Quick Braydon Contest Winner!

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Quick Braydon Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Miles S. of Concord, California for winning our Quick Braydon Contest! For his description of Braydon, which reads, "He's the sly, sloshed, shirtless, smiling shredder," Miles won a free pair of Emerica shoes of his choice and a complete Baker Braydon Szafranski skateboard. Look for the Wham, Bam, Emerica Ams! contest winner to be announced soon.


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(21) responses to: Quick Braydon Contest Winner!

  1. first for the first time
    am i cool now?
    o yeah, congrats mewn

    spikrimoes's Emeritar spikrimoes Posted:
  2. dude whens the baker site gonna be done

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  3. O_O

    latteh's Emeritar latteh Posted:
  4. haha nice!

    LeGiT's Emeritar LeGiT Posted:
  5. i wanna win something

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  6. why i never seen someone from outside the U.S. win a promotion?

    evol's Emeritar evol Posted:
  7. nice point evol!

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  8. congrats & siiick board !!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

    whaaaaaaaaa's Emeritar whaaaaaaaaa Posted:
  10. When is Braydon going to get a shoe, he has been with Emerica forever , and shreds hard as shit....jerry just got on the team and already has a shoe whats up with that shit !! !! Braydon deserves it more! Thats all i'm saying.

    Damon Dixon's Emeritar Damon Dixon Posted:
  11. dude thats sick so lucky

    techgnardude's Emeritar techgnardude Posted:
  12. when is he going to get a shoe come on !!

    damon-letslive's Emeritar damon-letslive Posted:
  13. bras, the baka site should be up soon, it's got me and probably loads of people fucked.... but the new "death wish promo" is gonna come out soon, so hopefully the site 'll be ready soon.... peace

    keviin's Emeritar keviin Posted:
  14. when is the baker site going to be done.

    josh's Emeritar josh Posted:
  15. when does anyone outside of california ever win any of these.haha

    cheeseburger's Emeritar cheeseburger Posted:
  16. how come someone from cali has to win...
    not fair.

    Luke's Emeritar Luke Posted:
  17. dude thats awsome

    sierra18's Emeritar sierra18 Posted:
  18. how come Baker Website isnt there??

    i waited for 2years for the baker website

    your mom's Emeritar your mom Posted:
  19. man i want this board sooo bad!

    eva-metal's Emeritar eva-metal Posted:

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