Vegans Rejoice! Fall 2008

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In the Emerica Fall 2008 Collection, the following shoe models / colorways are made out of all-synthetic materials. Vegans rejoice!

AR Slim Black Grey Silver
Fat Laced Black Print
Heritic 3 Black Print
Hsu Blue White
Laced Black White Silver
Reynolds 3 Black Grey Grey
Reynolds Lights Black Grey Blue
Reynolds Lights Grey Red White
Reynolds Lights Red Grey
Ridgemont Black Blue Black
Ridgemont Black Green White
Ridgemont Black White Print
The Don Black Black White
Tope Corrosion Wash
Tope Grey Gold White
Transist Black Black Pink
Transist Black Print
Transist Black White White
Transist Brown Blue Gum
Transist Red White Black
Transist White

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(63) responses to: Vegans Rejoice! Fall 2008

  1. shits gross, slaughter a motherfucking cow!

    huh's Emeritar huh Posted:
  2. Fuck vegans!! kill the cows...they make better shoes

    lion king's Emeritar lion king Posted:
  3. Synthetic shoes always skate alot worse. They grip less, and tear faster.

    Jake's Emeritar Jake Posted:
  4. ... fucking relax people. sooner or later they will perfect the synthetic to the point that they last like the regular shoe, in the meantime it won't kill you spoiled little shits to have your parents buy you something that might last a little less longer, and those of you are hustling it and paying for it all on your own, then just bear w/ Emerica, they haven't let you down in the past and they won't start now...

    derekthelion's Emeritar derekthelion Posted:
  5. reynolds lightsss wooo

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  6. eat meat but fuck fastfood !

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  7. I just take it as new colourway...i don't give a shit about fucken cows....anyway i buy my R3 for 20$ each time.thank you china)ahahah(u can check out my colourway on my page)ahahahahah

    Alexander A.'s Emeritar Alexander A. Posted:
  8. i hope everyone that hates on these vegan shoes choke on a cows dick,

    satan's Emeritar satan Posted:
  9. blame kevin long

    Tpot's Emeritar Tpot Posted:
  10. They say Vegan but they forgot to talk about the glue used. Did they forget glue is made of horses? How is that Vegan?

    whatajoke's Emeritar whatajoke Posted:
  11. derekteixeira

    shut the fuck up, your on your moms computer you little shit.

    blah blah blah emericas never let you down.

    huh's Emeritar huh Posted:
  12. whatajoke...
    Regarding the glue: Emerica uses only water-based glues which are Earth and animal friendly on all our footwear products, including the non-synthetic models. Now go out there and enjoy some guilt-free shredding, courtesy of your friends at Emerica!

    regan's Emeritar regan Posted:
  13. Oh, and P.S.--you've just been pwned!

    regan's Emeritar regan Posted:
  14. Vegan shoes skate the best...I'm vegan...& I'm rejoicing....

    Do the world a favour...

    They don't tear just rip harder!!

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  15. As a vegan skatestore owner...I'm extra stoked!!

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  16. i like to bite cows and have the blood drip down my jaw

    jilla's Emeritar jilla Posted:
  17. Jilla is a kook...

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  18. Lion King sucked...I bet you cried....

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  19. I'm vegan, been skating for 20 years, and think that suedes get all floppy and shit in 5 minutes. Synthetic can last just as long as anything else. besides, should a cow have to be slaughtered so you can practice your fucking kickflip which looks like shit anyway?
    All you 12 year old retards with zits who shout real smart things like fuck cows will one day realise what you are contributing to. Watch a film called Earthlings.

    Conscious's Emeritar Conscious Posted:
  20. I find the whole concept of being a vegan hypocritical. You won't eat meet, wear clothing made from an animal, but you'll purchase clothing, jeans and shoes made by some poor kid in Korea who got paid 15 cents an hour. Take your head out of your ass and realize that you've falling into another mass marketing gimmick.

    Poop's Emeritar Poop Posted:
  21. Keep it up Emerica, defiantly feeling vegan friendly shoes.

    Dope's Emeritar Dope Posted:
  22. all you meat eaters are ignorant assholes because synthetic materials are more durable than traditional leather shoes. do some fucking research. you guys who are on here complaining about synthetic shoes you have owned in past, are just using them as a way of justifying how bad you suck. its not the shoes you fucks. whats the problem with cruelty free shoes? are you that insecure about your lifestyle as a mindless consumer that you have to attack other peoples beliefs?

    fuck meat eaters's Emeritar fuck meat eaters Posted:
  23. Fuck yeah, thank you Emerica I will be buying some of the Transit's soon. Fuck the haters, kill yourself leave the cows alone!!!

    veganshawn's Emeritar veganshawn Posted:
  24. Guilt Free? Are you kidding me? The only way these shoes are guilt free is if they are canvas, because manufacturing synthetic(man made) suede or leather is giving those factory workers cancer. I know I know I like cows more than most humans but humans are animals, so to make these shoes some animals are getting killed. YO.

    shmurr's Emeritar shmurr Posted:
  25. hahaha all these annoymice make me laugh. this was an intense rat trap of comments. regan4president

  26. dude i like the kows so lay of fuker

    jr's Emeritar jr Posted:
  27. Fuck yeah for Vegan shoes. I thought Vans was the only company who made decent (vegan) skate shoes. I can't thank you guys enough!

    Secondly, leather and suede are dead skin. It still takes more toxic chemicals to make this dead skin stay in a state where it won't decompose. And if you do a little research you'll realize that most dead skin comes from India cows who are killed by workers who are paid pennies for their troubles. They tan the flesh without effiiecent protective gear and the chemicals leak out into the environment.

    Watch Earthlings.....if you can handle it.

    Stoked's Emeritar Stoked Posted:
  28. nice work dudes.

    bean butler's Emeritar bean butler Posted:
  29. so awesome to see a list this long from just one company. great mix of both styles and colorways, rather than just thinking that you're doing veg(an) kids a favor by tossing out a single model in the standard all black.

    mr tips's Emeritar mr tips Posted:
  30. *sigh* all these idiotic comments.

    I think Emerica can do better than that- that's not much of a selection.

    BUT it's a million times better than most other skate brands!

    MAJOR PROPS to Emerica for clearly labeling the shoes on their site. Lets hope other brands follow suit (attn vegans: emailing these companies will create the demand they need.)

    Miranda's Emeritar Miranda Posted:
  31. cow shoes = CQQL

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  32. Yay!

    I'm vegan and was super happy that Emerica pointed out their vegan shoes. Thank you so much!

    I'll recommend Emerica vegan shoes to my friends as well.

    Maria's Emeritar Maria Posted:
  33. sweet! go cool vegan skaters and shoes for kickass shreddin'
    this bulletin has turned into a mean argument.
    to all you ignorant punkass cow raping murderers-get educated or go fuck yerself. you dont know shit.
    thank you "stoked", "conscious", "chris" and "veganshawn" for taking the words out of my mouth and representin'!!! and Emerika for making awesome animal friendly shoes.
    ride on.

    mystery's Emeritar mystery Posted:
  34. hell yeah! thanks Ed and Emerica! fuck jamie thomas and rowley for limiting and eliminating their vegan options.

    The chemicals used to tan and preserve leather are way harsher on humans and the environment than their synthetic alternatives. get a clue and save an innocent animal's life.

    vegan tightass's Emeritar vegan tightass Posted:
  35. I'm so glad that emerica finally stepped up and is making some decent vegan footwear. decent vegan skate shoes are such an effort to find. and to all the close minded assholes: Eat shit, i hope some serial killer wants to harvest your skin.

    fez's Emeritar fez Posted:
  36. everyone that has a brain understands how vegan products are better for the environment, for animals and last but not least - us.

    thanks emerica for helping us vegans find some animal friendly skate shoes.

    ivenne's Emeritar ivenne Posted:
  37. O.k. for info vegans are hella ill, look at templeton, im vegan and think of how that cow or whatever was killed, how it was brutally slaughtered the next time you eat meat. Think if that was like you or a family member gettin killed like that. I am glad emerica does this cause they make sick shoes and vegan emericas are sicker

    Zzzz's Emeritar Zzzz Posted:
  38. I just got the vegan Andrew Reynolds Lights and they are seriously some of the best shoes I have ever skated in. Emerica is fucking awesome for providing such a decent line of cruelty-free shoes. It’s only a matter of time before all skate shoe companies follow in the foot steps of progressive skate companies and have all skate shoes go vegan. So, all you haters better get used to it.

    Johnny 's Emeritar Johnny Posted:
  39. it's awesome you guys have made this list,it makes things so much easier for us!(i've been vegan for 10 years) and what typical responses from beligerant meat eaters!! haha.enjoy your hormones and heart disease morons.

    xjezx's Emeritar xjezx Posted:
  40. Man, great! I've been looking for a list like this for ages!! It's such a pain in the ass to find vegan skate shoes!! Cheers guys! Keep it up!

    But knowing shitty England there probably won't be anyone that sells any of them here!!

    AJ's Emeritar AJ Posted:
  41. k they fuckin rase the cowss to be killed. you eat the meat and wear the rest of the cow, its that simple

    aight gangstas peace's Emeritar aight gangstas peace Posted:
  42. you don't use the leather from meat cows for shoes. leather cows are raised entirely differently. takes different sets of chemicals/hormones to make good leather than it takes to make good steak.

    that's a nice collection of shoes up there.

    not that simple's Emeritar not that simple Posted:
  43. All of you who can't deal with the brilliant synthetic shoes posted here, go skin your dog to make your next pair of shoes. Then talk about how skin is better then synthetic. There is no fucking difference between your dog/cat and the cow being tortured, and probably improperly slaughtered by the likes of some of you retards. Death for pleasure, hmm.. sounds a lot like a necrophiliac, or a dog fighting piece of scum. Congrats Emerica on the great selection of vegan masterpieces, try to make all your products cruelty-free. Vegans, keep doing your thing!

    ARevolution's Emeritar ARevolution Posted:
  44. Emerica... you just won my business. Thanks for making so many great vegan options, and for making it so easy to tell which are vegan.

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  45. Emerica, you just won my business too. Many thanks for making an option for vegans and veggie's. I'm a different David from the one above... unless my memory is failing. Once again, thank you Emerica!

    Also David's Emeritar Also David Posted:
  46. YEAH! High five to Emerica! Keep up the good work guys! Transist's colors ROCK!

    baio's Emeritar baio Posted:
  47. i'm a vegan and will be purchasing one of these pairs of shoes. to the people who are dissin vegans, if you dont like them, dont buy them, i dont care if you eat meat, im not telling you how to live your lives, dont tell me how to live mine.

    greg's Emeritar greg Posted:
  48. you guys rockkkk! its so hard to find non leather shoes. maybe you could think about making some girl vegan shoes so i dont have to wear boy shoes anymore? :P

    Niki's Emeritar Niki Posted:
  49. I think a lot of the people who wrote, particularly early on on this thread should probably just stay clear of posts entitled 'Vegans Rejoice'. Its obvious why you're not vegan, you dont even have the empathy for those that are and that companies like Emerica are understanding enough to know there are people out there who do not want to be carrying around dead skin on their feet.

    I'm getting me some transits. Keep up the great vegan options, guys.

    Peter's Emeritar Peter Posted:
  50. Kudos to Emerica for offering 'vegan' shoes. A smart decision to offer products to consumers with perhaps different ethics to the average 14 yr old (my guess for the average age on here). As for the meat-eaters, go crazy I don't really care if you like the taste of a cow's ass or have shoes made out of dicks. I'm not sure why you're so defensive, but trust me we don't care we just want to wear some decent kicks

    Thank You Space Expert's Emeritar Thank You Space Expert Posted:
  51. You have won my heart and my money. Went vegan at thirty and started skating again at thirty two. All those meat-eaters will be too fat at my age to even tic-tac on a board. Keep up the great work!

    tofuatomic's Emeritar tofuatomic Posted:
  52. Wow. so many angry comments. I don't know why. If you are interested in vegan shoes why would you even be reading this? For the comment on vegans being hypocrites: Nobody is a perfectionist. You cannot do everything right and moral in the world. It would be like saying, "Oh I guess I won't do my part in doing something good b/c I can't do it all." Also sweatshops are different than slaughterhouses. I bet you they are vegans who are just as concern about human rights as they are animal rights. You obviously haven't tried talking to a vegan. (PS I am not vegan)

    meme me's Emeritar meme me Posted:
  53. Fuck Everyone here, Vegans fucking rule. Fuck everyone who hates vegans, you stupid tall tee wanna be rap gansta bitches. Fuck all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vegans 4life!

    Ricky's Emeritar Ricky Posted:
  54. I believe we should make human shoes. Take the skin of of humans and start making some shoes. I willl buy. Get at it Emerica. Militant vegan for life!

    Ricky's Emeritar Ricky Posted:
  55. So great! This was a very very nice job from the Emerica team!!

    I'm so thankful!

    And now we need more Emerica Vegans Shoes in Brazil!! PLEAAAASE!

    Ton's Emeritar Ton Posted:
  56. to the person who said the idea of being vegan is hypocritical there are companies such as american apparel who make clothes sweatshop free. among others i dont if all vegans buy from good companies like this but i try my best to thats for sure.

    cam's Emeritar cam Posted:
  57. word for vegan love!

    kent's Emeritar kent Posted:
  58. My god, are there actually any intelligent posts on here - instead of "eat a fuckin cow man" blah blah blah. Change the record.
    Go Vegan

    Rat's Emeritar Rat Posted:
  59. GO VEGAN,FEEL BETTER=SKATE BETTER ! if NOT then go kill yer parents ! 6 6 6

    Let's Go Kill All The Cops !'s Emeritar Let's Go Kill All The Cops ! Posted:
  60. yay yay yay go vegan skaters!

    me's Emeritar me Posted:
  61. appreesh this.
    fashion is the last thing i care about, but you kinda have to wear shoes hey.
    you little kids talking shit from your mums computers will eventually find out that vegans are pretty passionate about their diet/lifestyle. when you insult us you're not getting to our pride, we just genuinely care about the welfare of all creatures, especially those without a voice.
    just dont be surprised if an animal lovers a little misanthropic and turns around and stomps your head in...

    Random Dude's Emeritar Random Dude Posted:
  62. ugh. the ignorance. when did the skateboard community become the testosterone filled, close-minded jock community? drop the skateboard and join your high school football team. educate yourself before you say random shit. do some research on how leather is made. find out where the food you're eating comes from.

    torez's Emeritar torez Posted:
  63. Reynolds once said in an interview that Chuck Taylors (vegan) were his favorite shoes to skate in when he was younger. If one of the ALL TIME best street skaters prefers vegan skate shoes, that fact alone speaks volumes over you crybabies saying you need real leather...

    Skin yourselves and make some shoes out of that.

    Somebody's Emeritar Somebody Posted:

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