Design-a-Tee 9 Winners!

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Winner: James C. of Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. Winner: Tyler F. of Hemet, California. Winner: Andy P. of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. Honorable mention: Chris B. of Los Angeles, California. Honorable mention: Chance H. of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Honorable mention: Dylan J. of New Rochelle, New York. Honorable mention: Kyle A. of Seattle, Washington. Honorable mention: Ryan M. of West Vancouver, Canada. Honorable mention: Ian M. of Brooklyn, New York. Honorable mention: Domantas J. of Zarasai, Lithuania. Honorable mention: Dr. Crab of Blairstown, New Jersey. Honorable mention: Charles M. of Buffalo, New York. Honorable mention: Ivan A. of Indianapolis, Indiana. Honorable mention: Troy R. of Fall City, Washington. Honorable mention: Arkadiusz M. of Zolkiewka, Poland. Honorable mention: Lukasz W. of Lancut, Poland. Honorable mention: Angel C. of Tampa, Florida. Honorable mention: Angel C. of Tampa, Florida. Honorable mention: Angel C. of Tampa, Florida. Honorable mention: Angel C. of Tampa, Florida.
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Once again, to empower the ranks of Emerican youth, we posted a T-shirt template here on the site for you to print out and draw the most creative Emerica T-shirt graphic you could muster. We received a whole pantload of entries via email and snail mail, sifted through them all, thinned out the herd, and came up with three winning beauties drawn by James C. of Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia; Andy P. of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania; and Tyler F. of Hemet, California.

Each of the three winners above receives three pairs of Emerica shoes of their choice and five T-shirts bearing their winning design—not to mention full bragging rights for designing a T-shirt graphic that will be included in an official future Emerica Gear line. We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who entered the Emerica Design-A-Tee 9 contest. We had a blast looking through all of your artwork.

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(52) responses to: Design-a-Tee 9 Winners!

  1. 1st
    haha damn all of these are sick haha! i wish i could make one :(

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  2. sick stuff

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  3. the super hero ones are SO dope!

  4. monsters one is freaky :)

    radiokoala's Emeritar radiokoala Posted:
  5. HOT DAMN these are so cooool

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  6. i wish that fast food one was being produced

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  7. the super mario one is kickass!
    so is the fast food one..

  8. i like the sandwich one.

    -'s Emeritar - Posted:
  9. dude the first one on the 4th row is sickkk, RUN THAT TOO, that on is tight.. so is the mario and eatmerica one.. and the tent one.. that should be a wild ride shirt...

    trevor ward's Emeritar trevor ward Posted:
  10. dude the shirts are so sweet.

    i like the first one, the sandwich one, and the super hero ones.

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  11. all these are sick but im really diggin the eatmerica 1 haaha

    guzpacho's Emeritar guzpacho Posted:
  12. wowwww the first one was the funniest tho

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  13. that monster one w/ the dude on the ladder is fuckin SICK!!!

  14. Monsters, hug, and mario were the best.
    Poeple should vote for design-a-tee, 'cause sometimes I really don't like the winning ones.

    Shane's Emeritar Shane Posted:
  15. i will buy that chick one

  16. wtf, how come my mozxemerica collab didn't win?!

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  17. i like the old man with the long ass hair..its sick!

    deanskate's Emeritar deanskate Posted:
  18. oh man, a major shout out to the vagmerica! i want that shit, haha

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  19. mine got seventh. the hug one.


    'fraid so...'s Emeritar 'fraid so... Posted:
  20. For real? The intents one is a total ripoff of an old Volcom tee shirt, that's lame as fuck.

    anonymouse's Emeritar anonymouse Posted:
  21. These shirts are soo sick I like all of them epecially the first one

    A Dawg's Emeritar A Dawg Posted:
  22. Does anyone know when the next one starts?
    Please respond, Thanks

    trevor's Emeritar trevor Posted:
  23. the sandwich one was sick as hell
    and the winning one with the muff is soo legit

    dderekk's Emeritar dderekk Posted:
  24. my design was better than all that bullshit im looking at

    pissed man's Emeritar pissed man Posted:
  25. Damn....I loss.

    china's Emeritar china Posted:
  26. the PB&J one owns. monsters too.

    Bri from New Yorkk's Emeritar Bri from New Yorkk Posted:
  27. eww the 1st is gross.
    but i could understand that alot of guyz would like it

    kimberly o's Emeritar kimberly o Posted:
  28. im digging 1,7,12, and 14

    emericanskate's Emeritar emericanskate Posted:
  29. when is the next contest? cant wait join!!

    ink_greed's Emeritar ink_greed Posted:
  30. i want that 1st one!!! its sick

    goldenHaze's Emeritar goldenHaze Posted:
  31. when does the next one start?

    trevorskates09's Emeritar trevorskates09 Posted:
  32. number 5 of 20 should have been more than an honorable mention. erbody did a sick job though

    dannyphillips's Emeritar dannyphillips Posted:
  33. The first one is hilarious. They should mass produce it, but I guess with the whole "company image" thing going the can't.

    That Guy's Emeritar That Guy Posted:
  34. the one with the girl is the best

    jesse's Emeritar jesse Posted:
  35. im drinkin a milk jug full of kool-aid lookin at these buttery-ass t-shirts while lightin a cuban

    CRAIG's Emeritar CRAIG Posted:
  36. oh my god shut the fuck up OG swagger with you lightin up a cuban haahah.

    craig's Emeritar craig Posted:
  37. dude Girl is copying this now.
    they have a "My Girl" contest where you design the girl logo for a shirt.
    total biters.

    trevorskates09's Emeritar trevorskates09 Posted:
  38. hahaha

    devineatspie's Emeritar devineatspie Posted:
  39. Vagina one is tight!!!

    willivanilliii's Emeritar willivanilliii Posted:
  40. hahaha, the shaved vag one is hilarious, you should make it into a real t

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  41. aaahhahh!
    the 7th one is the best! ha just like herm!

    dannnnnny's Emeritar dannnnnny Posted:
  42. great designs!
    but when is going to be the next contest???

    valenHIM's Emeritar valenHIM Posted:
  43. the first one is tight but the super hero ones are agy

    preston's Emeritar preston Posted:
  44. super hero r dope monsters my favorite and skeleton body is fuckinq dope anybody noe were to buy these

    Yerrpp I Sk8 's Emeritar Yerrpp I Sk8 Posted:
  45. sick I like the superhero ones.

    tony's Emeritar tony Posted:
  46. some of them ar pretty good, but a couple of them are just other t shirt desings ive seen before, come on people it's called origanality, shit i wanna make one

    -Z(~..~)M-'s Emeritar -Z(~..~)M- Posted:
  47. my favorite one is the one three under the first one, ha and plus hes from indy thats whats up

    -Z(~..~)M-'s Emeritar -Z(~..~)M- Posted:
  48. Ill pay like 60$ for the PB and J one, (what i was raised on) i wonder if i hit them up if theyll make me one.

    Dan's Emeritar Dan Posted:
  49. Looool
    ..i wish i could make one :)
    how do i?

    Rau20's Emeritar Rau20 Posted:
  50. I don't think the "intents" one is even that good. The monsters one definitely should've beaten it.

    Hella blunted's Emeritar Hella blunted Posted:
  51. The first one is the best ill buy 50 of em if it wins!

    LeSpryt's Emeritar LeSpryt Posted:
  52. Where can I get the shaved vag shirt?!?!?!

    Cooj's Emeritar Cooj Posted:

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