Wild in the Streets 2009

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Emerica Wild in the Streets 2009

Emerica’s Wild in the Streets Main Event goes international for the first time! The Emerica team will be heading up to Vancouver, BC, Canada for Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, 2009, and Wild in the Streets. This year, Wild in the Streets will benefit LeeSide, the DIY skatepark that Lee Matasi started in Vancouver. Lee was shot and killed in 2005 and LeeSide is an extension of his dream.

Make your plans now to head to Canada’s Hot Corner, and if you’re American, remember, you need your passport to get into Canada now. If you can't make it to Vancouver, read the details on how to create your own Wild in the Streets event to raise support for skateboarding in your community. And be sure to visit the official Wild in the Streets page here on the Emerica site.

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(59) responses to: Wild in the Streets 2009

  1. 1st

    Beau Ryan's Emeritar Beau Ryan Posted:
  2. FUCK CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Jones 's Emeritar Jim Jones Posted:
  3. 2nd

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  4. this is bs! its going to be the lamest wild in the streets. no offence to the whole emerica crew and company but wild in the streets main events that arent held in NYC are going to be too calmed and watered down. bring it back to NYC for real guys

    jiggajay's Emeritar jiggajay Posted:
  5. so is the wild ride going to be in the U.S, or all canada?

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  6. dam it

    LVemerican's Emeritar LVemerican Posted:
  7. woo canada!!

    apitschke's Emeritar apitschke Posted:
  8. cesspool capital of canada

    leroy j's Emeritar leroy j Posted:
  9. Sounds pretty cool, eh?

    Hank's Emeritar Hank Posted:
  10. ohh thats too bad! you guys should come to MEXICO!!!! .
    well just Mexicali haha


    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  11. phoenix next year, yeah?!

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  12. Hot Corner, Canada styles. Lotsa gold bars up here. Come get 'em and Stizay Gold. J21 gonna pop off.

    Jones's Emeritar Jones Posted:
  13. JiggaJay -- we've done it in three other cities besides New York and two of them were as good or better than the New York Wild in the Streets. Steve and his crew will hold it down in New York, but we're psyched to be taking it international this year. Vancouver is going to be off the chain. Stop hatin'.

    Emerica's Emeritar Emerica Posted:
  14. "phoenix next year, yeah?!"

    Phoenix has been discussed for sure and is a strong candidate city for next year.

    Emerica's Emeritar Emerica Posted:
  15. Jim Jones -- you're a smart one, aren't you?

    Emerica's Emeritar Emerica Posted:
  16. fuck yes canada! i'll be there!!!!

    fuck jim jones's Emeritar fuck jim jones Posted:
  17. damn i was hoping there would still be a wild ride

    Joe's Emeritar Joe Posted:
  18. Vancouver should try to get more skaters than New York... We can do it. All BC skaters plus Seattle, Portland, those dudes are hardcore. Plus Edmonton. This is a chance for Alaska skaters to get in on this. Hells Yeah!

    VanSkater's Emeritar VanSkater Posted:
  19. bummer. why cant it be in portland instead of canada. oh well, leeside is a great place for the canada scene that helps us all remember what a great person matasi was

    OMG the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!!'s Emeritar OMG the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!! Posted:
  20. In Canada - GreaT nud organize something in Europe .

    Hekker's Emeritar Hekker Posted:
  21. Medhat...

    bossman's Emeritar bossman Posted:

    shrewgy's Emeritar shrewgy Posted:
  23. whats the story on the wild ride? any reason you guys not doin it?

    wildrider's Emeritar wildrider Posted:
  24. whoever said fuck canada is a fucking idiot canada is the shit and vancouver has a tight ass skate scene mabey you should go their sometime and see how much better it is then most other places fool

    redragon's Emeritar redragon Posted:
  25. Emericanada isn't so bad, we're like your little sister. So, why are you the one crying like a little bitch?

    Johnny not so Rad's Emeritar Johnny not so Rad Posted:
  26. Fuck NYC, fuck jijjajay, if you weren't so stoked on yourselves maybe you would see that there are other cities in the world. I hope you get arrested for skating on the sidewalk and raped in jail.

    DILDO's Emeritar DILDO Posted:
  27. im telling you guys, west coast wild ride, i was on it for the whole thing in 07 and theres so many more ridiculous nw parks to hit since then. do it on the west coast, assholes.

    doesnt matter's Emeritar doesnt matter Posted:
  28. I think I am gunna go. Its gunna be a badass road trip!!!!!

    fatesrejection1's Emeritar fatesrejection1 Posted:
  29. If anyone has ideas for 2010 and how it could benefit your community with the Emerica team, let us know.

    Remember, if you can't make it to Vancouver, its never too late to start planning your own WITs event in your community.

    DIY is what Wild In The Streets is all about.

    Stay Gold

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  30. 2010 = Brazil ... what do you think about that?

    SsCAROLINA's Emeritar SsCAROLINA Posted:
  31. 2010 = Philippines..

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:
  32. no wild ride. B00 : (
    but id rather them film for stay gold.
    always next year!

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  33. WITs Manilla it is!

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  34. "whats the story on the wild ride? any reason you guys not doin it?"

    Wildrider-- besides the Stay Gold stuff, we kinda felt like Wild Ride was getting predictable, and that's the last thing we want from and for Emerica...

    Emerica's Emeritar Emerica Posted:
  35. I say come to the dirty south next year! :)

    michelle.'s Emeritar michelle. Posted:
  36. Hehe, lucky we got our own Wild in the streets event in The Netherlands! with al Local rippers there. :)

    HF in vancouver ;)

    Bolle's Emeritar Bolle Posted:
  37. You guys should really help my crappy ass country with some sort of benefit activity to pressure the state to build a real skatepark. There's lots of talent here, but it's like you can only cultivate that talent from January through March. That doesn't stop us, but it does hold us back a bit...

    alonsuro's Emeritar alonsuro Posted:
  38. yo,does anyone know if the Stay Gold video came out in France?

    skaterad's Emeritar skaterad Posted:
  39. Look forward to it!

    tapesick's Emeritar tapesick Posted:
  40. Stay Gold filming is still in no, its not out in France.

    Stay tuned!

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  41. yo tim, what are the basic requirements for canidates for Wild Ride 2010? or are there gonna be any more?

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

    bob's Emeritar bob Posted:
  43. COME TO TEXAS!!!!!

    Jt's Emeritar Jt Posted:
  44. OMFG this year is gona rock.. cant wait...

    kelley Marie D.'s Emeritar kelley Marie D. Posted:
  45. No requirements other than a sleeping bag, a few bucks for food, and an open schedule.

    Any and everyone is welcome to join the Wild Ride on a bike or not.

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  46. How about showing the Midwest some love next year? Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha are all hot spots.

    Omaha's Emeritar Omaha Posted:

    SK8ty9Freak's Emeritar SK8ty9Freak Posted:
  48. wat it do niggas. come down to the dirty south to see some real skatin.(not me) careful not to get showed the fuck up. ark

    niggaswannaride's Emeritar niggaswannaride Posted:
  49. yoo wtf this is madd wackk come to nyc fuuccckkkkk canada

    b ram 's Emeritar b ram Posted:
  50. hey is this gonna feature emerica canada or the ACTUAL emerica team?

    paul l's Emeritar paul l Posted:
  51. Just take one look at Vancouver's Wild In The Streets 2008..and this is without the Emerica team!! PHOTOS VIDEO

    imagine with?

    GIZZ's Emeritar GIZZ Posted:
  52. Yes!
    I live in Vancouver.
    Last year it was gnar and this year its gonna be twice as good.

    Stay Gold

    And thanks emerica for serving the people!

    Ryan's Emeritar Ryan Posted:
  53. ACTUAL Emerica. far out! are they coming here by land?
    i'd definetly tag along with them on my 1200 custom. they should take the time to check out the hot springs and wilderness further north. and all the great skate parks might i add. squam, whistler, pemberton.. much better camping and pot smoking ease-of-mind over here. take advantage guys!!

    paul l's Emeritar paul l Posted:
  54. why are people so bummed that its in van? that place is sick, and plus its skateboarding who the fuck cares wheres its being held just go out there and skate and have fun thats why we all started in the first place

    heshscott's Emeritar heshscott Posted:
  55. yeah canada's gay.

    Sledge's Emeritar Sledge Posted:
  56. you guys made my summer
    you need to come back to vb soon!

    andrew's Emeritar andrew Posted:
  57. Detroit?

    mikebosley's Emeritar mikebosley Posted:

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