New York Go Skateboarding Day Postponed!

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New York Go Skateboarding Day Postponed!
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The Go Skateboarding Day celebration in New York City has been postponed until Saturday, June 27, 2009. Read the flyer above for more details.

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(19) responses to: New York Go Skateboarding Day Postponed!

  1. does anyone know why?

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  2. It's gonna rain.

    kbitz's Emeritar kbitz Posted:
  3. because its supposed to rain all weekend and it landed on a farthers day so less people will be there, better for all of us.

    Brian's Emeritar Brian Posted:
  4. i think maybe because the 21st is fathers day

    berkesk8er94's Emeritar berkesk8er94 Posted:
  5. its gona be raining THATS WHY

    luis's Emeritar luis Posted:
  6. Probly Father's day and there's supposed to be rain this weekend I believe.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  7. RAIN

    MARC's Emeritar MARC Posted:
  8. Its because its going to rain.....

    Jay Jay's Emeritar Jay Jay Posted:
  9. pretty happy cause i wasn't gonna be able to go that day, now i will

    Ju's Emeritar Ju Posted:
  10. i think because its gonna rain on monday in new york

    angel 's Emeritar angel Posted:
  11. it says tat 06.27 is raining as well

    vic's Emeritar vic Posted:
  12. i think its postponed cause of fathers day too but its not raining dat day

    alexcool7's Emeritar alexcool7 Posted:
  13. everyone knew fathers day was the same day, you could've know that for years if you know how to look at a fucking calender.

    puleo's Emeritar puleo Posted:
  14. its mostly becuz of da rain 2morrow.. its a 75% of chance of rain from 2morrow threw out da week son.. hopefully on saturday will be sunny ..

    baby_alex's Emeritar baby_alex Posted:
  15. Its because its fathers day and its supposed to be raining through the weekend into the week

    Josh Durann's Emeritar Josh Durann Posted:
  16. its b/c its raining right now like hard

    bryan's Emeritar bryan Posted:
  17. its cause of the rain .

    nae.'s Emeritar nae. Posted:
  18. We got hella rain, so any skating woulda been a wash.

    Holla4aDolla's Emeritar Holla4aDolla Posted:
  19. That's awesome. I skated in the basement and felt it wasn't good enough for go skateboarding day, damn rain. sick to see it's rescheduled.

    Geetman's Emeritar Geetman Posted:

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