Strange New Feelings

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Ed Templeton - Strange New Feelings

It’s great to see that Ed Templeton and his artwork appeal to a wide variety of people. From teenage skateboarders to 70-year-old art lovers. Between 300-400 people, young and old, skaters and non-skaters, came to the Tim van Laere Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium yesterday. They joined Ed and his wife Deanna to celebrate the opening of his latest solo exhibition, Strange New Feelings.

Tim van Laere, who runs the gallery, was very happy: “It was an incredible and already legendary opening. Several people said that this show was even better than Ed's first in 2006. My personal highlight is the large sculpture, The Duality of Femininity, 2009. Ed is a fantastic artist with work that reads as an open book and comments on his own life and contemporary society."

Ed was stoked, as well: “The place was packed. Thanks to all the skaters who came! It always feels like a great relief when a show comes together!” The Strange New Feelings exhibition will be open through May 2, 2009 at Tim van Laere Gallery, Verlatstraat 23-25, 2000 Antwerp Belgium, phone +32 3 257 14 17. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. View some photos from the opening reception over at Tacky.

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  2. looked super fun!

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  3. cool man!

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  4. safado esse cara !

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  5. it was epic

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