Bus of Death!

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Last month, 18 of Chile's best skaters were invited to climb aboard the Bus of Death and visit three spots to determine the country's best bowl and mini-ramp riders. The first spot was an indoor bowl at Adrenaline Boardshop in Parque Arauco. The session exploded with many different tricks. After 45 minutes, everyone jumped back into the Bus of Death and headed to the next spot, another indoor bowl at Adrenalin Boardshop in Florida Center. Again, the session was hard and intense. Next, the Bus arrived at the final spot, the indoor ramp of the Allen Brothers. All of the riders spent their last bit of energy in this session, then chilled out at a barbecue.


Adrenalin Parque Arauco Bowl
Braulio Sagas

Adrenalin Florida Center Bowl
Chicolas Ferrando

Allen Brothers Mini-Ramp
Diego Flisfisch

Best Trick
For the first time, we split the best trick between two good friends, Piraña with a flip mellon mutant from the mini-ramp to roll-in, and Gato Rodriguez with a perfect bigspin backside disaster.

Thanks to Gangsta Skateboards, Volcom, Powell, Emerica, Destructo and Black Magic for supporting the first Bus of Death.

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  1. hellz yeah all those parks look sick, keep them updates coming homies!!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  2. cool

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  3. Me llamo NICOLAS FERRANDO !! jajaja

    nicolas ferrando's Emeritar nicolas ferrando Posted:
  4. aguante el skate chileno, suerte a los brocas

    pwnerer's Emeritar pwnerer Posted:

    NASH's Emeritar NASH Posted:
  6. perfem cuanto saennn xD

    m00n's Emeritar m00n Posted:
  7.'s Emeritar Posted:
  8. grande cabros !!
    cuanto saen y vien merecido tienen estar en esta pagina
    esto demuestra que chile no se esta quedando atras y el nivel esta rebueno
    saludos para los chicos !

    saludos de san antonio, chile!!

    cba's Emeritar cba Posted:
  9. Viva Chile, Mierda!!!

    malabrota's Emeritar malabrota Posted:
  10. wena cabros saludos y VIVA EL SKATE PERRO

    VO VELA NO MAS !!!!!!!!

    mze cabildo's Emeritar mze cabildo Posted:
  11. I only speak English so that awesome in English! HAHAHAHAHA!

    sk8ta-gr1llz's Emeritar sk8ta-gr1llz Posted:
  12. my name is lauro and i think that chilean people are fuckin awsome but that guy chicolas is a bitch with that gay long hair. like david gonzales

    lauroskate's Emeritar lauroskate Posted:
  13. up chile !!!

    chile is very very good !!
    skate and surf ,snow
    and pretty girls jaja

    good bye friends of emerica!

    up chile chile chile of AMERICA

    arredondo's Emeritar arredondo Posted:
  14. good video
    i saw a nice fakie kickflip back to disater

    name of song??? pliss

    christian's Emeritar christian Posted:
  15. exelente viva el skate xileenoom !

    Ricardo 360's Emeritar Ricardo 360 Posted:
  16. wuena cabros saludos y arriba el skate chileno

    alex's Emeritar alex Posted:
  17. Grande cabros
    filete, esa wea, sigan asi!
    A sangre! (H)

    Saludos a todos

    Panshoinflames's Emeritar Panshoinflames Posted:

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