Help Johnny Romano Kick Cancer!

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Help Johnny Romano Kick Cancer!

Right now, while you fret about the cost of gas, your plans for the weekend or whatever “important” deadlines you might have, there’s a young skateboarder in Texas named Johnny Romano fighting for his life. And right now, the collective whole of skateboarding has banded together more tightly than ever to help Johnny beat cancer, for the second time.

Our friend Jim Thiebaud, Vice President of Deluxe, met Johnny about three years ago at the annual Make-A-Wish skate jam in Houston, Texas. But it wasn’t just Johnny’s skating that moved Jim, it was his determination, strength, inspiration and positive attitude, despite the fact that this seven-year-old boy had a life-threatening cancer, that made Jim turn him pro for Real. Yes folks, there’s more to skateboarding and being pro than skill on a skateboard and marketability.

Shortly after, Johnny, the youngest pro skateboarder in history, defeated his cancer and was able to roll like a normal kid again and we were all very happy. Unfortunately, just recently, Johnny’s cancer has returned. Now 10 years old, he is currently in ICU and getting daily email, video and photo messages from skateboarders around the world, as well as visits from the pros.

You can be a part of it all! Every little bit helps, but it’s about more than money. It’s love and support that has kept Johnny strong over the years, as well. Read more of his story at Deluxe and Rob Brink's site. Send Johnny a message and donate money; or blood and bone marrow, if you match his type. Because if skateboarding loses Johnny, it loses a piece of its heart.

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(46) responses to: Help Johnny Romano Kick Cancer!

  1. I wish a good restoring for johnny .

    sadrew's Emeritar sadrew Posted:
  2. Im praying for u Johnny

    Shawhatawhoa?'s Emeritar Shawhatawhoa? Posted:
  3. hey me and everyone with me is with you man

    Kev Bot's Emeritar Kev Bot Posted:
  4. i thought i had bad luck........

    person's Emeritar person Posted:
  5. hope u recover fast

    emerica-rockzzzz's Emeritar emerica-rockzzzz Posted:
  6. yo johnny keep fightin man never give up.

    theboshow's Emeritar theboshow Posted:
  7. keep livin johnny!

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  8. Johnny please live. my brother didnt make it, he was only 8 and died from cancer. but u can do it man.

    Tony V's Emeritar Tony V Posted:
  9. you are going to make it! just be strong! the whole skate society! is here just for u man! you are going to make it! if dave bachinsky kickfliped el toro! you can defeat that cancer! Let the good times roll forever!♥

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  10. Hey man I wish the best of luck to you. I think youv'e set new benchmark for people everywhere in th world by showing the amunt of stength and determination. Don't let cancer take the stuff you lov awy from you.

    Kevin O'Reilly's Emeritar Kevin O'Reilly Posted:
  11. Hey Johnny you are in my thoughts and prayers & i have great faith in you.

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  12. ay fool get well soon
    my best wishes 4 u

    sk8jr9075's Emeritar sk8jr9075 Posted:
  13. get back on that skateboard johnny boy!

    its just like skating. Once you've landed a trick, you can do it again. Now you've beat cancer before, just do it again.

    Hank Mehren's Emeritar Hank Mehren Posted:
  14. higgins's Emeritar higgins Posted:
  15. your probably on of the strongest person i've meet (well read) its amazing.I don't usually pray but i will for you.I have a feeling you'll make it and when you do you'll rock the skateboarding world.You'll be the next ryan sheckler or something

    devin's Emeritar devin Posted:
  16. im praying for jhonny as well

    amike500's Emeritar amike500 Posted:
  17. recuperate pronto hermano......

    1srael's Emeritar 1srael Posted:
  18. dont give up..
    you're a strong person..

    Joana's Emeritar Joana Posted:

    JOSE's Emeritar JOSE Posted:
  20. johnny get well soon.

    Louis's Emeritar Louis Posted:
  21. hang in thir bro youl be ok keep the dream alive keep sk8thig

    jordan Andrzejewski's Emeritar jordan Andrzejewski Posted:

    $lamacdylaN's Emeritar $lamacdylaN Posted:
  23. He'll literally do a coffin grind

    Dildo's Emeritar Dildo Posted:
  24. stay gold stay green make ya self look mean !!

    get well soon brotha

    hunchbacklove's Emeritar hunchbacklove Posted:
  25. shut up, dildo
    thats rely sad :'(
    i h8 needles but i would giv him blood if i could fly 2 texas and if i was his blood type

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  26. hang in there dude
    get well soon

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  27. keep fighting johnny you'll make it

    MITCH's Emeritar MITCH Posted:
  28. stay alive man...

    deanskate's Emeritar deanskate Posted:
  29. hang in there

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  30. keep it positive and it will all be gone in notime. optimism can do a lot of job. we all pray for you little-big man!!! you`ll make it I am sure.

    sizr's Emeritar sizr Posted:
  31. met johnny and his family at make a wish this past year (07) .. this kid is amazing! just the best attitude in the world .. a true man in a little guys body! we should all hope to be as courageous as this cool little guy! get well, want to see you at the the next make a wish!

    daniel Santovin's Emeritar daniel Santovin Posted:
  32. get well, your board misses you :)

    i wear emerica's Emeritar i wear emerica Posted:

  34. keep strong johnny, live long and healthy. get well soon.

    thebossbutler's Emeritar thebossbutler Posted:
  35. keep strong johnny, live long and healthy. get well soon.

    thebossbutler's Emeritar thebossbutler Posted:
  36. this kids rad, hes got his own kicks now.

    fallen style.

    rise with the fallen

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  37. I'm sorry but there actually are "important" things going on in my life, more important than a kid who I've never even heard of getting cancer. How about instead of writing like a pretentious asshole, you actually write an article that does more to support the kid rather than indict all of us like it's somehow our faults.

    Henry's Emeritar Henry Posted:
  38. hang in there little dude... i thought i had bad luck... you can do it! be strong!

    kevin's Emeritar kevin Posted:
  39. keep strong johnny

    fallenreal's Emeritar fallenreal Posted:
  40. Jesus! No matter what happens.

    James Allen Davis's Emeritar James Allen Davis Posted:
  41. some girl from our church has a tumor on her knee sucks

    elijah's Emeritar elijah Posted:
  42. don't give up.

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  43. you have done it once and you can do it agin
    keep strong jhonny.

    Ronisha White's Emeritar Ronisha White Posted:
  44. RIP

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  45. lets spread the word out,

    lets build Johnny Romano a memorial skatepark in Texas

    we miss you alot johnny,

    Roll Forever

    Ritchie fernandez's Emeritar Ritchie fernandez Posted:
  46. Johnny I wish for you to be watching down on us helping us along the way though skateboarding.

    R.I.P bro

    Ritchie Fernandez's Emeritar Ritchie Fernandez Posted:

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