Profile Spotlight: Demonofdownhill

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Profile Spotlight: Demonofdownhill

Well, here's something I never even imagined, let alone expected: a downhiller has set-up shop here on the Emerica site! His name is Demonofdownhill and he's done gone and posted a flurry of news, photos and videos about his chosen form of skateboarding, which has been pretty much neglected in magazines and videos for the past 20 years--except for a newer mag that covers all aspects of skating called Concrete Wave. I loved the downhill sections in the old Powell videos back in the '80s, and it's good to see Demon here on the site. Oh yeah, be sure to read his "What I Don't Like About Skateboarding" article, which is sure to stir up a little controversy! When you're done with that, check out this downhill skate site called Silverfish Longboarding.

If you haven't built your own Emerica Team page yet, what are you waiting for?

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  1. That is sick. I didn't see this coming either. I'm diggin' the page also.

    Angel's Emeritar Angel Posted:
  2. dude...i'm a longboarder too...i saw ur thread on the fish and i figured i'd help join the downhill invasion of emerica

    therumsey's Emeritar therumsey Posted:
  3. i dont really like the new layout of this...i like the old way better...btw check out my pictures of when i was cool :)

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  4. NICE!!!! Read this from the fish as well

    chutimnspitimout's Emeritar chutimnspitimout Posted:
  5. I am a longboarder first and foremost, but, i still respect and enjoy ALL aspects of skateboarding. Just wanted to say that, Downhill skateboarding has, is, and will be here forever. So you might as well embrace it. To me, DH is all about taking a skateboard (preferably a longer wheelbase deck) throwing yourself down a crazy steep hill, and basically scaring the hell out of yourself...good times, good times indeed. Cheers to all you skateboarders and longboarders.

    clnh5's Emeritar clnh5 Posted:
  6. Hi

    this is Michael Brooke, publisher and editor of Concrete Wave - you know, "the old school mag"

    I am really proud of this skater and commend his doing this! CW really isn't an old school or a new school mag - it's a magazine that embraces ALL types of skaters.

    You never know what you might like if you try it. I've seen poolskaters pick up longboarding...longboarders pick up pool skating and streetskaters become slalom freaks.

    Thanks Emerica for letting at least a different voice be heard.

    Michael Brooke
    aka Skategeezer

    michael broke's Emeritar michael broke Posted:
  7. yea
    longboarding is skateboarding
    both are planks of wood on trucks and wheels
    except with longboarding, you have a generally longer deck and bomb hills while skateboarding is mroe about the tricks
    i'm a longboarder but have no problem with street or vert
    just go skate

    justgoskate's Emeritar justgoskate Posted:
  8. Nice job infiltrating Emerica man! The Fish is taking over!!!

    Flexengruven's Emeritar Flexengruven Posted:

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