Jamie Tancowny Thrasher Interview!

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Jamie Tancowny Thrasher Interview!

Congratulatios to Emerica team rider Jamie Tancowny, who followed up his recent Thrasher cover with a brand-new six-page interview in their March 2009 issue! Go buy it down at your favorite local skate shop.

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  1. 1st

    Beau Ryan's Emeritar Beau Ryan Posted:
  2. LILLLLLL FUCKKKKKKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! tuuuurnnnn innnntoooo biiiiggg fuuuuuucckkkkkyyy

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  3. sick

    Maysum's Emeritar Maysum Posted:
  4. fuckin sick!!
    he's my favorite am:D

    robin-emerica's Emeritar robin-emerica Posted:
  5. indubitibly!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

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