Jamie Tancowny Top Am at Downtown Showdown!

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Jamie Tancowny Top Am at Downtown Showdown!
Jamie Tancowny, backside nose blunt. Photo by Rob Brink.

Congratulations to Emerica team rider Jamie Tancowny, who won $5,000 and the top am title in the fourth annual Downtown Showdown contest at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California on Saturday, October 11, 2008. The Downtown Showdown featured some of the best street skaters on Earth plying their trade on a new set of custom obstacles.

Collin Provost, Smith to kickflip. Photo by Rob Brink.

Each team--Black Label, Blind, Creature, Element, Foundation, Girl, Habitat, Toy Machine and Zero--submitted designs for a custom obstacle, and the top four were actually built. Each team then hand-picked three riders, including at least one pro and one am, to skate all of the four obstacles. Here are the final results of each one:

Girl Three Pump Dump
1. Jani Laitiala $2,500
2. Billy Marks $1,500
3. Rick McCrank $1,000

Creature Five Points of Pure Evil aka The Darkest Helmet
1. Jake Duncombe $2,500
2. Rick McCrank $1,500
3. Al Partanen $1,000

Black Label Dive Bar
1. Jamie Tancowny $2,500
2. Sean Malto $1,500
3. David Gravette $1,000

Foundation Lunar Eclipsey Hubba
1. Billy Marks $2,500
2. Jani Laitiala $1,500
3. Ethan Fitzpatrick $1,000

Top Am Performance
Jamie Tancowny $5,000

Top Pro Performance
Jani Laitiala $10,000

Overall Team Winner
1. Blind $30,000
2. Girl $15,000
3. Toy Machine $5,000

The Downtown Showdown will air on January 19, 2009 at 8:00 pm EST/PST on Fuel TV. View a clip of the Dive Bar event right now.

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  2. lil fuckie showing everybody a lil teaser of whats to come!!!
    Congrats Homoe!!!

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  4. kick 'N ass

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  5. one word "SICK!"

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