Steak Eating Contest!

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Steak Eating Contest: Live Webcast!

Some of the Emerica team is currently riding their Harleys back east for the Wild Ride. They stopped for a steak eating contest at the Big Texan Steak Ranch, which was covered by a live webcast. Emerica pro Heath Kirchart, Altamont head Justin Regan and Danger Ehren from Jackass each stuffed their faces with a 72 oz. steak dinner. You know, the kind that's free if you can eat it all!

Update: Heath, Regan and Ehrin all failed to finish their meals. In fact, all three of them threw up!

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(16) responses to: Steak Eating Contest!

  1. 3 first in the last two weeks

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  2. who cares?

    cdawson's Emeritar cdawson Posted:
  3. ed and spanky are gonna love this

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  4. "This is NOT skateboarding"

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  5. Yes, but emerica forgot about the part where no one cares. I go to this site to see skateboarding, not eating..

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  6. damn your on top of shit today Poster haha

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  7. if you fools dont care
    get off the computer and go skate

    johnnyd's Emeritar johnnyd Posted:
  8. i was talking about the guy that said"3 first in the last two weeks" not the steak eating contest

    cdawson's Emeritar cdawson Posted:
  9. I would have gone if someone would've told me about a eating contest

    kevsect's Emeritar kevsect Posted:
  10. Hey Jake your a total dicknuckle

    jmcneely1x's Emeritar jmcneely1x Posted:
  11. calm guys...

    Zach O's Emeritar Zach O Posted:
  12. ewww i would never eat tha much steak
    i would b the first 2 throw up haha

    kimberly 's Emeritar kimberly Posted:

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