Cowtown's Go Skateboarding Day 2009 Report

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Cowtown, with the help of Emerica, Girl, Fourstar and TransWorld held its annual Go Skateboarding Day festivities on Sunday, June 21, 2009. This year, with the amazingly bad economic conditions, we decided to have The Recession Session. It started at about 6:00 p.m. with roughly 500 slices of pizza in back of our Phoenix shop. Ten minutes later, we were down to two slices that had dropped on the 100-plus degree asphalt, and a dumpster full of empty boxes.

Hundreds of skateboarders finished devouring the grub, then began rolling around on the makeshift manual pad and flat bar, warming up for the High Ollie and Jump Ramp contest. First, the 12 and under kids stepped up to the High Ollie contest. After disqualifying the 14 year old, an actual 12 year old Brian Downing won with a 26 inch high ollie. Then it stepped up a notch, actually 15 notches, when Robbie Brockel ollied 41 inches for the win in the older division.

Then the Jump Ramp contest began. For nearly an hour after the high ollie contest, people of all ages and sizes hucked themselves off the ramp. Everyone was trying to either recapture their glory days of 1987, or figure out what it felt like to land flat on asphalt instead of down the backside of a perfect concrete pyramid in a skatepark. It was fun for all, but a painful reminder to some.

Josh Heath had a big bag of tricks, including a Bennihana and a big Japan, but Jason Schooley held it down, bringing back the same smooth method and judo airs that he remembered from way back. Newcomers to the jump ramp were surprisingly good, too. There were hardly any early grabs here, but many of the same classic tricks.

With a Jason Schooley the clear winner, everyone's knees had enough of the jump ramp, so we started the premiere of TransWorld's Right Foot Forward. Jon Holland, once again, did a great job on TransWorld's 21st video, which was really good, and the crowd was pleased. So, with the help of the entire skateboarding industry, we began the final phase of the Recession Session.

We climbed up onto the roof of the shop and began one of the best product tosses of all time. It was as if the sky were raining skateboard product into a massive dust cloud of fiendish skateboarders. A fun time was had by all who were in attendance of this already classic event. The dust cleared, we cleaned up and headed out, happy to be part of skateboarding. A huge thank you to Emerica, Girl, Fourstar and TransWorld, and everyone in or out of the industry who has helped support skateboarding in any way. View some more photos and a video clip from this event.


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