Pablo Castellanos

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Pablo Castellanos
Age: 15
San Diego, California

First of all, Pablo Castellanos skates fast, which is something that a lot of kids don't do in their sponsor me videos. Second, he mans up on a nine-stair in the rain. Third, fourth and fifth, Pablo 180 to blunts over a little spine, kicks up some dust off the edge of a sidewalk, and delivers some farm fresh treats down a few big sets. Heck, a loud-ass generator doesn't even faze him. And that backside flip down Carlsbad was a mighty nice ender. Thanks for submitting your video, Pablo. You just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes.--Poster

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(72) responses to: Pablo Castellanos

  1. 1st.

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  2. put that kid on flow

    ow's Emeritar ow Posted:
  3. cool

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  4. Sick !

    linhdo's Emeritar linhdo Posted:
  5. sick

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  6. skate.faster.

    bambi's Emeritar bambi Posted:
  7. Put the fukin kid on Flow dude! wtf?? he hit all kinds of shit, n one rail! Lol..

    est's Emeritar est Posted:
  8. yeah

    svitak's Emeritar svitak Posted:
  9. sick.

    cotymbrown's Emeritar cotymbrown Posted:
  10. get yourself a better filmer kid. your to good to have a shitty ass filmer

    bennyjman's Emeritar bennyjman Posted:
  11. Dang, b/s flip Carslbad?

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  12. yeeee thats the homie STEEZY P
    he should totally be flowed by emerica
    he deserves it

    ivanskates123's Emeritar ivanskates123 Posted:
  13. Only thing missing was a GOOD FILMER/VIDEO EDITOR.

    Good video though, really don't think hes good enough for flow though.

    I know I'm not even 1/2 as good a skater than he is though.

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  14. Thats my hommie right there !!!
    He defenitely deserves to be flow !!
    He's got more guts than the regular 16 year olds and better than 99.99% of todays skaters !
    Good look "Butcher"

    Pavorocho's Emeritar Pavorocho Posted:
  15. oh shit!!!!!!!!!
    commin up man :D

    justin's Emeritar justin Posted:
  16. uhhh

    backside flip carlsbad = beast

    vic-ace69's Emeritar vic-ace69 Posted:
  17. Pablo you killed it mayne!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  18. 15 years? Carslbad bs Flip? WTF!!!!

    Jannis's Emeritar Jannis Posted:
  19. yee stezzy P! thats how we roll! reppresent pablo! cumming up! were filming this weekend fer sure ill call you

    skreech's Emeritar skreech Posted:
  20. damnn..sooo good.

    I'd love to skate all these good skate spots for a day....

    trevor-mcguire's Emeritar trevor-mcguire Posted:
  21. What a KId!!!! I saw him winning competitions in LA, Sta Monica and San Diego. Definetily he should be in the flow team.

    RM's Emeritar RM Posted:
  22. put him on AM hes well good

    vikstar's Emeritar vikstar Posted:
  23. Wow this is the kid I saw at go skate day won the best trick contest off a 3 block with his insane switch lazer flip
    Get this kid on the flow team!!

    emericafan89's Emeritar emericafan89 Posted:
  24. Yea i had his babies..

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  25. SD represent!

    Black Wax's Emeritar Black Wax Posted:
  26. GREAT SKATING ! mexicans represents !

    aldope hf B's Emeritar aldope hf B Posted:
  27. dude that b/s flip down carlsbad was fucking sick holy fuck this kid needs to be on flow

    isk8emerica's Emeritar isk8emerica Posted:
  28. Hey thanks alot for the pair of shoes and for posting my video on your website!

    I was wondering if you guys wanted me to keep sending you my footage, and if so who to? :P
    pablo castellanos

    pablinchy's Emeritar pablinchy Posted:
  29. absolute shredder carlsbad is huge and hollywood high he crazy love his style too

    "off the rad"'s Emeritar "off the rad" Posted:
  30. this guy is fucking awesome!!! f/s flip hollywood high AND b/s flip carlsbad!!!! SSWWEEEEETTTT!!

    do some more rails and this kid has it made.

    JPK-SK8's Emeritar JPK-SK8 Posted:
  31. backside freakin flip carlsbad, watch out for that kid he rips!

    arvin's Emeritar arvin Posted:
  32. i freakin switch big flipped el torro! biatch! =)

    arvin's Emeritar arvin Posted:
  33. holy shit hook this kid up! id drive to cali just to watch him sk8!

    GEORGIA's Emeritar GEORGIA Posted:
  34. nice man your from south san diego lets go skate some spots you havent skated yet

    skates0high's Emeritar skates0high Posted:
  35. Cant you guys find something a little more interesting than an almost-emerica worthy kid clone doing 8 year old abds down cali spots that have already been wrecked?

    bro's Emeritar bro Posted:
  36. how do you post a sponsor?

    interester's Emeritar interester Posted:
  37. Any nigga can skate in the rain

    Mark's Emeritar Mark Posted:
  38. ur a nigga?

    pussywagon's Emeritar pussywagon Posted:
  39. nice. sick half cab flip down x2 set

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  40. awesome and the filming was good and he skated fast enough and he doesn't need any more rails and he should be on flow for sure but not amateur

    Skeight's Emeritar Skeight Posted:
  41. plus he could have done some more ledge skating but other than that, nothing

    Skeight's Emeritar Skeight Posted:
  42. not tryin to hate but that kid doesnt even compare to Abdias Rivera or Alex Gourdouros who where both on emerica as flow at some point...Alex G. still is, i think...

    Kenneth Edwards's Emeritar Kenneth Edwards Posted:
  43. yo sponsor dis kid!

    altamerica's Emeritar altamerica Posted:
  44. abidas kills..... this kid is doing good though, no one should be hating.

    petergriffin's Emeritar petergriffin Posted:
  45. it takes some balls to try and bust something like carlsbad backside.

    sicknisson1's Emeritar sicknisson1 Posted:
    kinda old like year ago kinda. new footage better.

    blazer 4 life's Emeritar blazer 4 life Posted:

    SK8 4 LIFE's Emeritar SK8 4 LIFE Posted:
  48. nicess.

    troy92's Emeritar troy92 Posted:
  49. sick shit

  50. he's awesome

    clam's Emeritar clam Posted:
  51. dude hes fuckin amazing atleast put him in flow cuz i never seen this site say anybodys sponsered from the tapes

    tyler antonini's Emeritar tyler antonini Posted:
  52. and also adding to my previous rant hes only 15.u ever seen a 15 year old...umm.besides all this

    tyler antonini's Emeritar tyler antonini Posted:
  53. he's my friend on youtube, he's awsome

    bakerskate's Emeritar bakerskate Posted:
  54. Put this kid on flow

    emericanskate's Emeritar emericanskate Posted:
  55. honostly i think your pro material cuz ur just as good as all the other guys, dont quit skating.

    dr. tre's Emeritar dr. tre Posted:
  56. wtf??15 and fs flip hollywood high and bs flip carlsbad?big upp mate

    ksl-peti's Emeritar ksl-peti Posted:
  57. 15 and fs flip hollywood high and bs flip carlsbad all i gots to say is damn

    lopezskater's Emeritar lopezskater Posted:
  58. thats amazing

    PFJL's Emeritar PFJL Posted:
  59. dope

    esteban_a's Emeritar esteban_a Posted:
  60. sick shit

    esteban_a's Emeritar esteban_a Posted:
  61. dude that was the shit right there you can definitly get sponsered

    berkesk8er94's Emeritar berkesk8er94 Posted:
  62. good rider! sick men

    ricardo360's Emeritar ricardo360 Posted:
  63. SICK MAN SICK!!!!

    bryan's Emeritar bryan Posted:
  64. Dude, why would you not put this kid on flow! he fucking rips!

    Stay Gold41's Emeritar Stay Gold41 Posted:
  65. heres a video for you guys, and a possible ad for my shop


    pablo lion king castellanos's Emeritar pablo lion king castellanos Posted:
  66. Damn, dnt u think he needs sponcerd so he will keep on going strong?

    Nick's Emeritar Nick Posted:
  67. not even flow he should a am

    ohshit?!'s Emeritar ohshit?! Posted:
  68. i wasnt expecting bsflip props

    B's Emeritar B Posted:
  69. thats my bro right there!
    tj represent!
    keep it up.

    Pequeno Eder's Emeritar Pequeno Eder Posted:
  70. foo put it down

    narks's Emeritar narks Posted:
  71. atleast put the kid on flow i mean hes only 15 and he fs flips a 13 and bs flips carlsbad

    Tyler's Emeritar Tyler Posted:
  72. sick

    tonton's Emeritar tonton Posted:

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