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In the early times of American cinema, silence was a technical necessity. It wasn't until after the first World War when audiences could finally marvel at synchronized sound, with the release of The Jazz Singer in 1927.

Fast-forward to Ben Stephenson's sponsor me clip in 2008. Although it's been 81 years since the advent of sound in film, this two-and-a-half minute short suffers from many of the same problems early 20th century filmmakers struggled with: sketchy landings, garbage can kickflips, that one indoor park you and your friends hate, and cottage cheese.

Contrary to Depeche Mode's recommendations, I will not enjoy this silence. I'll smack a free pair of Emerica shoes on Ben's desk to promote volume normalization. Come on Ben, step it up!--Foxxyz

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(30) responses to: Ben Stephenson

  1. there are alot better videos out of the sponsor videos on was still good.

    Damon's Emeritar Damon Posted:
  2. I enjoi'd unconventional review Foxxxyz

    OMG its Sunn 0)))'s Emeritar OMG its Sunn 0))) Posted:
  3. it was alright, def could been better..

    pat's Emeritar pat Posted:
  4. gay!!!!

    david's Emeritar david Posted:
  5. he suckss...he should just quit!

    brady's Emeritar brady Posted:
  6. hes got good hardflips.. other than that it was alright.

    johngullickson's Emeritar johngullickson Posted:
  7. what?
    this guy isnt that great

    anonymous's Emeritar anonymous Posted:
  8. i kind of liked it. good music choice

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  9. it was ok=/

    james's Emeritar james Posted:
  10. i agree with john. he does have some nice hardflips

    Stephen's Emeritar Stephen Posted:
  11. wow...
    everybody who seems to post on these threads is a hater lately
    its sad
    this dude won
    you didnt
    get over it

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  12. yall niggas are nothing but hateful!

    he's hardflipping and switchflipping like 8 stairs and stuff, when yall prolly cant even ollie!

    if he sucks send in a vid of yourself and show us your better!

    chchchowder's Emeritar chchchowder Posted:
  13. hes algood

    steve's Emeritar steve Posted:

    nate's Emeritar nate Posted:
  15. Excellent. I agree needs some music......???? Electric Funeral?

    Jimmidunc's Emeritar Jimmidunc Posted:
  16. actualy this dudes tight

    bigbitch's Emeritar bigbitch Posted:
  17. They should turn the sound down it was too loud for every clip

    Bird's Emeritar Bird Posted:
  18. no style - quit sakte

    reality's Emeritar reality Posted:
  19. I think Foxxyz, or whoever the poster is, is just angry that hes wearing Vans.

    techgnardude's Emeritar techgnardude Posted:
  20. ben, your straight killing it in vancouver arent you?

    frogmouth's Emeritar frogmouth Posted:
  21. ive seen better.. he still good. anyways!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  22. That was One of the worst vids ive ever seen...Im 15 and i can do all ur tricks easy...=(
    Sry m8...

    Flippy's Emeritar Flippy Posted:
  23. he bends down relley far before he pops.

    joe whitt's Emeritar joe whitt Posted:
  24. Fuck all of you stupid ass haters.

    Cole's Emeritar Cole Posted:
  25. i like how theres no sound

    just the click clacking of Skateboarding

    kkyle's Emeritar kkyle Posted:
  26. I liked the video, keep skating, just have fun, being sponsored is a privilege. I would love being sponsored and getting free shit, but it hasn't worked out for me yet. Hope that you keep taking that skating and the sick tricks you had and get somewhere with it, some where fun, like where you first were when you first picked up a board, haha, I'm gonna stop there, haha

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  27. thats pretty tight=]=] i love hardflips

    kyrell's Emeritar kyrell Posted:
  28. hes good n all just not ready for the big times you now maybe a skateshop around him but not emerica

    Jacob Southwell's Emeritar Jacob Southwell Posted:
  29. i mean hes got some shit but damn if he can make a vid to get on emerica sponsorship site, i know i can. soon enough when i have enough footage this is my goal!

    ryan's Emeritar ryan Posted:
  30. it was good , real good when you look at the switch and what not but it was way to long

    GEORGIA's Emeritar GEORGIA Posted:

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