Contest Winner: Harsh Conditions Collection!

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Contest Winner: Harsh Conditions Collection!

Congratulations to Alex S. of Anaheim, California for winning our Win the Harsh Conditions Collection! contest. He received one pair of Hsu Brown Premium shoes and Spanky Brown Premium shoes, one Butcher jacket and one pair of Hsu denim!

Don't be a toad! Enter our three latest contests that are raging on the Emerica site right now: Win a Year's Worth of Emerica Shoes!, which ends on December 31, 2008; Win the Parker!, which ends on January 5, 2009; and Win the Skratched Collection! which also ends January 5.

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(10) responses to: Contest Winner: Harsh Conditions Collection!

  1. 1st

    Nathan's Emeritar Nathan Posted:
  2. эх

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  3. dude this collection is tight as hell!

    kyramsk8er's Emeritar kyramsk8er Posted:
  4. damn it!

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:
  5. Congradulations! and 5th.

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  6. tight man..congratulations!

    deanskate's Emeritar deanskate Posted:
  7. iam sitting in this guys house using his computer right now!

    Joey's Emeritar Joey Posted:
  8. yeah dig

    anthonyem's Emeritar anthonyem Posted:
  9. every winner of every contest lives in cali.

    fritz's Emeritar fritz Posted:

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