2008: Skate and Create

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This is an update of the Emerican History timeline.

Spanky, Skate and Create.

The Emerica team and Art Director Yogi Proctor participate in a special artistic contest held by TransWorld Skateboarding called Skate and Create. They spend nine days in a warehouse building a skateboarding environment to represent Emerica through video and photography. The results include a video clip and a 16-page Emerica spread in the October 2008 issue of TransWorld.

Jamie Tancowny and Justin Figueroa.

Upcoming amateurs Jamie Tancowny and Justin Figueroa join the Emerica team.

The Emerica team embarks on a Stay Gold filming mission down in Australia, plus a signing at Beyond Skate in Perth.

Braydon Szafranski, Wild Ride 2008.

Andrew Reynolds, Wild in the Streets 2008.

The Emerica team heads out on the highway for Wild Ride 2008 from Easley, South Carolina to Sayreville, New Jersey, followed by Wild in the Streets 2008 in New York City. Check out all of the Wild Coverage!

Kevin All Day and Night Long.

Emerica presents the world's longest commercial of all time, called Kevin All Day and Night Long, a 24-hour film by Donny Miller.

Bryan Herman, TransWorld Skateboarding, March 2008.

Bryan Herman, Pharmacy 2008 Calendar.

Brandon Westgate, Thrasher, April 2008.

Jamie Tancowny, Thrasher, August 2008.

Emerican Heat Seekers in Miami, Skateboarder, October 2008.

Heath Kirchart, Slap, December 2008.

The Emerica team holds down the fort in Magazine World in 2008, with a Jamie Tancowny article in issue 6.1 of Color, two Bryan Herman covers in the March issue of TransWorld Skateboarding and the Pharmacy 2008 Calendar, a Brandon Westgate interview in the April issue of Thrasher, Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman interviews in issue 50 of The Skateboard Mag, a Jamie Tancowny cover in the August issue of Thrasher, an article on the Young Emericans called "Emerican Heat Seekers in Miami" in the October issue of Skateboarder, and, finally, Emerica finishes out the year in style by sweeping the final issue of Slap with a Heath Kirchart cover and a Leo Romero interview.

Marisa dal Santo wins gold at X Games 14.

Aaron Suski, Back to the Banks 2008.

Jamie Tancowny, top am at Downtown Showdown 2008.

Brandon Westgate wins Active Am 2008.

The Emerica team completely destroys the contest arena in 2008, as Leo Romero wins Best Trick at the Maloof Money Cup for an insane noseblunt slide up the Carlsbad gap. Not to be outdone, Marisa dal Santo wins second place and a silver medal in the Women's Skate Street Finals at X Games 14. Justin Figueroa, Collin Provost and Aaron Suski earn first, second and third place respectively in the Bank Ledge event at Back to the Banks 2008. Andrew Reynolds wins second place at Thrasher's Bust or Bail!. Jamie Tancowny wins the top am title at the Downtown Showdown, and last but not least, Brandon Westgate wins Active Am 2008!

Ed Templeton in Beautiful Losers.

Ed Templeton's Deformer book.

Ed Templeton's Map of the Inner War art show.

Ed Templeton appears in a film about the Beautiful Losers art show, releases the long-awaited Deformer book about his life and times growing up in Orange County, and opens his Map of the Inner War art show at the Roberts and Tilton gallery in Los Angeles.

The new Emerica 3.0 web site.

Emerica launches an all-new Web site! Join the Emerica team and create your very own page.

Emerica offers several limited-edition shoe models and collections throughout the year, including the Reynolds Leopard Pack, featuring the AR Slim, The Boss and the Reynolds 3 all decked out in a wild leopard print; the Transist Toy Machine, featuring some deliciously violent Ed Templeton Transistor Sect art; the Francis Suski, featuring a special colorway by Aaron Suski; and sick collabs like the Kirchart SDK + Alien Workshop; the Hsu + enjoi; and the Francis Blueprint with Emerica Europe team rider Vaughan Baker.

New shoe models: B.Herman 2, Fat Laced, Heritic 3, Hsu, Ledge, Parker, Reynolds Lights, Shifter, Spanky, The Don, Tope.

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  1. cool stuff.
    20 more minutes til 2009!

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    stay gold baby

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  4. emerica is taking ova!!!

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  6. круто!

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  7. sick! EMERICA is always the best! hahaha I was at those Xgames! hahaha

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  8. Another good year for Emerica. Stoked on the Spanky photo.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  9. Skate & Create.. was a sickk competition, you guys got creative for suree, but so did all the other teams. Tite.

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  11. skateboard Brasil

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  12. Kevin Long very style

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  13. emerica=

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  14. sick

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  15. Emerica always makes good shoes but 2008 was there year of non stop good ass shoes.'s Emeritar Posted:
  16. Still R.E.Y.

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