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Ofad is short for the Office of Fine Art and Design, a brand-new web site founded by former pro skateboarder Mike Rusczyk, who works right here in the Emerica Web Department. Mike is your basic, everyday art and music fan who also enjoys designing and building the front end of web sites. Well-versed in valid XHTML and CSS, he creates elegant, simple, user-friendly sites that are a breath of fresh air from all of the over-the-top clutter that infests most of the web.

Head on over to Ofad right now to check out some very interesting articles on such topics as The Making of the Disposable Books; Joshua Tree National Park; painter and tattoo artist Chris Thompson, who produces some really clever, humorous paintings; a pictorial "greatest hits" called Random History of Photos; and what else but a super cool Mike Rusczyk Timeline? There's plenty more, too. And when you're done, be sure to bookmark Ofad and check back, cuz I'm sure Mike and his crew will update often.

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(7) responses to: Ofad

  1. poo+ofad=coo

    jacapo's Emeritar jacapo Posted:
  2. 2nd RANT

    mwsundays's Emeritar mwsundays Posted:
  3. sick update! , anyone remember the art bars video? with mike and john west, and marcovich. ....subtitles and seaguls?

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  4. that's cool. didn't know Mike Rusczyk was from Indiana. that's where I live!

    cheese's Emeritar cheese Posted:
  5. HELL YEAH!! i remember art bars and seaguls!!
    that was one of the first videos i ever saw!!
    justin roy and other foos too!! hell yeah man!!
    cory knows whats up haha

    LAKILLZ's Emeritar LAKILLZ Posted:
  6. yeah! FOUNDATION days! justin roy, strubing haha ohh god! those were sick videos! Fowler was the best!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:
  7. This part was kinda what eves but

    Dude's Emeritar Dude Posted:

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