Win Stalefish and Emerica Shoes!

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Win Stalefish and Emerica Shoes!

Our good friend Sean Mortimer just released a new book about skateboarding called Stalefish, and to celebrate, we're giving away three copies along with some free Emerica shoes!

How is professional skateboarding different from, say, professional
golfing? More scabs, for one. And is skateboarding actually a sport? In Stalefish, veteran journalist and former sponsored skater Mortimer interviews Steve Alba, Bob Burnquist Jim Fitzpatrick, Tommy Guerrero, Dave Hackett, Kevin Harris, Chris Haslam, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Stacy Peralta, Daewon Song, Jamie Thomas and Mike Vallely in search of answers, and to discover what drove them and millions of other disenfranchised youth to obsess over empty pools, sewer ditches and handrails. This book may not settle the sport vs. subculture vs. cult debate, but with stories of skate-induced ulcers, skatepark torture, ramp arson, trespassing, the birth of punk and more, it captures how skateboarding can derail your life in a beautiful way.

Sean Mortimer was a sponsored skateboarder in the late ’80s. He is the former editor of SkateBoarder magazine and the author of HAWK Occupation: Skateboarder with Tony Hawk and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself with Rodney Mullen.

For a chance to win, just explain in 25 words or less in the comments below why you love to read. First place wins one free pair of Emerica shoes of their choice and one copy of Stalefish signed by Tony Hawk, Dave Hackett, Kevin Harris, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen and Mike Vallely. Second and third place still get shoes and a book, just no autographs. Read the Official Rules.

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(264) responses to: Win Stalefish and Emerica Shoes!

  1. sick

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  2. Because it's fun to get into a good book and you can never stop I love when that happens.

    Spankster's Emeritar Spankster Posted:
  3. i like to read because it gives you a sexual eruption. draws you into the zone. especially porn, man do i love porn.

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  4. Reading never fails in my life. Then there is always a point to reading, there never isn't. I dont hesitate to pick up a book.

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  5. tight

    Alex Reid's Emeritar Alex Reid Posted:
  6. reading lasts longer so read a skateboarding book is like watching a 15 hour skatevideo. which would pump me up.

    daniel mcfall's Emeritar daniel mcfall Posted:
  7. I love reading because it relaxs your mind and makes you think out of the ordinary

    daniel's Emeritar daniel Posted:
  8. because i like looking at the pictures

    jilla's Emeritar jilla Posted:
  9. I like to read because, its fun when you get into a book you really like. When you get into a book you like you can read for hours, and just be so intrested about the stuff you are reading. Thats why I enjoy reading.

    dsmsk8er's Emeritar dsmsk8er Posted:
  10. i like to read becuase i want to win this contest

    joe marchese's Emeritar joe marchese Posted:
  11. Because it takes you to a state of happiness like skateboarding does and always will

    Brian Rodriguez's Emeritar Brian Rodriguez Posted:
  12. Because it's fun and it makes me look smart.

    justin gowin's Emeritar justin gowin Posted:
  13. Reading books will take you places. I've been to prison in Algiers, I've been stuck on a life-raft in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and I've held a conversation with a trippy caterpillar, all in the comfort of my home.

    Brian Daukulis's Emeritar Brian Daukulis Posted:
  14. Lucas
    Age: 15

    I don't like to read normally, but these kinds of books get me hyped to read them.

    Luke's Emeritar Luke Posted:
  15. I love to read because reading is like watching a movie only better because you see it exactly the way you want.

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  16. reading is rad because there are tons of stories and things you could here about that you need to read to find out. READING4LIFE

    and just in case you guys arnt feeling my reason i really want to get this book it looks soooo sick so where can i get a copy??!!

    3m3rica4life's Emeritar 3m3rica4life Posted:
  17. reading is a way of life, even if its not a book its a "NO SKATEBOARDING" sign, so bottom line is . . . . . . JUST LOVE BEING EMERICAN

    jason's Emeritar jason Posted:
  18. O hey and anderew, dude your new shoes are so sick i just got the black ones.

    3m3rica4life's Emeritar 3m3rica4life Posted:
  19. I enjoy reading because it's like one big trip, but yet it's not. GO READING!!!!!!!!

    bak3r333's Emeritar bak3r333 Posted:
  20. Reading is a lot more rewarding than watching a movie or tv show. You can get way more involved with a book.

    shannon's Emeritar shannon Posted:
  21. reading in a way is a way to test your imagination, expand your vocabulary, and become better friends with yourself.

    Dave Weaver's Emeritar Dave Weaver Posted:
  22. Reading is like someones feelings and beliefs are being released into my mind so I can feel as they do.

    Matt's Emeritar Matt Posted:
  23. I love to read because it takes you on a mental voyage through words.

    stevezy's Emeritar stevezy Posted:
  24. Reading is awesome if you can find something that you can relate too and put yourself in. Imagination is the key.

    photopaul1's Emeritar photopaul1 Posted:
  25. Readings awesome cause by expalaining why you like it you can win a free pair of shoes and stalefish. cause its good.

    waterboyz's Emeritar waterboyz Posted:
  26. reading makes me fall asleep faster.
    then i have awsome nightmares.

    satan's Emeritar satan Posted:
  27. Reading takes my mind off all the bad shit and lets me escape into my own world and do whatever the fuck i want.

    el-dom's Emeritar el-dom Posted:
  28. i only like to read if its a good book
    but i get lost in them if they are =]
    i also love shoes!

    hope's Emeritar hope Posted:
  29. Reading is good because it allows you to use your imagination, which rules, and gives you something to do on rainy days.

    Tom's Emeritar Tom Posted:
  30. i dont know how to read, but the pictures are always nice

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  31. i can't afford books, but if i win this then i can read.

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  32. Because its rad to be smart.

    ramones1988's Emeritar ramones1988 Posted:
  33. readin can make u think and follow different ways. this can bring you to know who you are. it can thicken your imagination

    zacheree's Emeritar zacheree Posted:
  34. I love to read because otherwise I wouldn't know what's going on with Emerica's team and quality footwear.

    higgins's Emeritar higgins Posted:
  35. i don't like to read, but i love to learn about skateboarding and its history, and i love emerica shoes so i want to win.

    Trevor Ward's Emeritar Trevor Ward Posted:
  36. i love to read because it is awsome and it makes my pepe excited i also like to read cause i like to learn stuff

    james manganiello's Emeritar james manganiello Posted:
  37. I've found that reading is one of the primary functions of human beings that seperates us from the animals.

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  38. I enjoy to read because gives many people knowledge. Reading about skateboarding can get you into the deeper roots of skating, and why it's what it is.

    greenkid's Emeritar greenkid Posted:
  39. oscar

    I love to read because its a good way to keep me entertained when i got nothing else to do, like when im not skating

    oscar12's Emeritar oscar12 Posted:
  40. i love reading because reading loves me

    manguy12345's Emeritar manguy12345 Posted:
  41. right now i hate that 25 word rule cause it wont even let me express myself. but...

    i enjoy reading because instead of expressing myself i can listen to others peoples thoughts. its almost like guidance, and finding your self.
    even if in such murderous shame. it frees your mind and at the same time gives you knowledge. its better than doing some ignorant crap you see everyday.

    greenkid's Emeritar greenkid Posted:
  42. right now i hate that 25 word rule cause it wont even let me express myself. but...

    i enjoy reading because instead of expressing myself i can listen to others peoples thoughts. its almost like guidance, and finding your self.
    even if in such murderous shame. it frees your mind and at the same time gives you knowledge. its better than doing some ignorant crap you see everyday.I enjoy to read because gives many people knowledge. Reading about skateboarding can get you into the deeper roots of skating, and why it's what it is.

    kevin colon


    greenkid's Emeritar greenkid Posted:
  43. Cody Dawson

    reading is like skateboarding, you can learn new things and it is never boring

    cdawson's Emeritar cdawson Posted:
  44. expands the mind, imagine the possibilities.

    [GAB(E)]'s Emeritar [GAB(E)] Posted:
  45. I love reading because it matures and educates my mind. When I read great stories my passion strengthens and it helps settle my retrospective life.

    Jonathan's Emeritar Jonathan Posted:
  46. I enjoy reading because it gives me the feeling of superiority. Reading gives me my freedom and expression and frees me of other opinions.

    Emmanuel Lemire's Emeritar Emmanuel Lemire Posted:
  47. Wow a question I didn't expect to be asked on a skate website. None the less to win something.

    Reading: Words on a page that can change the way you think about life, can completely change your mind set of who you are and what you believe.

    ian j's Emeritar ian j Posted:
  48. I dont like reading.
    i love it. NOT. but i like it cause it "widens the horizens, opens new paths and opens new doors (windows =)

    your name's Emeritar your name Posted:
  49. It's all about imagination and what your mind can create inside you, just watching a line of words. That's why reading is great.

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  50. i enjoy reading because you can use you're imagination, as well as learn new things, and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

  51. reading is great cause its such an easy and available form of learning and inquiring new knowledge. i enjoy reading most about earth and culture.

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  52. the culture and all the knowledge u fill in ur brain and reading about new stuff is always intreging

    ikko's Emeritar ikko Posted:
  53. I can't read alot beacuse I always get too distracted and then go skate with da homies .....

    Jared's Emeritar Jared Posted:
  54. I love reading, because I can relax and learn some crap.

    jules's Emeritar jules Posted:
  55. I like reading because you can learn new stuff.I read lot's of skateboarding book's.Reading is cool!I enjoy reading skateboarding book's.Peace!

    brian's Emeritar brian Posted:
  56. Becuase readingss tighttt. not really. but if its something you love to do than im down to read and skate at the same time.

    robin-hood's Emeritar robin-hood Posted:
  57. and i need new shoes. (:

    robin-hood's Emeritar robin-hood Posted:
  58. Reading books is a joke. Might as well stop skateboarding if your going to read or else how are you supposed to get better at skating when you spend your time reading all day. Exactly, point taken. Later.

    justgosk8's Emeritar justgosk8 Posted:
  59. Reading is one of the most stimulating experiences. It helps enhance my imagination as well as broadening my interests and giving myself something productive to do. Without reading, I would be a simple-minded fool who deserves nothing else in life but to die!

    ...Or am I just trying to win the contest? You decide.

    chodummm's Emeritar chodummm Posted:
  60. Reading has a lot to do with what I am trying to become in life - translator of English and Slovene. My 4th and last year of study is almost here!

    jurijt's Emeritar jurijt Posted:
  61. i like to read cause the hot asian chicks like dudes who are smart but im not really

    tyler's Emeritar tyler Posted:
  62. Chris
    Age: 16

    I like to read because Emerica told me i like to read.

    bobbyganoosh's Emeritar bobbyganoosh Posted:
  63. i read to hammer through smart bitches.

    galleryguy's Emeritar galleryguy Posted:
  64. Getting into a good story is like escaping from reality. Kinda like how when you're super into landing a trick, you forget about everything else.

    steve's Emeritar steve Posted:
  65. This looks sweet.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  66. I love to read because im better at it than shredding

    Kevin GRAN's Emeritar Kevin GRAN Posted:
  67. because it's educational

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  68. AND knowledge is power

    dfbxf's Emeritar dfbxf Posted:
  69. Reading will open your mind to things you never thought of before. It may strike an interest that you never knew you had. Simply READ!

    Cory McKee's Emeritar Cory McKee Posted:
  70. Hunter: age: 17

    man, fuck reading

    hunt3r's Emeritar hunt3r Posted:
  71. Excites and interests me in a weird manner. Feelings changes from the very first page to the last. Cause, you wont know unless you read.
    Age: 23

    Zul's Emeritar Zul Posted:
  72. reading expands my knowledge, and allows me to think about or imagine with my own ideas rather than someone else's like TV

    daniel's Emeritar daniel Posted:
  73. i like to read books that excite me. especially this book, it might give me a new insight about skateboardig and how it started.

    Dylan's Emeritar Dylan Posted:
  74. I love to read because im better at it than i am at shredding ya dig?

    AGE: 18

    Kevin's Emeritar Kevin Posted:
  75. I like to read because you find out new things and when you read about something you love like skateboarding you enjoy it more you get in to the book allot easier. When if was younger I didn’t like reading I just thought it was boring but know I fined it interesting.

    Sean w's Emeritar Sean w Posted:
  76. well i just got my first book that ive ever gottin 2 weeks ago (im 12 i should have red a book before this) but im realy getting into reading now and its very interesting, i was looking for stalefish in a bookstore it was going 2 be my first book but they didn't have it so i got "metallica frayed ends of metal" and i think it whould be good for me 2 read a little a more than i do

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  77. I've loved to read since I first learned how!

    Louise Brouillette's Emeritar Louise Brouillette Posted:
  78. love to read because thru reading I learn but also get to go on adventures that I would never in real life- Let the imagination flow

    SANDY 's Emeritar SANDY Posted:
  79. Knowledge is more powerful than any nuclear bomb, oil tycoon, or politician (=).

    Adam's Emeritar Adam Posted:
  80. Reading gives me something to do when I injure myself skating, and the whole knowledge thing is a nice little bonus.

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  81. I like to read because it gives me a chance to escape reality, and to use my imagination.

    Ian Watson's Emeritar Ian Watson Posted:
  82. Reading takes me places I'll never go to!

    Tom's Emeritar Tom Posted:
  83. Airun, sixteen

    I agree that this 25 word objective is quite the challenge.
    Well, I love to read because.....looking at pages of potential learnings, and without the moments of thought spent in every one, the end feeling would be quite daunting. (this is the end) but i'm not, because I just put my heart and mind into this book.

    Aaron.'s Emeritar Aaron. Posted:
  84. I like to read because it is the time when you use your imagination the most. When you watch a movie its right in front of you so you know what everything looks like. When you read you get to imagine everything; what the people look like, like that bitch in the 5th harry potter book, the setting, and how it all happens. I like to use my imagination.

    Nils Carlson's Emeritar Nils Carlson Posted:
  85. It allows me to transcend with my imagination the limits bound by the silver screen.

    michael woods's Emeritar michael woods Posted:
  86. cus girls think its hott and they like you even more with your fresh reynolds 3s on

    Brad's Emeritar Brad Posted:
  87. reading books...suck but skate mags are good

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  88. Reading gives me a chance zone out and forget about everything else and make me feel like im somewhere else.

    Danny#15234764879098's Emeritar Danny#15234764879098 Posted:
  89. I can go anywhere I want with books. There are times when I put a book down because I don't want the story to end

    Jared's Emeritar Jared Posted:
  90. Reading takes me away from "my" life and lets me live in someone else's. Tons more exciting and interesting!

    Diane Murphy's Emeritar Diane Murphy Posted:
  91. "If I could be anything i would be a book, so I could be borned in a factory, be read by people and die in memories" I don't like humans less, but i like reading more...

    Diego Cordero's Emeritar Diego Cordero Posted:
  92. reading lets me escape my life of quiet desperation

    christopher h's Emeritar christopher h Posted:
  93. Opens my imagination and expands my knowledge of the world.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  94. i love to use my imagenation

    brandy wilson's Emeritar brandy wilson Posted:
  95. Reading a book brings you into a new world full of knowledge you may never have known before.

    Alexis Solorzano's Emeritar Alexis Solorzano Posted:
  96. fuck! reading.. I just skate magz! messenger. myspace. and the subtitles in some movies :)

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  97. Reading puts me in places that I can not be in reality. It expands my mind to new ideas and challenges in life. I love this escape into my own world.

    Marilyn Wons's Emeritar Marilyn Wons Posted:
  98. cuz reading is like skateboarding: one can find something underneath the lines that most of people wouldn't even grasp.

    rura's Emeritar rura Posted:
  99. The greatest day of my life was when I learned to read in first grade. I'll read ANYTHING! Books, magazines, cereal boxes. If there are words, I will read.

    Tracey Byram's Emeritar Tracey Byram Posted:
  100. Reading lets me enter worlds and life situations that I would never really be in.

    Jennifer 's Emeritar Jennifer Posted:
  101. I like reading cuase im better at it than skating, but with this book and shoes i can get better

    I shot willis. 's Emeritar I shot willis. Posted:
  102. Reading provides an escape from the mundane; a lets me experience new and exciting people and places

    Arden B's Emeritar Arden B Posted:
  103. reading lets me go anywhere at anytime and my fears can not stop me.

    Valerie Mabrey's Emeritar Valerie Mabrey Posted:
  104. My brain hurts when im done that a good thing right?

    Shratnel's Emeritar Shratnel Posted:
  105. It takes me places.

    April 's Emeritar April Posted:
  106. i like to read because it takes me out to a different atmosphere of just relaxation and imagination, kinda like skateboarding.

    Anthony N's Emeritar Anthony N Posted:
  107. cus chicks think its hott and they think your even hotter with your fresh reynolds 3s on, thats why.

    Brad's Emeritar Brad Posted:
  108. I love to read as it is sooo relaxing and a person can learn so much

    Jean Benedict's Emeritar Jean Benedict Posted:
  109. Reading is like skateboarding, Once you start a good book, you can't stop. Its the same with skating, once you start you can't stop.

    Ian D's Emeritar Ian D Posted:
  110. Reading can take you places that you've always dreamed of! The imagination is a wonderful thing when you add words into the equasion!

    Rachel Fox's Emeritar Rachel Fox Posted:
  111. because it takes you places nothing else cant. and with a book like this it teaches you some real info about skateing and its not torture like the stuff you read in school.

    brendan grandy's Emeritar brendan grandy Posted:
  112. I love to read so I can know what kind of cool shoes and items to buy from Emerica. I wouldn't be posting it if I couldn't read.

    Tami's Emeritar Tami Posted:
  113. Anthony Orosz, 13 years old.

    I like to read because nowadays watching TV or listening to the Radio heavily involves blond chicks arguing, Barack Obama campaigning, and new Rihanna singles.

    jerseykicks's Emeritar jerseykicks Posted:
  114. once you get into a book you can't stop reading when i get a new book i get mad when i can't read it

    jman837's Emeritar jman837 Posted:
  115. Reading is a way of expressing your iner-self....because without reading you couldnt learn half the suff we know because your brain retains that information and can pull you out of reality for that short or long period of time! I know reading helped me out tremendously when I was locked up for a several straight months as a young teen and I loved just reading and getting away briefly from that cinder block cell!

    spencer's Emeritar spencer Posted:
  116. It gets my imagination going.

    Kimberly 's Emeritar Kimberly Posted:
  117. Reading is a free escape ticket to wherever you wish to go. You can leave your everyday life and problems behind by getting absorbed by a good book.

    Alicia Lewis's Emeritar Alicia Lewis Posted:
  118. Reading is great because it is free and you can do it anywhere

    Marian Barton's Emeritar Marian Barton Posted:
  119. I love to read because it lets you become somebody else for a while. It gives me a break from all the bullshit.

    jerjitsu's Emeritar jerjitsu Posted:
  120. it lets me escape from "every Days Life" .

    Claudia M's Emeritar Claudia M Posted:
  121. ever since I read the first Harry Potter book I've found relaxation, excitement, and interest in reading. It's like an adventure.

    SoS721296's Emeritar SoS721296 Posted:
  122. Reading is basically poetry in motion! It gives you a sweet dose of imagination crack.You can just escape and let the good times roll!!!!

    (age 17)

    Romeo's Distress's Emeritar Romeo's Distress Posted:
  123. reading is waaaayyy better than TV
    TV is predictable
    you can basically just figure out the whole show before it even ends
    there concept on "reality TV" is not even real

    books are fantastic because of the wonders you'll get out of just paragraphs and pages
    some people will read one book and would want to read the whole series

    i love reading because its something people hate on

    fuck haters!
    it also makes you smart as fuckk!!

    favorite books:

    animal farm
    maniac magee
    catcher in the rye:]

    and many many others

    TV is mind control:D

    keepitsqueeze's Emeritar keepitsqueeze Posted:
  124. i dont love to read, but id love to have a copy of stalefish and a pair a new shoes

    makaman's Emeritar makaman Posted:
  125. I love reading because it helps to expand your imgination, plus if you had to read and book why would you read a book about loving what you do best SKATEING

    Everett Serrano's Emeritar Everett Serrano Posted:
  126. i love to read because it helps me get into a world where i see things the way i want to see them unlike in movies its always someone else prospective

    yoing_skater's Emeritar yoing_skater Posted:
  127. I love to read because it takes me away from the daily stresses of being a stay at home mom of 4 kids...3 teens!

    Denise's Emeritar Denise Posted:
  128. reading is great because it keeps you out of doing drugs and makes poopdick

    bushnelll's Emeritar bushnelll Posted:
  129. Reading empowers the mind and explains the worlds mysteries. Reading pushes us to better ourselves.

    David L's Emeritar David L Posted:
  130. I love to read because it temporarily transports my mind to another place and lets me get totally engrossed in something outside myself.

    Linda Moeller's Emeritar Linda Moeller Posted:
  131. Because when I read, I can travel to places I've never been before and do things I never would have done in real life.

    Terri D's Emeritar Terri D Posted:
  132. I love reading because it keeps me calm when i want to choke the shit out of my older sister being a bitch.

    laxpunk158's Emeritar laxpunk158 Posted:
  133. I like to read because it takes you on an advetutue that tv could never take you on



    G-CODE's Emeritar G-CODE Posted:
  134. reading is the gateway to knowledge and the more i read the smarter i get

    shralp's Emeritar shralp Posted:
  135. I love to read because why the hell not?

    ME's Emeritar ME Posted:
  136. I love to read because ir puts me into a relaxing alpha state and tranports me somewhere else!

    Meredith Peters's Emeritar Meredith Peters Posted:
  137. Because inside the word "READING" is "DIE-GNAR"

    Lars's Emeritar Lars Posted:
  138. Because i can go places i've never been! Imagine things that take me away to lands that can only exist in books. My Aphrodesiac!

    John Sturzenegger's Emeritar John Sturzenegger Posted:
  139. I can't go to sleep without reading a good book first.I love books,i have read books since i was 7 years old.I have 245 books in the ''mini library'' in my house.I have read 236 of them.I just love how you get into the book,and it almost feels like reality.What more can i say? I'm a book worm.


    hilmar's Emeritar hilmar Posted:
  140. reading is a way into another world a world where you can leave the real world behind and get wrapped in the book

    kidsofemerica's Emeritar kidsofemerica Posted:
  141. I love to read because it passes the time, and i love the exciting twists and turns in books. Thanks for listening.

    Steve-o's Emeritar Steve-o Posted:
  142. I love to read because I love art, and literature is a form of art. Writing is just another way of expressing emotion and making a point. Sean Mortimer is expressing emotions and making points that all skaters can relate to, and at the same time proving that skaters are intelligent.

    Joel Stewart
    Age: 16

    this-is-joel's Emeritar this-is-joel Posted:
  143. Reading can be anything you want, the unreal real. It paints a picture so detailed that you suddenly zone out and awaken from your imagination.

    Jacob T's Emeritar Jacob T Posted:
  144. I love reading because it takes everything bad out of your life and only brings positive. Your imagination and creativity for skateboarding can only grow.

    david 's Emeritar david Posted:
  145. I love reading beacuse it relaxs me and takes me to a whole diffrent world, I become apart of the story itself, and I can be anything or anyone I want to be

    name: samuel reguerra
    city: Glendale CA
    age: 15

    Samuel's Emeritar Samuel Posted:
  146. reading just puts me away in another place. I need it every day.

    deana's Emeritar deana Posted:
  147. cus its the only thing i do when im hurt besides editing, playing music, drink stuff, etc.

    Junior 's Emeritar Junior Posted:
  148. I love reading because you learn new stuff thats interesting not boring like math.

    Alex's Emeritar Alex Posted:
  149. I love reading because it taught me how to skate

    Vier's Emeritar Vier Posted:
  150. reading is the second best thing in the world.

    CHAD's Emeritar CHAD Posted:
  151. Reading make me smart. It save me from sick reality I live in. It give me hope for a better world.

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  152. To pass the time on the toilet.

    treeshadow's Emeritar treeshadow Posted:

    Lanceg's Emeritar Lanceg Posted:
  154. Because comfort calls to my feet.

    Alberto's Emeritar Alberto Posted:
  155. Age: 14

    I enjoy reading because it enables us to view other's perspectives. Inputting what I've learned reading I can mature and grow. Plus, chicks dig intelligence.

    Jonathan K.'s Emeritar Jonathan K. Posted:
  156. I love to read because reading is the greatest "escapism" from the stresses of everyday life there is!

    Snowpuff's Emeritar Snowpuff Posted:
  157. I love reading beacuse it takes me to a diffrent world, I become apart of the story ,and I can be anything I want

    name: samuel reguerra
    city: Glendale CA
    age: 15

    Samuel Reguerra's Emeritar Samuel Reguerra Posted:
  158. It takes me away and is so relaxing.

    Carol Lewis's Emeritar Carol Lewis Posted:
  159. reading is what taught me whats the difference between a professinal skateboarder and a skater.that difference is either its love or its money

    mike's Emeritar mike Posted:
  160. Age: 14

    I enjoy reading because it matures and educates my mind. When I read exhilarating stories my passion strengthens, my perspective anew, my creative mind determined.

    Jonathan K.'s Emeritar Jonathan K. Posted:
  161. (This is my preferred and final entry)
    Age: 14

    I enjoy reading because it matures and educates my mind. When I read exhilarating stories my passion strengthens, my perspective renews, my imagination becomes neverending.

    Jonathan K.'s Emeritar Jonathan K. Posted:
  162. its relaxing and makes me sleeping so then i sleep good =)

    kristen's Emeritar kristen Posted:
  163. Because you can be anyone and do anything, it helps you understand the lives of others.

    Paula S.'s Emeritar Paula S. Posted:
  164. its broadens my mind to better my knowledge outside of my everyday chores and activities such as skating and working, reading serves a purpose to me because i ain gonna be a dumbshit .

    brad's Emeritar brad Posted:
  165. when im reading i feel like im in a whole another world. it makes you see things in a different perspective. my imagination goes gnar.

    im 14

    iheartskateboarding's Emeritar iheartskateboarding Posted:
  166. Reading is crucial because you learn how to communicate better with others. Books also teach, entertain, and expand your limitless mind.

    Paul's Emeritar Paul Posted:
  167. if im reading im not skating so reading sucks

    anthony14's Emeritar anthony14 Posted:
  168. because reading enhances your perception.

    eda's Emeritar eda Posted:
  169. Books are boring..NOT!...Reading books, magazines, and newspapers, and especially stories on the internet are super interesting...I like reading any and everything i can whether it's the stuff on a cereal box or the brochures at the dentist's office HAHA... Its good for tha brain...I especially like how i read hella skate magazines and i can barely remember wat i read tha next day cause i read sooo much!!!! LOL

    slimthug8787's Emeritar slimthug8787 Posted:
  170. AGE: 13

    Because when i do it i feel that it is like an escape from all of my worries I get that same feeling from skateboarding.

    ilikenumbers's Emeritar ilikenumbers Posted:
  171. I love reading, because it makes pooping a lot more fun.

    Patrik's Emeritar Patrik Posted:
  172. everytime i read it makes me feel like everything around me has changed into the setting of the book,i sometime feel like i literally in the book,when im reading a book i have to finish it,i feel if i don't than i won't be right for days.

    Leo's Emeritar Leo Posted:
  173. I like reading because it's the only way to get real information, plus you can make it as good and exciting as you want. With TV it is was it is ya know.

    Zeke Gazda's Emeritar Zeke Gazda Posted:
  174. reading is the best entertainment for me because i learn new things in every book.

    dor's Emeritar dor Posted:
  175. I love to read cause its good for the brain and kinda just frees me from all the the stupid shit that happens in everyday life. And when I read I can do anything, I can go to faraway places or read about a fantasy. That's why I love to read.

    Raphael's Emeritar Raphael Posted:
  176. I love to read cause it frees me from everyday stupid shit. I can do anything and be anyone I want to be when I read. I can explore new places or I could go to a world of fantasy world. And that's why I to read. Peace to the world.

    Raphael's Emeritar Raphael Posted:
  177. I love to read because it takes you places you don't have to leave home to visit.

    Jay French's Emeritar Jay French Posted:
  178. I love to read because it is relaxing.

    Brian's Emeritar Brian Posted:
  179. because reading makes you see words more often, therefore, you will be able to spell better.

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  180. Reading gives me an opportunity to experience fresh ideas and outlooks on different aspects of life. Its always inspiring, even in the smallest way.

    JERRY's Emeritar JERRY Posted:
  181. reading is necessary, so since you gotta do it-at least read something that you enjoy. plus it never hurts to learn something new

    levi brown's Emeritar levi brown Posted:
  182. i love reading cuz it helped me lose my virginity :]

    happiny's Emeritar happiny Posted:
  183. reading transports me to another realm of enjoyment.

    Vicky Boackle's Emeritar Vicky Boackle Posted:
  184. I like to read because all of that junk I learn fills up my brain and the knowledge does wonders for my self esteem.


    'fraid so...'s Emeritar 'fraid so... Posted:
  185. reading makes me smarter that's why

    KyleEustis's Emeritar KyleEustis Posted:
  186. I'm not much of a reader but I do love skateboarding and to me it is considered a sport. I just now started college today and I need a book that's good to read for class and when finished I need to write a report on it and by looking at the book, STALEFISH is gonna be good.

    blackcasket951's Emeritar blackcasket951 Posted:
  187. i love to read beacause its like your in your own world nobody to tell you what to do except a story to follow i think a story is kinda like skater you could do anything you want to do and the only person stoping u is urself or the sercurity
    reading also makes me fell like im living the characters life like im doing something ive never done and reading makes me fell right it feels cool like skateing like if i see a board or book that i like ill probaly skate it or read the book. thats why i like skating. :)

    emerica4life-'s Emeritar emerica4life- Posted:
  188. i like reading because its what separates us from the monkeys and rocks

    Hector's Emeritar Hector Posted:
  189. I have two teenage boys and I want to be able to relate to them.

    Kathy Scott's Emeritar Kathy Scott Posted:
  190. Reading takes me to far away places, to do unusual things with fascinating people, and back safely home again, day after day.

    Beverley Justice's Emeritar Beverley Justice Posted:
  191. Because no movie can compare to ones imagination while reading!

    Roxie's Emeritar Roxie Posted:
  192. I read because it reminds that I am not alone in this world. I am not the only reject loser who's fed up with life.
    Name: Mitch Stevens
    Age: 17

    Jeptha's Emeritar Jeptha Posted:
  193. It is educational

    Jo's Emeritar Jo Posted:
  194. Reading is far more entertaining than tv or video games, IMO!

    Julieh's Emeritar Julieh Posted:
  195. to tell ya the truth, i hate reading, but if i get dragged into it, it might actually turn out to be a good book, and then im hooked till i finish and actually want to finish it. i mean when i started reading the tony hawk auto biography i was hooked till i finished it ,and plus reading gets u a little smarter . hahaha and u learn new stuff!!

    TYL3R's Emeritar TYL3R Posted:
  196. It takes me somewhere I have not been before

    chris m's Emeritar chris m Posted:
  197. cuz reading makes my brain warm.

    ben's Emeritar ben Posted:
  198. if you are reading a good book sometimes it gets you pumped up to skate. If you're reading and you just cant stop reading because you're so into it and then when you finish it, you don't feel like doing anything other than having a good skate session.

    LVemerican's Emeritar LVemerican Posted:
  199. Because after I read the article in transworld skateboarding magazines about Tony Hawk I got back into skating.Thanks Birdman, wait you hate that name.

    elijah's Emeritar elijah Posted:
  200. if it wasnt for reading i would of never knew what this contest was about

    andrewnewlove's Emeritar andrewnewlove Posted:
  201. I love readiing as a passtime and this will help me learn about the roots of skatboarding

    Richard Hicks's Emeritar Richard Hicks Posted:
  202. I think that reading is an important way to learn about certain things. If we couldn't read we probably couldn't do alot of other things that would involve reading, like learning in school would be harder.

    jon henkel's Emeritar jon henkel Posted:
  203. It relaxes me and allows me to fall asleep.

    Steve Scott's Emeritar Steve Scott Posted:
  204. I love to read because it's relaxing and a good escape!

    Chrysa 's Emeritar Chrysa Posted:
  205. I don't have any of my worries when I read and I also learn alot.

    Susan Burch's Emeritar Susan Burch Posted:
  206. Reading is a way of expressing yourself. You can read anything you want and it always let's my imagination fly and I feel like i'm a part of the story. Thanks!

    oliverrull's Emeritar oliverrull Posted:
  207. Books are food for your brain. They provide the reader with knowledge(sometimes useful).

    Michael Chabon and Haruki Murakami routinely offer my head an all you can eat buffet.

    Scott's Emeritar Scott Posted:
  208. Because it makes my eyes all fuzzy and sometimes I pass out.

    bob 's Emeritar bob Posted:
  209. Cause when everything is all messed up in your life you can just go bury your head in a book and forget about everything.

    sean coey's Emeritar sean coey Posted:
  210. I love to read fiction because it temporarily takes me into some type of fantasty world where I can relax and forget about my life for a short time. When I am done I feel grounded and able to achieve my own dreams and aspirations.

    Joanna Smith's Emeritar Joanna Smith Posted:
  211. because it's portable, easy and a lifelong activity.

    sandra williams's Emeritar sandra williams Posted:
  212. because you learn

    Gayle Morgan's Emeritar Gayle Morgan Posted:
  213. I love to read because it gives me an opportunity to escape reality for a bit and adventure into realms I've never been to before!

    Talitha Lee's Emeritar Talitha Lee Posted:
  214. It doesn't cost a lot if you live near a library.

    phillip stacy's Emeritar phillip stacy Posted:
  215. A chance to live another life, an adventure, dream, laugh..and cry, escape the day to day and relax with the words through my eyes.

    Ann's Emeritar Ann Posted:
  216. Reading to me is like watching a good movie, I don't want the book to end, it is very relaxing!

    Janice Johnston's Emeritar Janice Johnston Posted:
  217. Because I am seeking the Truth. Of course as soon as you say something like that people assume you are completely insane and probably have lots of firearms and copies of Catcher in the Rye lying around....

    Jean F's Emeritar Jean F Posted:
  218. Reading allows me to experience people, places, and situations that I would never otherwise experience and I can enter that world as often as I want simply by opening up a book.

    Elizabeth M.'s Emeritar Elizabeth M. Posted:
  219. open books lead to open minds. you can be so much more imaginitive with a book than you can a tv.

    got josh?!'s Emeritar got josh?! Posted:
  220. this is educational

    trudee carreiro's Emeritar trudee carreiro Posted:
  221. reading opens your mind up

    Joelle Walters's Emeritar Joelle Walters Posted:
  222. Reading takes me to some other place and time,I get to set back and enjoy the trip. Totally relaxing.

    Bonnie's Emeritar Bonnie Posted:
  223. I love to read for adventure. Reading allows me to be transported to another place, another world or another time !

    Jill's Emeritar Jill Posted:
  224. Tv spoon-feeds you the images. With books you have to use your imagination. Reading opens up worlds you'd never get to otherwise!

    Valeen N's Emeritar Valeen N Posted:
  225. reading can take you places you might otherwise never get to go..reading is just AWESOME

    kathy pease's Emeritar kathy pease Posted:
  226. Because it can help us escape everyday life and it also allows you to create your own world. Reading brings families together starting at birth.

    MaryAnn 's Emeritar MaryAnn Posted:
  227. Reading, like skateboarding, gives my imagination room to create what it wants out of what I'm seeing.

    Jessie Banks's Emeritar Jessie Banks Posted:
  228. Reading takes me away to worlds more interesting than mine.

    Les W's Emeritar Les W Posted:
  229. I love to read because it exposes me to worlds undiscovered and unknown to me.

    Sand's Emeritar Sand Posted:
  230. I love reading because it relaxes my mind and body and helps me escape from my daily life each time I pick up a book.

    Marilyn's Emeritar Marilyn Posted:
  231. I love to read because it takes me out of my mundane life into new worlds.

    Rose Roberts's Emeritar Rose Roberts Posted:
  232. I love to read because it takes me to places I've never been, and adds some adventure to my life.

    Robert M's Emeritar Robert M Posted:
  233. I love to read.

    Erma Hurtt's Emeritar Erma Hurtt Posted:
  234. Lets me escape for a little while

    Michelle Rosborough's Emeritar Michelle Rosborough Posted:
  235. I love to read because reading really does take you to a whole other place in time. It's like a mini-vacation and you don't even have to leave your chair.

    P. Adams's Emeritar P. Adams Posted:
  236. I love to read because I can see life through the eyes of others and go to places I've never been before- do things I've never done before.

    Charles Nichols's Emeritar Charles Nichols Posted:
  237. Reading is transformative, allowing us to try on different roles and to have new experiences that leave a lasting imprint on our thoughts, emotions, and identities.

    Geoff K's Emeritar Geoff K Posted:
  238. Reading can transport you to places you have never been and may never see in your lifetime. It enriches your knowledge, your vision and your creativity.

    Karen's Emeritar Karen Posted:
  239. Reading brings the experience of visualization without being there.

    Chas's Emeritar Chas Posted:
  240. Anything is possible in a book.

    lisa sherman's Emeritar lisa sherman Posted:
  241. I love to read because it is an escape where I go to new places, meet new people and learn about things that simply wouldn't be normally a part of my life.

    Kathy 's Emeritar Kathy Posted:
  242. It takes you to a place where you want to go!

    Darlene Wetzel's Emeritar Darlene Wetzel Posted:
  243. Because it's fun to get into a good book and you can never stop I love when that happens.

    Erika Sternberg's Emeritar Erika Sternberg Posted:
  244. I love to read because it takes me away from whatever is going on in my life to a totally different place.

    Teresa Iverson's Emeritar Teresa Iverson Posted:
  245. Reading transports me to another world, broadens my horizons, and gives me new perspectives to think about.

    Sandra's Emeritar Sandra Posted:
  246. Reading is the key by which to unlock knowledge and empowerment, that usually does it for me why I read

    Chad Casson's Emeritar Chad Casson Posted:
  247. I love to read because it can take me to places I'll never get to go and allows me to do things that I'll never get to do.

    Alecia Gibson's Emeritar Alecia Gibson Posted:
  248. I love to read because I am never alone. I can find people with interesting personalities and revisit them whenever I want. Sometimes I even find out about places or jobs I never knew about or historical tidbits that are much more interesting when woven into a story instead of dry dates and facts.

    Betty C's Emeritar Betty C Posted:
  249. this would be a great read!

    susan's Emeritar susan Posted:
  250. I love to read because it is a way to escape the pressures of every day life. Books can take you anywhere!

    Vanessa's Emeritar Vanessa Posted:
  251. I love to read because it transports me to another place, helps me learn about other cultures and is just enjoyable

    sharon's Emeritar sharon Posted:
  252. I love to read. You can learn a lot from reading and to me it's really relaxing to sit in a comfy chair and read something.

    Beverly Metcalf's Emeritar Beverly Metcalf Posted:
  253. I love to learn.

    Donna Kozar's Emeritar Donna Kozar Posted:
  254. I love to read because reading makes me use my imagination, unlike a movie. It "takes me away" Lol...

    Leah Juarez's Emeritar Leah Juarez Posted:
  255. I love to read because it's my escape when the stress in the real world gets to be too much to handle.

    june's Emeritar june Posted:
  256. because the pros do it

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  257. i love reading cause it's awesome and you learn stuff!

    enjoi/ian's Emeritar enjoi/ian Posted:
  258. because the sole blew out on my reynolds 3s and now i cant get the girl... dew tour for life

    Paul L's Emeritar Paul L Posted:
  259. I love reading because it's an inexpensive way for me to learn. It motivates and inspires me to do great things!

    Miguel Solorio's Emeritar Miguel Solorio Posted:

    Andrew Turner's Emeritar Andrew Turner Posted:
  261. i like reading skate mags because i like skating and the people in them are just freaking amazing!!!!

    branden's Emeritar branden Posted:
  262. So i can read thrasher and emerica news
    and also to write short erotic fiction

    Shane's Emeritar Shane Posted:
  263. i love to read because it is an elighting form of entertainment rather than watching tv or something and like skateboarding it takes you out the everyday struggle which is the reality of life and soothes the soul.

    vic-ace69's Emeritar vic-ace69 Posted:
  264. skateboardin' is freedom, one guy ting'..get hurt n still keep on doin' it..unlike other sports..

    lilhushee's Emeritar lilhushee Posted:

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