Emerica Spring 2009 Shoes and Gear!

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Emerica Spring 2009 Shoes and Gear!

Check out all of the brand-new Emerica Spring 2009 Shoes and Gear! First up is Braydon Szafranski's first-ever pro model, the Braydon, the Andrew Reynolds-inspired Nailer, the Francis Lo and the Francis Barrier Kult collaboration with Deer Man of Dark Woods. There are also plenty of snazzy new colorways of all your old favorite shoes. And don't forget to give your feet plenty of extra protection with Andrew Reynolds' new AR Pro Footbed.

Emerica Spring 2009 Shoes and Gear!

In the Gear section, be sure to peep The Barrier Kult Collection, featuring the Barrier Kult t-shirt, Kult ski mask beanie and Francis Barrier Kult shoe. Also on offer is The Brew Collection, featuring the Brewski hood, Lager t-shirt, Brew hat, Wasted necklace and Boozer ring; plus a crazy amount of new t-shirt designs and tons of new items in all the other sections. Go nuts and buy it all down at your favorite neighborhood skate shop.

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(18) responses to: Emerica Spring 2009 Shoes and Gear!

  1. first!.. is that something special?!..
    oh yes... very nice shoes..

    fabi...'s Emeritar fabi... Posted:
  2. all I want to have..

    fabiskate's Emeritar fabiskate Posted:
  3. those francis lows are soooooooooo sick!!!

    connor's Emeritar connor Posted:
  4. wheres the "NAILER" ? it was featured in the Feb 09 issue of the skateboardMAG. i really want to check it out cause i loved the topes!!!!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  5. diamonds on my neck di-diamonds on my grill. diamonds on my neck di-diamonds on my grill. im bossy, im the one yall love to hate.

    im boss's Emeritar im boss Posted:
  6. pretty black metal

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  7. this website suck i want 2 order some shoes and i cant i think that is dum.

    kushman's Emeritar kushman Posted:
  8. i guess the little fur ball think he all dat lol shay

    shay's Emeritar shay Posted:
  9. u dont have any nice shoes

    greg's Emeritar greg Posted:
  10. sow ..,,, mark johsson? this a great shoes
    pliss again

    gerardo's Emeritar gerardo Posted:
  11. Deer Man!

    tapesick's Emeritar tapesick Posted:
  12. FUCK !!!!, precisely designed and sent my draft of shoes, and moments later come to the news and see the same shoes that I've been developing ... and now they would think that I downloaded it from this page. regret..... so fuckin unlucky... God DAmn !!! Maybe i should be their shoes designer if I got the same ideas.... mhmmm

    5zymooon's Emeritar 5zymooon Posted:
  13. I'm trying to find these damn red braydons. THEY ARE SICK!!

    googly's Emeritar googly Posted:
  14. the white Parkers r sooo sick!!! wen do they come out???

    emerican32's Emeritar emerican32 Posted:
  15. dude the braydons are sick for skating in there work really fine there grippy and the color way is sick to but the color wears down on ur grip tape

    teddy seelen 's Emeritar teddy seelen Posted:
  16. there alright i guess

    richard tonelli's Emeritar richard tonelli Posted:
  17. BRAYDON YOU THE AWSOMEST EMERICA SKATE SHOES EVER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EMERICA FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!STAY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    skater xtreme 108's Emeritar skater xtreme 108 Posted:
  18. THATS A COOL SKI MASK DMODW ITS VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    skater xtreme 108's Emeritar skater xtreme 108 Posted:

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