Win a Day at Emerica!

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Win a Day at Emerica!

Head on over to the Pharmacy site and enter for a chance to travel to the Emerica offices to meet the Shoe and Gear designers, skate with some team riders and get free product. Hurry, cuz the contest ends on August 31, 2008.

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(11) responses to: Win a Day at Emerica!

  1. I like that idea... kind of a "backstage" thing

    fabi...'s Emeritar fabi... Posted:
  2. I seen this the other day at their site.
    Its neat to be a pharmacy regular. 661 baby.

    Angel's Emeritar Angel Posted:
  3. 760

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  4. Haha if it envolves planes im not entering

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:

    hartley3's Emeritar hartley3 Posted:
  6. Just make sure you get on the same flight as Samuel L. Jackson and you're all good.

    twazzer's Emeritar twazzer Posted:
  7. dude I'd register but if i won i'd be embarrassed the team prolly wouldn't wanna skate with a fat kid

    StEazy-E's Emeritar StEazy-E Posted:
  8. pharmacy

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  9. i gotta enter

    Ray831's Emeritar Ray831 Posted:
  10. hah that Poster Reply comment was nice.

    I mean why wouldn't you wanna skate
    with some Emerica riders?

    I would.

    Ray831's Emeritar Ray831 Posted:

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