Seattle Chowder Bowl Contest!

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Chowder Bowl Contest!

Calling all you tranny dogs! Toad and Salmon's Seattle Chowder Bowl Contest and chowder cookoff is slated to go down on Saturday, July 18, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Ballard Commons Park in Seattle, Washington. Emerica is co-sponsoring the event, and our very own Chris Senn is judging! Also, it's free to the public, so we better see you there! Note: The first 50 skaters and the first 20 chowders have to register.

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(5) responses to: Seattle Chowder Bowl Contest!

  1. This comp is going to be off the hook! Bring it fools! And your mamma's chowder recipe better be good, yo!

    Edub's Emeritar Edub Posted:
  2. sick!!

    braceknot's Emeritar braceknot Posted:
  3. balls

    aidan's Emeritar aidan Posted:
  4. if only I lived in seattle

    george powell's Emeritar george powell Posted:
  5. Ha damn thats a two hour drive but i got the gas money for it, I will be there and with my mommas recipe ha ha What!

    olliez's Emeritar olliez Posted:

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