Heath Kirchart Wins Best Street Skater at TWS Awards!

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Heath Kirchart Wins Best Street Skater at TWS Awards!

Congratulations to Emerica pro Heath Kirchart for winning the Best Street Skater category at the 11th Annual TransWorld Skateboarding Awards. Alien Workshop won Best Team, as well as Best Video for their epic Mind Field, in which Heath claimed the last part. Check out his red carpet interview and post-award interview with a grateful acceptance speech.

Heath and some close Emerica friends are currently making their way up to Vancouver, Canada for Emerica's Wild in the Streets 2009 Main Event on June 21 to benefit the LeeSide skatepark. Should you see Heath along the way, be sure to congratulate him! Also, Jetski will be updating his team page from the road while out filming for Stay Gold, so be sure to check it out frequently.

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(10) responses to: Heath Kirchart Wins Best Street Skater at TWS Awards!

  1. heyy congrats Heath!!! your video part is epic!

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  2. It's all gonna change when stay gold comes out.
    Stay Gold is gonna be better then watching cats have sex.

    KatKilluh's Emeritar KatKilluh Posted:
  3. w0oa! Kirchart is smiling! haha ive never seen that! haha congrats!.

    Strange Days's Emeritar Strange Days Posted:

    Beau Ryan's Emeritar Beau Ryan Posted:
  5. yeah

    Vlad's Emeritar Vlad Posted:
  6. fuck yeah it was meant to be son ! HK

    LA KILLER's Emeritar LA KILLER Posted:
  7. Congrats, Heath.

    dan's Emeritar dan Posted:
  8. Heath man, you deserve every thing you get. Keep it true

    Fud's Emeritar Fud Posted:
  9. I like turtles

    ISMoke WEEf's Emeritar ISMoke WEEf Posted:
  10. do eneny of yo now eneny skate spots

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:

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