Brandon Westgate Thrasher Interview!

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Brandon Westgate Thrasher Interview!

Grab the brand-new April 2008 issue of Thrasher and peep the fat-ass eight page Heads interview with Emerica team rider Brandon Westgate! Learn all about his life and times! Also, get ready to interview Brandon and the rest of the Emerica Ams yourself here on the site very soon!

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(9) responses to: Brandon Westgate Thrasher Interview!

  1. first try no lie

    gurgi's Emeritar gurgi Posted:
  2. Yeah ! An other Young Emerican in a skateboards mag !

    Emerican-Pirate's Emeritar Emerican-Pirate Posted:
  3. you forgot to say first...haha... Brandon up n goin..

    Zul's Emeritar Zul Posted:
  4. Did anyone see the pic of him 360 flipping the melbourne gap?

    drew g.'s Emeritar drew g. Posted:
  5. that is sick man.. keep up the good work brandon!

    roslund's Emeritar roslund Posted:
  6. GReat Brandon

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  7. Right on.

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  9. Westgate is such a beast.

    higgins's Emeritar higgins Posted:

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