Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

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Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets 2008 took New York completely by storm. The meeting spot was the legendary Brooklyn Banks, where thousands of Young Emericans gathered at 1:00 p.m. for the first session of the day. Andrew Reynolds hit up the quarterpipe while Ben Gilley and a few other dudes demolished the handrail and throngs of kids enjoyed the fat flat rail. And, surprisingly, nary a cop was in sight. After a half hour, flyers with directions were tossed out to the hungry mob as the bullhorn beckoned us to take flight. The massive crowd quickly developed a hive mentality then swarmed out into the streets.

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

The sight of thousands of skateboarders roaring through the city utterly commands the attention of everyone: pedestrians, restaurant patrons, families, midgets, city workers, joggers, smoggers, and of course, all of the cops, robbers and drivers who are powerless to stop it. Vehicle traffic simply remains at a standstill until this massive organism passes on by. The feeling of being a part of it all is so overwhelming and exhilarating! It puts the biggest smile on your face, and you never want it to end. There is absolutely nothing else like Emerica's Wild in the Streets.

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

The second session went down in Chinatown at LES Skatepark, a rad flatground spot with a few objects set up. An unbelievably massive crowd milled around for a spell, then went nuts when Reynolds boosted a huge frontside flip over the fun box. There were so many kids, that clusters of them broke off at random times to head over to the third spot, Tompkins Square Park, in the East Village.

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

That was the first time (that I know of) when a few cops showed up and tried to contain the situation. As thousands of skateboarders milled about inside the Square--which is a fenced-in area--and on all four of the surrounding streets, the cops asked everyone to proceed inside. But, the skaters would have none of that. Of course, they simply spilled out into the streets again and made their way en masse down to the Brooklyn Bridge, gateway to KCDC, the fourth and final stop of the day.

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

The street in front of KCDC was the scene of a massive block party, complete with bands, DJs, free pizza in the Emerica tent--the whole works. Since the crowd was so swollen, Emerica employed a lottery system to keep the product toss safe. Only stickers were thrown, and those who received one with GSD (Go Skateboarding Day) written on it received their free goods from the back of the truck. After all the tunes, pizza and gear was gone, we finally called it a day. All of us here at Emerica would like to thank 5boro, KCDC, New York City and every single one of you who joined the Emerica team to make Wild in the Streets 2008 such a huge success.

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

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(33) responses to: Wild in the Streets 2008 Report

  1. damn, that shit looks tight

    hunt3r's Emeritar hunt3r Posted:
  2. nyc is the best city in the world. idc where the fuck youre from. it was total meyhem. you had to be there to understand. it was fucking anarchy in the streets. skating through traffic in a massive army, skitching on to yellow cabs and having loads of people stop and watch and record bc the streets were gridlocked thanks to us. fucking ill. thanks emerica, five boro, and all the skaters that came out.

    jay's Emeritar jay Posted:
  3. Damn i wish i lived in New York.

    Cameron's Emeritar Cameron Posted:
  4. I was there it wasnt that great

    paul rockermaner's Emeritar paul rockermaner Posted:
  5. iskategoofy's Emeritar iskategoofy Posted:
  6. This day was the most fun I had in a really long time. I can't wait till next year to hang out with some more Emericans!

    sara's Emeritar sara Posted:
  7. i was there shit was gnarly skating da bridge was a bitch doe lol

    EMericabeastboy's Emeritar EMericabeastboy Posted:
  8. today was amazingly epic dominant

    Lee Clark's Emeritar Lee Clark Posted:
  9. It was sooo good i was the only Indian skater there i was so out in place i wish i had my camera cry soo godly heaven i didnt get a ticket and so i didnt get the toss CRY i was hoping to get some hsus lol i didnt see him by the way i Reyonds dam the boss lol it was a good day thought tomarrow is go skate year for my and every other skater lol ! I luv it sso much.. WIld in the streets 2009 in New YOrk Again lol !!!!!!

    enjoipanda's Emeritar enjoipanda Posted:
  10. HOly shit!! out of control

    squaters's Emeritar squaters Posted:
  11. was patrick there?

    photopaul1's Emeritar photopaul1 Posted:
  12. I just want to say thank you to jeff, reagen, and mark for helping me out with crashing on peeps floors and all their help!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  13. my name is Samuel, I am Brazilian, I liked the reportage, here in my country has no events so as skatista feel the lack of these types of events.

    Samuel's Emeritar Samuel Posted:
  14. They forgot to mention the best part of the day, where dustin dollin showed up pissed drunk and jumped off the wild ride RV into a crowd of ghetto dudes..

    jerseykicks's Emeritar jerseykicks Posted:

    Anomalist Doom's Emeritar Anomalist Doom Posted:
  16. I was there. Definitely the best day of skating in my life. not only was the vibe inspiring but meeting THE BOSS, herman, romero, long and a few others and finding out they were chill guys made me want to skate even harder.

    Thank you Emerica.

    Mike La Pietra's Emeritar Mike La Pietra Posted:
  17. i was up there!! woo
    14th pic all th way 2 th rite
    oh man

    sk8r nyc's Emeritar sk8r nyc Posted:
  18. iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  19. patrick was there so sick

    carter's Emeritar carter Posted:
  20. i was in two pictures yes

    baker860's Emeritar baker860 Posted:
  21. nope im in three pictures yessss!

    baker860's Emeritar baker860 Posted:
  22. i wished i was there

    colby's Emeritar colby Posted:
  23. i wished larry was there.

    coryloveslarry's Emeritar coryloveslarry Posted:
  24. I wished Cory was there.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  25. Damn they didnt get anything of Dollin jumping off the tour bus piss drunk. that shit was nuts man.

    skater24seven's Emeritar skater24seven Posted:
  26. derelicte's Emeritar derelicte Posted:
  27. haha i was in nyc but not anywere the team was

    Drew's Emeritar Drew Posted:

    International Day of skate, the atmosphere in Santiago Of Chile

    Safe's Emeritar Safe Posted:
  29. dude i broke my toe first thing at the brooklyn banks that day and the product toss killed everyone but damn it was freakin awesome

    werdkr3w69's Emeritar werdkr3w69 Posted:
  30. to those bummed about the lack of dollin pics, i snapped a couple while he was being mobbed by autograph seekers... ill post a link when i get around to scanning them in

    jfb123's Emeritar jfb123 Posted:
  31. damn, shit was so fun!
    nothing like it
    i didn't stay for the product toss though cause they didn't do it until like 3 hours after i arrived at KCDC

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  32. paul rockermaner, you're fuckin gay

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  33. there where alot of ERRORS in this post.
    the first and most ridiculous was the fact that WE DID NOT CROSS BROOKLYN BRIDGE WE CROSSED THE WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE. AND GO SKATEBOARDING DAY SHOULDN'T BE ENDORSED BY ONE SINGLE COMPANY!, which I mean other companies flowed the events but Emerica shouldn't be solely held responsible

    JL's Emeritar JL Posted:

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