Wild Ride 2008!

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Wild Ride 2008!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to go on tour with a bunch of professional skateboarders? What really goes on when some of the world's best skaters hit the road in search of good spots and good times? Your chance to find out will arrive when Emerica's Wild Ride 2008 rolls through the East Coast in June 2008.

Emerica's Wild Ride 2008 is the first-ever fully interactive professional skateboarding tour, and you're invited to join the caravan and come camping and skating with the Emerica team! It will kick off on June 10, 2008 in Easley, South Carolina and end up at Emerica's Wild in the Streets in New York City on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21, 2008! You and your friends are invited to join us for a day, a week, or the whole shebang!

So, start saving your lunch money and mowing lawns for your gas and food funds. And just because some people are on motorcycles, don't worry. Half of the team will be cruising in vans or campers, too. Cars, trucks and vans are encouraged to join our mobile skate posse. Ride free this Summer with Emerica!

The Wild Ride 2008 page will feature all the news for the tour as it unfolds, so check back regularly for updates. We'll see you on the road! Parental Advisory: As with any real professional skateboarding tour, some materials and situations may not be suitable for persons under 18 years old.

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(18) responses to: Wild Ride 2008!

  1. sounds hot i live in ct so ill meet up around new york but next year ill be 18 by next trip so i want to go for the whole thing

    photopaul1's Emeritar photopaul1 Posted:
  2. east coast pride baby!!! yes!

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  3. theyre coming to sayreville.
    this should be epic

    roy robin's Emeritar roy robin Posted:
  4. yo thats sick

    bring weed and your boards and $$$ for 10 days

    DO it Up's Emeritar DO it Up Posted:
  5. please roll through charlotte

    johngullickson's Emeritar johngullickson Posted:
  6. this is tha fuckin sickest tour eveeeeeeeeeeeer

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

    BIG NIGGER BOY's Emeritar BIG NIGGER BOY Posted:
  8. materials and situations, haha

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  9. i understand that arizona is hot as hell in summer, but cant SOMEONE roll through phoenix at some point this year?!

    sumthingelse's Emeritar sumthingelse Posted:
  10. I'm definately comin to the Philly and Sayreville.

    This is gonna be soooo tight.
    I'm gonna get a few pairs of Emericas for the trip.

    Emexico30's Emeritar Emexico30 Posted:
  11. tits

    waterboyz's Emeritar waterboyz Posted:
  12. fuck the east coast, come back to west coast!

    Ben M.'s Emeritar Ben M. Posted:
  13. roll thru MA fools r crazy!!!!!!!! ill come visit werever u r

    kyle's Emeritar kyle Posted:
  14. come to orange california

    mongolskater101's Emeritar mongolskater101 Posted:
  15. come to mex!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  16. Be dope to go on a trip like that! Be epic!

    maineferd's Emeritar maineferd Posted:
  17. the dirty south yeah!!!!!!!!!! & i might see you guys in MD im realy exited:)

    joeTHEskater's Emeritar joeTHEskater Posted:
  18. are you guys going to kinetic skate shop?

    Tony V's Emeritar Tony V Posted:

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