Braydon Shoe Release Party of Doom!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009: To celebrate the release of Emerica pro Braydon Szafranski's long awaited first pro model shoe, the Braydon, Hollywood's Viper Room set the stage for a night of chaos and destruction. As darkness descended and the crowds thickened, The Goat and the Occasional Others, featuring Andrew Reynolds and Kevin "Spanky" Long, stepped out into the limelight and played a mind-numbingly amazing set.

With all attention focused on the stage, everyone seemed oblivious to a mysterious swirling vortex that slowly materialized overhead as the band played. Without warning, this cosmic anomaly suddenly sucked in several random people from the crowd--including Bryan Herman and photographer-turned-filmmaker Patrick O'Dell--before swallowing the entire band itself.

Not to be outdone by this spectacle, headliners Ima Robot filled the void left by The Goat and enveloped the entire venue in an eerie green light as they played an even more devastating set. Braydon himself stuck to center stage like a magnet and avoided getting sucked into the ever-present vortex, even as all his new shoes swirled around and vanished into the wormhole above.

Also in attendance was plenty of other Emerican royalty, although very few survived until the end of the night. Most notably, Jerry Hsu proudly hi-fived Jetski after making it to the bitter end, saving him a long trip home. As the dust settled and the sun came up, all survivors agreed this had been one of the most spectacular nights of their lives, and then went out to buy some Braydons. No, really. They did. (Note: Everyone who got sucked into the vortex successfully made it home after being spit out on the New Jersey turnpike.)

Words and photos by Foxxyz.

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  1. 1st

    Beau's Emeritar Beau Posted:
  2. bob owns!

    Beau Ryan's Emeritar Beau Ryan Posted:
  3. bobs got yellow fever!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  4. Yes!!!!

    tapesick's Emeritar tapesick Posted:
  5. looked like a fun party!,congrats Braydon!!!!!!!!!!

    madcityskater's Emeritar madcityskater Posted:
  6. cool party

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:

    NECKBEARD's Emeritar NECKBEARD Posted:
  8. ohh God! that was Ragdoll he is back man! he is sick no more! thats good! haha congrats braydon for your shoe! :)

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  9. Heath.... daaaaaaammmmmmn damn DAMN

    adrianna's Emeritar adrianna Posted:
  10. some kick ass party you guys had!

    sandoval's Emeritar sandoval Posted:
  11. haha nice

    bobu's Emeritar bobu Posted:
  12. Holy crap! B.O.B. photo is a classic!!!

    regan's Emeritar regan Posted:
  13. noice

    toma123's Emeritar toma123 Posted:
  14. (Note: Everyone who got sucked into the vortex successfully made it home after being spit out on the New Jersey turnpike.) hahaha

    zigzag's Emeritar zigzag Posted:
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