Connoisseurs of Concrete

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Connoisseurs of Concrete

Title: Connoisseurs of Concrete
Publisher: Andy Shoup
Issue Number: Maybe 8 (Seven previous covers are displayed on the contents page.)
Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 36
Printing method: Black and white photocopy.
Email: No, sir.
Web site: MySpace

As its name implies, Connoisseurs of Concrete does indeed offer its readers a steady supply of photos of skateboarders strutting their stuff on crete-filled trannies of all shapes and sizes; not to mention just hanging out, throwing rocks, trespassing and generally stirring up a ruckus the way skaters usually do.

Connoisseurs of Concrete

This issue also contains some rad and unusual (for a skate zine) articles about stuff like hanging out in Baja: "When I told my friend John that someone I know said there 'is nothing to do in Baja,' he said, 'That's exactly why I love the place.'" The difficulty of surfing is also humorously covered: "Do you have a fear of drowning, of being held underwater, or sucked out to sea? If you do, odds are you won't make it very far, although the odds are probably better that the shorebreak will pile-drive you into the sand before you even get your knees wet. Northern California is home to rip currents, cold water, sharks and giant swells that make you feel like a cork in a washing machine."

In addition to skating and surfing, there are a few spreads dedicated to an artist that can actually draw named Jeff Heermann, and the issue is capped off with hilarious re-mixed classified ads that offer up items like, "Grandma's homemade UFOs $3.00, self-addressed stamped envelope," and, "Drive-by shooter seeks accomplice. Cruise malls, suburbia. Look for trouble." I highly recommend Connoisseurs of Concrete, so hit up their MySpace page to find out how you can purchase a copy today!

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  2. damn thats rad.

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  3. lowcard's way more rad

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