2007: GuessHsu?

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.


Jerry Hsu at the TWS Awards 2007.

Jerry Hsu joins the Emerica team and promptly wins the Readers' Choice and Best Video Part awards at the ninth annual TransWorld Skateboarding Awards. Braydon Szafranski wins Rookie of the Year.

Heath Kirchart launches the Emerica Gear team.

Terreur Tour

The Emerica team embarks on the Terreur Tour and filming missions throughout France from May 2-19, culminating with a demo at the V7 Teenage Tour Finals.

Wild in the Streets 2007

On the Fourth of July, 800-plus skaters join the Emerica team for a ride through the streets of San Francisco during Wild in the Streets 2007.

Aaron Suski and Brandon Westgate join the Zoo York team on Thrasher's King of the Road tour.

RVCA's <strong>Mild Ride

Leo Romero embarks on RVCA's Mild Ride, a mini-tour on Vespa scooters from Costa Mesa to San Francisco, California.

The Emerica team performs three major demos in California at the Zumiez Couch Tour in Milpitas, Utility Boardshop in La Verne and Active in Simi Valley.

Chris Senn at X Games Asia 2007.

Andrew Reynolds at X games 13, 2007.

Marisa dal Santo at X games 13, 2007.

On the contest front, Emerica globetrotter and contest hustler Chris Senn wins second place in the Skateboard Park event at X Games Asia in Shanghai, China, and Andrew Reynolds wins a silver medal and second place in the Men's Skateboard Street Best Trick contest at X Games 13 in Los Angeles, where Marisa dal Santo wins a gold in Women's Skateboard Street.

Wild Life in The Skateboard Mag 35, 2007.

Braydon Szafranski interview in The Skateboard Mag 37, 2007.

Aaron Suski, The Skateboard Mag 40, 2007.

Heath Kirchart, The Skateboard Mag 41, 2007.

Leo Romero, The Skateboard Mag 44, 2007.

Emerica completely dominates the The Skateboard Mag in 2007 with a Wild Life promo DVD and 12-page article in issue 35, an interview with Braydon Szafranski in issue 37, a cover and massive 12-page interview featuring Aaron Suski in issue 40, a Heath Kirchart cover in issue 41, and last but certainly not least, workhorse Leo Romero scores the cover of issue 44, plus a 10-page interview inside. Kevin “Spanky” Long holds his own with an interview in Thrasher.

Andrew Reynolds, four mag covers, 2007.

As if all of that isn't enough, Andrew Reynolds commands no less than four magazine covers throughout 2007, including a kickflip fakie on the cover of Concrete, a backside flip down Wallenburg on the cover of Thrasher, a back heel down the big five at Bercy on the cover of The Skateboard Mag and a lil' quarterpipe fun on the cover of French skate mag Sugar. I guess that's why they call him The Boss!

Aaron Suski becomes a father.

Aaron Suski becomes a father to Sophia Annabella Suski, who is born in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, November 9, 2007.

Ed Templeton, Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, 2007.

Ed Templeton opens his Invasive Embrace art show on February 8, 2007 at the Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Australia. He also releases a new book entitled Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, a collection of photos taken across America’s heartland from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois during Emerica’s Wild Ride 2006.

McNally Bishop

Purple Haze Collection

Dia de los Emericanos Collection

Emerica offers several flair-filled limited-edition shoe models and collections throughout the year, including the McNally Bishop, featuring a special Green Gold colorway by The Bishop Don “Magic” Juan; the Purple Haze Collection, featuring the Boss, the AR Slim and the Reynolds 3 in a special Purple Tie-Dye; the KSL Dos Baker collaboration; the Vette Suski colorway in Black Tan; the Ridgemont Fos collaboration with British artist Mark Foster; the Trans-Em Blueprint collaboration with Emerica Europe team rider Vaughan Baker; the Ed's So Rad Series, featuring the Francis, the Ridgemont and the Transist in synthetic materials with exclusive Templeton artwork; the Reynolds Guerilla Pack, featuring the AR Slim, The Boss and the Reynolds 3 in a special Black Olive Black colorway; the Leo Mid in a funky gator skin Olive colorway; and, last but not least, the Dia de los Emericanos Collection, featuring the B.Herman, the Francis and the Ridgemont all decked out in a unique Day of the Dead-inspired motif.

New shoe models: AR Slim, Kirchart SDK, KSL Dos, Laced, Transist, Vette.

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