Senn and Spanky's China Mission

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So, Chris Senn hit me up because he wanted to cruise to the Asian X Games out in Shanghai, China. He’s been there several times over the past few years, so I was down to send him out. Then Senn said he wanted to film out there, as well, because there are a ton of spots. The trip was only a few weeks away, and after trying to line up a filmer, it came down to me going out there with him, which I was definitely stoked on. I have never been to Asia, and I love to travel. I hit up Spanky to go out there with me so that Senn would have someone to skate with. We skated a ton of amazing spots that weren’t a bust, had a tattoo party in the hotel and and had an overall awesome time. Check the photo gallery for a glimpse into the trip. Thanks to Jay, Vivian, and Eric Lai for showing us around.

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(15) responses to: Senn and Spanky's China Mission

  1. i love them both

    bobbyganoosh's Emeritar bobbyganoosh Posted:
  2. haha, Spanky wow couldnt resist more than one cig. i sure hope they were worth it cuz i've been hearin that the China Cigs suck

    jkoby's Emeritar jkoby Posted:
  3. amazing spotsssss SSoooo sick !! xD

    ricardo360's Emeritar ricardo360 Posted:
  4. looks like a good time! i didnt realize Chris Senn did tattoo work, way to man up and get a sick piece jetski!

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  5. Thats looks like soo much fun!
    aha spanky's genius..passing out hours before the plane haha he did look pretty wasted in the picture before him passing out haha hope to see some fotty from that trip. STAY GOLD the tatt looks RAD too!!

    LAKILLZ's Emeritar LAKILLZ Posted:
  6. i wish spanky would stop smoking..hes one of my favs.

    hgc's Emeritar hgc Posted:
  7. Very Sick STAY GOLD tat jeff! :)

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:

    (stay gold)

    JAMEALL's Emeritar JAMEALL Posted:
  9. i hope senn has a full part hes hella underrated and i loved his this is skateboarding part, he should film all his bangers for emerica and do a couple seconds for corpo mall shop element like he did in this is my element.

    hughami's Emeritar hughami Posted:
  10. spanky mola...!viva chencho!!!!!

    chenchoman's Emeritar chenchoman Posted:
  11. spanky's a lot shorter than i thought.

    -'s Emeritar - Posted:
  12. "i wish spanky would stop smoking..hes one of my favs."

    your gay

    anonymouse's Emeritar anonymouse Posted:
  13. why doesnt chris have a pro shoe? he had one like 10 years ago and it got discontinued and he never got another one... while the kids are on their 2nd and 3rd shoes...? chris been on emerica longer than anyone, it just doesnt make sense to me. but whatevs do what ya do homies.

    bmw's Emeritar bmw Posted:
  14. Spanky wasn't looking so hot in the bar before..

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  15. yeahhh! bitchez that was sickness!!

    nando13's Emeritar nando13 Posted:

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