Leo Caption Contest Winner!

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Leo Caption Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Ben M of Rogue River, Oregon for winning our Leo Caption Contest! with the following caption to the photo above:

I hope they don't make a stupid contest with this picture.

For his entry, Ben won a free pair of Emerica Leo shoes and one complete Baker Leo Romero skateboard. Thanks to everyone who entered.



Honorable Mention Captions

The Midas touch meets Goliath's baby shoes.--Richard T, Honolulu, Hawaii

I just saved 15% on my John Lennon glasses by switching to gold Emericas!--Daniel L, Palm Harbor, Florida

"Eureka! I found it! The ultimate skate shoe!" cried C3PO in a homo sapiens disguise.--Jacob A, Okatie, South Carolina

Leo knew his girlfriend had been married before, but when he saw the size of her baby's bronzed shoe, he began to doubt his ability to satisfy her.--Elliott C, Port Monmouth, New Jersey

Bea Arthur enters the shoe design business.--Jay F, Lisle, Illinois

Wow! Even bronze didn't remove the odor from my sneakers!--Jennifer K, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I'd like to thank the academy for this honor.--Linda B, Apple Valley, California

I've heard of being lead-footed, but this?--Jerry H, Jefferson, Georgia

First exhibit in the X-treme Sports Museum.--Patricia S, Venice, California

Man, these shoes are friggin' awesome! I can't wait to go home and show grandma! GOSH!--Joshua Q, Brooklyn, New York

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the golden shoes.--Damian D, Nuernberg, Germany

Wow! Melting down Terry Kennedy's rims was worth it.--Scott M, La Plata, Alabama

I just saved money by switching my car insurance to Geico!--Cody M, Thornton, Colorado

Leo's shoe…the best damned thing that's happened since the penis pump.--Dylan, Towanda, Illinois

Wow, he must have been one big baby!--Sonya M, Reno, Nevada

There's a Leo who's sure all that glitters is gold, and he's buying a Stairway to Emerica.--Greg D, Bron-y-Aur, Wales

Leo's stayin' gold, son, and he's a poopshoot killa!--Errol R, Wichita, Kansas

"I can see the reflection of the reflection of the reflection of my glasses in this shoe!--Chris G, College Park, Maryland

A man with a shoe, he's holding it high. Yeah, high in the sky. BOOYOU!--Vanessa S, Whitesburg, Kentucky

No, Cinderella! WAIT!--Clay W, Oak Hill, Virginia

Screw the white picket fence and hot wife…Leo's living the real Emerican dream!--Danielle N, Vancouver, Canada

Wow! Even gold shoes smell like feet.--John R, Greeneville, Tennessee

Forget the goose that could lay golden eggs, I want a cow who gives me gold sneakers.--Tami B, Plano, Texas

Well, now I don't have to use the "I like the way your butt smells!" pick-up line, cuz I got gold shoes!--Dylan D, Broken Arrow, Oklamhoma

Baby girl, you're gonna LUV ME TONIGHT!--Davor S, Bellingham, Washington

The new gold Leos come with matching sunglasses so you don't blind yourself when flying down handrails.--Ryan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Whatever I look at turns to gold. Jerry, do you want a golden shoe, too?--Nelson K, West Harrison, Indiana

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(8) responses to: Leo Caption Contest Winner!

  1. this was so long ago. you have to admit some of these captions are a little more creative than the one that won

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  2. The fourth one (Elliott C) and the Terry Kennedy one made me laugh. Most of the others were dumb as hell. Personally I didn't think the winner's was too great either.

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  3. congrats!!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  4. Don't waste the shoes or board, put them to good use, congrads man

    bakersgreat's Emeritar bakersgreat Posted:
  5. is officially blowing it

    why's Emeritar why Posted:
  6. yeah, i didnt think my caption was all too great either. i think all the captions sucked. but shit, i won and they sent me a lot more than just shoes and a skateboard, emerica hooked it up with product, EMERICA 4 LIFE FOOLS!

    Ben M.'s Emeritar Ben M. Posted:
  7. ben, you're a badass.

    mermaid's Emeritar mermaid Posted:
  8. i want a shoes too. i doesnt have one........

    renan's Emeritar renan Posted:

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