clear the gap or some shit? also hows it like being on baker with Reynolds, Spanky, Szafranski, and everyone else? "BAKER BAKER"

    baker860's Emeritar baker860 Posted:
  22. whats your favorite altimont pants? and your favorite colerway of your new shoe?
    i like the palmdale falcon's colerway

    nick 's Emeritar nick Posted:
  23. Swishers or Phillies?, and when's deathwish droppin'?

    Chad's Emeritar Chad Posted:
  24. how do you feel when u see alot of snot nose kids screaming ur name at a demo

    Joe edgerton's Emeritar Joe edgerton Posted:
  25. What do you like most about days you don't skate? I know I like playing guitar hero.

    Marshall's Emeritar Marshall Posted:
  26. If it was your last day of skating for the rest of your life and all the cops and security guards had the day off for some reason, where would you go skate?

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  27. What advice do you have for everyone out there trying to make a living out of skating?

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  28. How are your legs holding up, gonna be around for a while?

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  29. Since you have all the guns, do you ever go hunting.

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  30. How was the threesome on the wild ride tour.

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  31. are u going to vote or do u not give a shit?

    joeyyyyy's Emeritar joeyyyyy Posted:
  32. What was the influence behind the new style change? From your style in baker 3 to how you dress now. Nice work on the Herman 2. It skates very well.

    Fun Sucker's Emeritar Fun Sucker Posted:
  33. Do you plan on getting Later'd Epicly with Patrick anytime soon?

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  34. how are your knees from skateboarding?

    blazed skater's Emeritar blazed skater Posted:
  35. Heard you were takin out security guards at gvr party... is that true?... ( hope it was)

    grems's Emeritar grems Posted:
  36. What do you think about france and did you enjoyed your trip there? ( ps: emerica's demo in bercy was sick lol )

    dada sqy's Emeritar dada sqy Posted:
  37. Have you ever made a deal with security guards to let you skate at a spot? I've tried, but still unsuccessfully.

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  38. Are you and the team going to tour this year for Stay Gold?

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  39. how did you first get noticed, and what do you think can help other young kids get noticed nowadays, have any tips you'd like to share???

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  40. Do you care about being sponsored or is it just a minor matter a sort of like an extra prop in your (skateboarding)life?

    jules's Emeritar jules Posted:
  41. whens the new baker site gonna be open?

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  42. Do you think it's hard to keep a girlfriend and skate in the same time?

    flotchang's Emeritar flotchang Posted:
  43. wats the biggest thing you have achieved in skateboarding?

    Markous's Emeritar Markous Posted:
  44. ever done acid?

    bert's Emeritar bert Posted:
  45. yo have you ever been to sk8 park where this one kid just follows you through out the whole time your there?

    dan's Emeritar dan Posted:
  46. Who inspired you to skate?

    Do you still skate with them today?

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  47. How's it feel to know that everybody knows your name and looks up to you in their skate lives?

    skatefamous's Emeritar skatefamous Posted:
  48. what do you think about ryan sheckler

    ali 's Emeritar ali Posted:
  49. Is it true that you cant skate good when you are filmed? When yes, why?

    Jannis's Emeritar Jannis Posted:
  50. whats your favorte color way in the b.herman 2?

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  51. why do you think matt allen quit emerica and foundation?

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  52. whats your favorite kind of ciggarettes you smoke? and how often a week do you go filmin? keep it g-code negro

    Garfield Mang!'s Emeritar Garfield Mang! Posted:
  53. On your pro model Altamont cords is that an old time 70's roach clip that comes clipped to them(can you actually use the thing while smoking in other words) or is it just fancy little flair attachment? Bryan Herman 2 are the best shoes to skate in....and answer that acid question from above

    mojo rising's Emeritar mojo rising Posted:
  54. Well first off, you are my favorite, and im not blazin on ya..

    but you used to be all like tight pants, bandana, semi tight shirt.. kinda like in TIS.
    but now ur kinda big pants and stuff..
    i kinda like it..
    kind of a effed up queation but im just wondering.

    joshuaq's Emeritar joshuaq Posted:
  55. do you skate better baked or sober??

    Phil's Emeritar Phil Posted:
  56. wat are you going to show in the new video "stay gold" because in baker 3 that was some down ass part you had and trying to top that going to be hard

    enrique rios's Emeritar enrique rios Posted:
  57. if you couldnt be on the Emerica team what shoe company would you be with

    beanerman's Emeritar beanerman Posted:
  58. Do you think you will grow a big beard as you mature, like other people do?

    Geddy's Emeritar Geddy Posted:
  59. wats up with altamont clothing beeing so expensive man like 80 dollar pants arent you happy that you get to get that shit for free?

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  60. ohh and who started all that mexican shit like the emexico thing and like emerica came out with a bunch emexico stuff did leo have anything to do with it?

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  61. Do you think that emerica should have more tye dye shirts? i do

    Alex Pattillo's Emeritar Alex Pattillo Posted:
  62. Any expectations on making another shoe?

    CyclumB's Emeritar CyclumB Posted:
  63. Are you having a part in ChickenBone?

    muffdiver's Emeritar muffdiver Posted:
  64. ARE YOU BAD!?!?

    BobbySuski's Emeritar BobbySuski Posted:
  65. What is Your Favorite Band.

    lewis's Emeritar lewis Posted:
  66. What would you do if one day you woke up and lost your hardflips?

    Aaron Ptak's Emeritar Aaron Ptak Posted:
  67. when are you going skate cream city again?

    chris070's Emeritar chris070 Posted:
  68. how do you practice your tricks? it´s natural for you or you have to try it many many times?

    emericanman's Emeritar emericanman Posted:
  69. who is your favorite member of the team?

    emericanman's Emeritar emericanman Posted:
  70. How fast do you go through shoes, and do you get a new pair when they get just a little worn?

  71. Do you think that everyone can be a great skater or you have to be a natural talent?

    emericanman's Emeritar emericanman Posted:
  72. what got you to grow some balls and start doing things down stairs? i need to start skating stairs. alot of people say i would be a good stair/gap kinda person.

    Daniel McFall's Emeritar Daniel McFall Posted:
  73. whats going down with shake junt
    and whats it like partying with the beagle and the baker krew

    b's Emeritar b Posted:
  74. Are you practicing your style or its just natural, that all tricks you do looks so tight?

    emericanman's Emeritar emericanman Posted:
  75. Exist in skateboarding something you can and want to accomplish?

    emericanman's Emeritar emericanman Posted:
  76. So Herman, I was woundering what is your perfered Swisher? Grape? Maybe strawberry? Or do you even roll with Swishers? Take it easy!

    jimarnold's Emeritar jimarnold Posted:
  77. favorite sandwich?

    camden's Emeritar camden Posted:
  78. How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  79. What is your favorite sponsor?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  80. What were you like when you were little?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  81. Who is your best friend?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  82. Finish the poem: Roses are red violets are blue....

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  83. Dude your a sick skater! Who nspired you to sk8?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  84. I hate vert skating what about you?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  85. What do you think about having a show on MTV or Fuel TV or something like that?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  86. I have my own team (Kellog's skateboards) what do you think about starting a team? you can join if you want.

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  87. What do you think about baggy and tight pants?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  88. When you were a kid did you wanna be pro?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  89. Is it hard being pro?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  90. LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  91. I have a team (Kellog's skateboards) what do you think about starting a team?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  92. Favorite magazine company?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  93. If you weren't pro you would......

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  94. What about old skool?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  95. Do you have better things to do than answer these questions?

    Hally's Emeritar Hally Posted:
  96. you wanna join my team Kellog's sk8 team it's a skateboarding team? Heres the question: when you see a roller blader what do you think?

    LeoRomero123's Emeritar LeoRomero123 Posted:
  97. when is stay gold coming out? and are you happy with how your part turned out

    bakerskater3345's Emeritar bakerskater3345 Posted:
  98. do you like interviews?

    aaron's Emeritar aaron Posted:
  99. herman, will you still when your uh 65? . and when whill reynolds make another shoe

    BEN's Emeritar BEN Posted:
  100. when will you come to chula vista please come or go to lake elsinore if youre not busy come by....

    emerica777's Emeritar emerica777 Posted:
  101. What's your favorite shoe color combo?

    walma3rt's Emeritar walma3rt Posted:
  102. you are my #1 favorite skater and i look up to you the most. so i was wondering who you looked up to as you grew up skating or who you still look up to?

    Andy's Emeritar Andy Posted:
  103. why are you so awesome?

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  104. Beers, blunts or booze before skate time?

    emerico's Emeritar emerico Posted:
  105. paper or plastic?

    Colin.'s Emeritar Colin. Posted:
  106. why do people ask suck dumb questions?

    emericsk8ter's Emeritar emericsk8ter Posted:
  107. whats your favorite place to skate?

    ajgarica's Emeritar ajgarica Posted:
  108. Growing up, did a lot of people say you weren't going to make it anywhere in skateboarding and tried destroying your dream with all of the hate?

    FrontsideFlop123's Emeritar FrontsideFlop123 Posted:
  109. who was ur first sponcer

    jon's Emeritar jon Posted:
  110. What matters most to you in life?

    Skate Baby Skate!'s Emeritar Skate Baby Skate! Posted:
  111. Hey, do you Know Mexico???

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  112. can i get a free pair of shoes?

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  113. hows come emerica hardly comes out east?

    clowntown08's Emeritar clowntown08 Posted:
  114. RE: clowntown08
    Were headin' out east later this year. Keep an eye out...

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  115. what did you enjoy the most. flow, am, or pro?
    and do you believe anyone is capable of getting sponsered? and if so, what is the right mind set to achieve those goals?

    M!T[H's Emeritar M!T[H Posted:
  116. why arent u usually in competions like x-games or something did u ever compete in local competions when u were little?

    jesuschrist's Emeritar jesuschrist Posted:
  117. what weed do you smoke the most?

    kc's Emeritar kc Posted:
  118. Whats the First step to getting where you are or how do you get AM or pro shit like dat?? thad be legit if you answerd that

    will's Emeritar will Posted:
  119. who dyes your hair?
    hook me up

    hellabobella's Emeritar hellabobella Posted:
  120. what new skatevid are u most hyped about?

    Drakins's Emeritar Drakins Posted:
  121. When you shaved your head & eye browse did you feel like Pink Floyd in The Wall?
    Or was it simply to get more AeroDynamic on those McSteezy Ass Hardflips?

    Harry Balzsac's Emeritar Harry Balzsac Posted:
  122. have you ever met snoop dog?

    bobbyganoosh's Emeritar bobbyganoosh Posted:
  123. Do you like Asian women, If you do i will trade you my Wife for Your Baker complete, Your Emerica Herman 2's, & Your Altamont gear.....? I am completely serious....

    Harry Balzsac's Emeritar Harry Balzsac Posted:
  124. Hermdog, do you think smoking relaxes you more so you can skate better?

    p.s. I like your style

    mikebosley's Emeritar mikebosley Posted:
  125. how do you like your coffee?

    devvonthedude's Emeritar devvonthedude Posted:
  126. Who or what got you in to skating, and how long did it take you to get where you are today.

    Jack s's Emeritar Jack s Posted:
  127. When you gave birth to yoru infamous Hardflip, did it hurt? Did it come out as beautiful as it is now, or did you have to perfect the child? Why's it so steezzzy?

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  128. Where you buy yo weed at?

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  129. what inspires you to dress the way you do?

    cochise's Emeritar cochise Posted:
  130. Do you still think your nollie inward heel down macba is your best trick ever landed?

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  131. whats the story behind the shrooms on the wild ride tour

    vinny's Emeritar vinny Posted:
  132. If you were to play any of the pro's a game of skate who would it be?

    Emeriquatsi's Emeritar Emeriquatsi Posted:
  133. have you ever busted fat gaggers and ended up skating like there was no tommorow?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  134. do you bust flow at all?if so are you dope at that shit?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  135. since everyone here sucks at askin goin to ask if you have ever skated at that skatepark in palmdale?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  136. how sick are you at playin tha guitar?how long have you been playin?do you by chance play any other instrument?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  137. will you have any altamont designs on any of tha herman 2's?(that would be the first shoe i would ever buy)

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  138. what are your favorite cigs?Would you smoke buggelers if you didnt have any other smokes?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  139. what are your favorite cigs?Would you smoke buggelers if you didnt have any other smokes?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  140. last but not least.would you suggest dro or chron?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  141. you plan on 360 flippin any more steps than a 15?

    Heshman's Emeritar Heshman Posted:
  142. have you ever done drugs?

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  143. what is the most girls that you have gotten with at once?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  144. have you ever watched wayne's world?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  145. what music are you currently hella hyphy on?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  146. What is your all time top 5 favorite weezy songs?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  147. Bryan,
    I'm inviting you to come to Lithuania!
    Is it possible for you and all Eme team to make a trip to my country, Lithuania?


    Domas!'s Emeritar Domas! Posted:
  148. did you graduate high school?

    hermenator's Emeritar hermenator Posted:
  149. Whats your current set up, still 8x32? i was wondering what size board you like, have you always ridden an 8 or have you messed around with other sizes?

    rob's Emeritar rob Posted:
  150. whats your setup?

    john b's Emeritar john b Posted:
  151. wassup with that chicken bone video?..

    bccx3's Emeritar bccx3 Posted:
  152. Hey b-herm did you go to victor valley high? & how many pairs of sneakers do you go through a month?

    jason's Emeritar jason Posted:
  153. What did you think of fullyflared,is it by far one of the best vids you seen?and are you in that new pharmacy vid?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  154. what kind of blunts do you use swisha or phillies

    oak tree for life's Emeritar oak tree for life Posted:
  155. what is your favorite skate spot?

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  156. what is (in your opinion) the freshest trick you have done on a spot

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

    coreyduffelemerica22's Emeritar coreyduffelemerica22 Posted:
  158. Are hardflips your favorite trick? Do you prefer your thunders low and why?

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  159. If you were to die tomarrow, what would you do today?

    popwar4life's Emeritar popwar4life Posted:
  160. Are u circumzised?

    joshjerseysanchez!!! (p dizzle)'s Emeritar joshjerseysanchez!!! (p dizzle) Posted:
  161. ok so i think Lil' Weezy is holdin it down right now in the rap business like he is the greatest rapper alive. What about you who do you think got the freshest flow.

    EastInfection's Emeritar EastInfection Posted:
  162. whats the biggest stress about being pro?

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  163. Would you consider yourself to be "BITCHEN"?
    I'm the most bitchen person ever ever in forever!! Wanna play skate?

    pablo"hawkman"contreras's Emeritar pablo"hawkman"contreras Posted:
  164. whats up herman? what are the best things about riding for emerica and baker, and what is it like being on the same teams with pros you looked up when you were a kid?

    freelovepark's Emeritar freelovepark Posted:
  165. low or high trucks? and tight or loose?

    freelovepark's Emeritar freelovepark Posted:
  166. I heard you had a four-way on Wild Ride. Is this true? If so, were any of the chicks gross and did you wrap your tool?

    Matthew's Emeritar Matthew Posted:
  167. would you ever consider using a freestyle board to do tricks since the current board design has been heavily shaven down to what freestyle boards look like ? would you ever suggest the idea of baker doing freestyle boards ever or design skateshoes with freestyle in mind ?

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:
  168. would you ever consider doing sigmaflips in a serious line/rail/combo ? CMON !!! DO IT !!

    Remy LéBeau's Emeritar Remy LéBeau Posted:
  169. did you really have an extra pair of gloves this whole time?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  170. hella or uber?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  171. what is the best skate part of all time?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  172. how bad was nothin but the truth?

    nj3flip's Emeritar nj3flip Posted:
  173. Was there ever time when you found yourself skating alone? If so, did you find that you were less motivated to try new tricks/film?

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  174. How many babies have you killed?

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  175. What would you say were your worst injurys ever? And do you have ankle problems from skating?

    dpnj's Emeritar dpnj Posted:
  176. Hey Bryan you have always been our hero but we are still trying to find out when you are going to come to see us all?

    Aunt Patti's Emeritar Aunt Patti Posted:
  177. What's a question you would like to ask US?

    Jared's Emeritar Jared Posted:
  178. My 360 flips look like shiiiiittt!!!!!! How are urs so clean? Do u practice them a lot? I need help!!!!! I have 1 nut

    andrew jones's Emeritar andrew jones Posted:
  179. would jimi hendrix wear your new shoe?

    Henjx.'s Emeritar Henjx. Posted:
  180. would you knock out ryan sheckler?

    johngullickson's Emeritar johngullickson Posted:
  181. hows it feel to know you have the absolute best fuckin shoe in the market righ tnow? (the 2's) me and s.bey were rockin em at skate U last night, and im pretty sure im never gonna skate any other shoe ever again. wordisbond!

    BMW rx!'s Emeritar BMW rx! Posted:
  182. who inspired you the most to start skating and what made you stick with it?

    freelovepark's Emeritar freelovepark Posted:
  183. What Are Your Favorite Altamont Pieces?

    Bestskater's Emeritar Bestskater Posted:
  184. Do you Have Any New Signature Pieces Coming Out?

    Bestskater's Emeritar Bestskater Posted:
  185. Are they're going to be any other music contributors to Altamont

    Bestskater's Emeritar Bestskater Posted:
  186. How do you feel about Carrol stealing your song from your "Chily" part from a while ago, in his fully flared part, or do u even give a shit?

    drakins's Emeritar drakins Posted:
  187. growin up did you ever fight for the fun of it,or were you more of a chill kinda mello kid?

    jeremy c's Emeritar jeremy c Posted:
  188. when is deathwish (baker 4) going to come out as well as the new baker website which is taking so long

    snowblind's Emeritar snowblind Posted:
  189. how are your hardflips so godly

    cole's Emeritar cole Posted:
  190. What do you think it takes to be a pro skater?

    What are your plans for the future?

    cillacam's Emeritar cillacam Posted:
  191. chocolate or vanialla?
    pepsi or coke?
    skate or die?

    wintleburgers's Emeritar wintleburgers Posted:
  192. how to you keep yourself strictly skating cause i heard stuff about skaters just partying or not caring as much anymore

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Please Posted:
  193. why when someone comes on emerica there on the baker team? does that make it easier for everyone traveling and demos because like its almost the same team/

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Please Posted:
  194. who do you think is the next big thing? (like any am or pro out there)

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Please Posted:
  195. are firecrackers still cool?

    justTHATguy's Emeritar justTHATguy Posted:
  196. if you could ride for a board company other than baker what would it be?and if you could ride for a shoe company other than emerica what would it be?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  197. do you skate with alot of the baker/emerica guys on your free time and who?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  198. if you were in jail with a gay guy and his grandma and he said he will kill you if you dont have sex with either him or his grandma who would you have sex with?heres the catch grandma has herpes and has the face of terry kennedy

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  199. if you lost your balls and your penis and all the girls left you for leo romero would you shoot yourself

    chris's Emeritar chris Posted:
  200. if you lost your balls and your penis and all the girls left you for leo ,braydon or TK would you shoot yourself?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  201. if andrew reynolds became gay and he said he'll kick you off baker if you don't do him doggy style would you do it?oh yeah heres the catch its a 3-way between terry, you and andrew

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  202. what do you think of the white vato ltrend going on in skateboarding?ya know buttoned shirts only buttoned at the top and shaved heads like anthony pappalardo, marc johnson, alex olson etc.

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  203. You seem to like the holy herb a lot, how does it affect your skating?

    emericanada's Emeritar emericanada Posted:
  204. have you ever masturbated in public?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  205. what i have to do for see you ??or write you an email with answer from you?? meet you it's my dream but i live in italy.....

    ozzy1986's Emeritar ozzy1986 Posted:
  206. can you give me some tips on hardflips?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  207. what age did you get sponsered and how did it happen

    julio714's Emeritar julio714 Posted:
  208. Who is your favorite person to be with when traveling?

    emericaseif's Emeritar emericaseif Posted:
  209. everytime i see u i smoke u out like at chino when u gonna smoke me out?

    rocky raccoon's Emeritar rocky raccoon Posted:
  210. Do you really want to read these stupid comments?

    stevieboy4's Emeritar stevieboy4 Posted:
  211. do u know any skater with premature grey hairs?

    KANGY's Emeritar KANGY Posted:
  212. what do u think about ryan sheckler?

    ZachariahRogers's Emeritar ZachariahRogers Posted:
  213. Bryan, do you ever have a pet peeve that you just can't get away. If so what is it and why do you have it?

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  214. You goin to wsr again this year in holland?

    Emericanada's Emeritar Emericanada Posted:
  215. What's the funniest thing you`ve ever seen?

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  216. do u like getting stoned before skating a gnarly spot

    j's Emeritar j Posted:
  217. how come you have such perfect hardflips?

    donny's Emeritar donny Posted:
  218. What was the hardest thing about going up in the skateboarding industrie and how did your childhood affect your skating?

    rajathomas's Emeritar rajathomas Posted:
  219. Who is your fav up and coming rider on pharmacy?

    yskskater's Emeritar yskskater Posted:
  220. What gave you the inspiration for your tight new shoe the Herman 2

    beanerman's Emeritar beanerman Posted:
  221. What gave you the inspiration for your tight new shoe the Herman 2

    beanerman's Emeritar beanerman Posted:
  222. 3 flips or hardflips?????

    freelovepark's Emeritar freelovepark Posted:
  223. What's up with you and Matt allen.
    Why did he get kicked off the team.
    And are you guys still friends?

    antione's Emeritar antione Posted:
  224. i love your new shoe but have you every tried to bail a flip trick on a huge gap and gotton fucked because you couldnt kick it out in time. thats happened to me many times.

    skatebueno's Emeritar skatebueno Posted:
  225. i live in italy, if i work all the summer and i'll save my money for come in your town it's possible meet you and stay a afternon with you?

    PS. i'm your fun number 1 in italy. it's the truth

    ozzy1986's Emeritar ozzy1986 Posted:
  226. how often do you smoke herb herms

    altamont4lyfe's Emeritar altamont4lyfe Posted:
  227. Whats the secret to the perfect catch of all your flip tricks?

    hollygrovedahood's Emeritar hollygrovedahood Posted:
  228. my friend once said that he was skating liberty school out in victorville and he saw u with a broken leg filming leo romero is this true?

    switch-fliz's Emeritar switch-fliz Posted:
  229. everyone i talked to from victorville say that liberty was stompin grounds for skatin was this school like home ?

    switch-fliz's Emeritar switch-fliz Posted:
  230. what influenced the design of the b.herman 1 and 2
    , they are so different from each other, and do you guys draw your own pro shoes before they get made?

    Kenneth Edwards's Emeritar Kenneth Edwards Posted:
  231. do you still get stoked a little when you see a kid wearing your pro shoe?

    Kenneth Edwards's Emeritar Kenneth Edwards Posted:
  232. Hello Bryan Herman. Well, i heard you were needing a dildo to masturbate with and i think i'd be the perfect dildo for the job! I have an office in Huntington Beach so if you want you can come bring your friends over to my office and we can all have some masturbation fun! how about it?

    Ya Boy Dildo's Emeritar Ya Boy Dildo Posted:
  233. when does this blab come out ???????????????

    emerica-rockzzzz's Emeritar emerica-rockzzzz Posted:
  234. what would be a perfect skate sesh for you?

    bakerfanatic's Emeritar bakerfanatic Posted:
  235. I think altamont is the sickest brand
    and just wondering how much designing do you
    put into altamont and will there ever be a vid? ... cuzz that would be sick also

    bakerfanatic's Emeritar bakerfanatic Posted:
  236. what kinf of pants do you wear?

    boss123's Emeritar boss123 Posted:
  237. Sup Bryan
    Why Did You Change Your Image From Rocker TO Hip-Hop Like Tight Pants TO Baggy ?

    greenacidz's Emeritar greenacidz Posted:
  238. when you come to Poland with crew?

    ksuwdt's Emeritar ksuwdt Posted:

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