Watch RVCA's New Promo DVD Online!

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Watch RVCA's New Promo Video Online!

Having trouble getting your hands on a copy of RVCA's new promo DVD? Watch it for free over on their site! Featuring a full part from everyone's favorite skater, Leo Romero, plus Kevin "Spanky" Long, Ed Templeton and a montage from the whole RVCA team, including highlights from their ams, plus additional bonus footage.

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(2) responses to: Watch RVCA's New Promo DVD Online!

  1. RVCA Promo was soo sweet!
    watched it 4 times already, more
    Leo Kills it.
    All the dudes kill it.
    Keegan Sauder where you at!?

    ChrisM.'s Emeritar ChrisM. Posted:
  2. Leos part was fucking sick!! haha thats why he is the best, cant wait for the new emerica video!!!

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:

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