Sheraton Years

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Sheraton Years

Sheraton Years is a photo book that follows the skateboarders of Stockholm, Sweden on their journey through the '90s. The rickety ride goes down into the parking garages, over the Atlantic, into cheap beer joints and eventually up to the light at the end of the century. It’s a spontaneous portrayal of people who found so many different things in the skateboard culture. Some found fellowship they never felt before, while others found the perfect hideaway from the dangers of adulthood. Some skated the wide road out of society, and for a few, this obscure existence would turn into a future of wealth and fame.

Sheraton Years features 200 never-before-seen photos of skaters like Ali Boulala, Lewis Marnell, Hazze Lindgren and Mattias Ringstrom; industry people like Greger Hagelin, Pontus Karlsson (founders of WESC) and Nicke Svensson (Giftorm skate mag); and Stockholm locals like Ricky Sandstrom, Love Eneroth, Omar Boulala, Jobst "Jobby" Kamlid, Jonas Sohn and more.

All of the photos were taken by photographer Jens Andersson (WESC, Kangol, Adidas) between 1990 and 1999. The text was written by Bellows Skateboard founder Martin Karlsson, and the book was produced and designed by graphic designer Martin Ander. Check out Sheraton Years on MySpace and buy it at Dokument or The Jens.

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  1. I am first

    Ram Jam's Emeritar Ram Jam Posted:
  2. 1 st !
    im only in this for Lewis Marnell ! dam that guys really amazing ! i wish to oneday catch a skate sesh with that guy ! siickest foo ever !

    mousey's Emeritar mousey Posted:
  3. 3rd or 2nd? idk

    popatart's Emeritar popatart Posted:
  4. 97th!

    tapesick's Emeritar tapesick Posted:
  5. Lewis Marnell I tought he was american.

    Display name:'s Emeritar Display name: Posted:
  6. Nah he is half swede and half australian

    D's Emeritar D Posted:
  7. Lewis Marnell isnt Swedish, he is Australian, but he grew up in Stockholm.

    john's Emeritar john Posted:
  8. 1 st !
    im only in this for Lewis Marnell !

    That was just sad. There are a lot of good skateboarders around the world.Youdumb fuck.

    yourmother's Emeritar yourmother Posted:

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