Summer Vacation With RVCA

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Summer Vacation With RVCA

Check out some super sick photos of Emerica pros Kevin "Spanky" Long, Leo Romero and the rest of the RVCA team in the 14-page What I Did on My Summer Vacation With RVCA article in the December 2008 issue of Skateboarder. And what a nice bunch of portraits of the crew that Spanky drew!

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(9) responses to: Summer Vacation With RVCA

  1. lol they all look blazed

    manguy12345's Emeritar manguy12345 Posted:
  2. Sweeeeet. Spanky is an authentic artist.

    S's Emeritar S Posted:
  3. Spanks good, but very styllistik. Is true reallism in his bag o tricks.? Either way I like the drawings.

    ARTGOAT's Emeritar ARTGOAT Posted:
  4. these guys are the most traveller skaters ever!!!
    they've visited all the places in the goddammit world

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  5. OK, Ill say it again I like the drawings, interesting style yo.

    jmcneely1x's Emeritar jmcneely1x Posted:
  6. kevin made those? they look pretty Templeton!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  7. haha leo looks the funniest with his little hat haha

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  8. Spanky is a really good artist.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  9. spanky owns at everything. Is he gonna have a full part in stay gold, because wasn't he injured

    lif's Emeritar lif Posted:

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